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Friday, May 19th

Where we share stories from near and far to remind you of all the good in the world!


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You're glad it's Friday we're glad it's Friday and we are kick him in to your weekend with some good news stories because kindness is powerful huh. Billion. I am so excited to share this all the feel story with you guys because it is local in the past few graduation. How cool is it Tosh Oliver went into the US army. Okay and she came out of the army and was a cook for awhile which is not happy with her life and earnings that she was making so she decided to go back to school. LA Nina Natasha is that she also has a daughter named Sierra. So while Tosh was gone back to school she fought breast cancer and beaded top Larry's. All while her daughter is comment okay so it took her quite a while to finish school by the time she was about to finish Sierra was also in school. Mom and daughter have taking classes together at Clayton state university. And this month they are both graduating on the very same dance. Well all big congratulations to Tosh Oliver and Sierra Paterson and YouTube. Kick butt and where really proud of you go. Maybe adding you know I'll have crossed with your mom yeah ha and what starring mom right ahead that's so cool. OK well I have one that's gonna sound more like teams on site by moving. And I. It's amazing at the end of it OK so if you've heard of recently there is as there is a cyber where attack that attacked the entire world it was February it's called wanna cry. Basically they are affected your computer they'd. Shut down all of your data and they said yes couple hundred dollars and we won't delete all of your files. And it was crazy it tacked Nissan hospitals businesses. Worldwide. Epidemic yeah and so this kid this British kid. He goes by the name now where tech he goes he's anonymous and he has friends has got together and they saw that happen and they found the source code. And they investigated the source code found essentially the kill switch in the code. And shut down this giant international cyber attack. And he's a British shut down British kid 22 years old you're kidding who found aliens it's crazy but it gets better because this organization that celebrates people who. Fix these types of things these security text. They gave him 101000 dollars as a congratulations and he immediately came back and said. I'm splitting us up between charities and education for kids. Odds and you be buying books for kids about data who can't. Get to us that they can learn how to do all of these awesome great things this. That. Radicals or he's as 101000 dollar reward and incentive banking and like most 22 year old play and I. Put it in the bank are gonna spend it he's turnaround given back to kids out yeah and cried out it's so. They're so great Baylor so again be what you got. I didn't even know this can happen okay. Okay. I might have fell asleep in school and didn't. Realize this could happen but this is what happened. There's an eight year old boy needs a kidney OK can't find a match now failing number. And this mom was frantically the Buford kidney for eight year old boy 15100 people shared the article okay. And they found a match on some of thirty year old woman. Okay that can happen a thirty old woman could be a man for an eight year old boy forget. And I injured Kenny yeah and a blouse so anyway is the thirty year old police officer woman shows up at the house to surprise the eight year old boy and the mom. An easy at that clip right there at this was the miles reaction. We went to the door and a police officer walks and well. I ripped it open and I saw the word kidney is and like IA and just lake and I I didn't even read the arrests are met I guess I didn't need. And I look dumber and Aaron and my goal is like it's you all on my god that's cool. And then the police officer. She responded thanks again officers protect your community you know like he's gonna certain text your home my eyes. And hugged Aladdin. You I don't plaid and that was just. A pretty amazing moment happy tears I'm so happy tears while and that's how we cut all the ills come. Billion. Just show don't DS. If you've got and all the feels story to share with us says someone's face close you can finance. Start any for a one page jet engines show page tell us and all the feel story we will feature you and and next version on the jet engine chassis. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.