#ParentingForReal: What My Kids Ate

Thursday, May 18th

Kids will put the grossest stuff in their mouths.


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James shell hole now. And we'll put some nasty things right. Right into their. CMA. We are about to see you need your help. I'm starting a new round of parenting for real thing you just tell us your story and it was hash tag parenting for real. His the difference. Between all those perfect pictures you see on social media kids and then what the reality of parenting is actually like so I joined the show here. For a 46309401. Parenting is certainly life changing. That's why we I did this segment called sag parenting for real today's edition is all about this nasty thing you found. And you can't believe your kid put him there and how often as all inspired from the other day I took the girls who pitch a year. Which some of our listeners lovingly call catch staff all got to see it now. Why. You know we get we've seen them cleaning down the play clean it down but anywhere there's a ball pit that there's going to be sincere Stearns going on so cat hairs like a sunshine in play land like a day Andorra. Playgrounds yeah okay. I'm playground parent club because they can't get her everything's bouncy and squishy and McCain get hurt as much as they ran anywhere else and it's great for a rainy day so. Last week it's integral to catch here they love it playing around or whatever and I'm. But you know our oldest is four and she's going watching your site look over there and then I turn around. And I and one race nineteen months old has one of the balls from the ball hit right in her mound now own. Our listeners that guides out. Some bunnies are sincere in LA let's hear yours for a 426309401. I got a couple funny ones on taste like they came and yes so Loren said that she looked over and I pleaded and a son and notice they used chewing on something and said that there was a cigarette. Jose and then Jenny said that her oldest found gum under the water fountain at the drugstore and was suing yeah. And I my coffee sitting up at the top of my program that is disgusting and. Though episodes this half a hash tag here urging her on my second chanting for real loud is Sarah in Alpharetta welcome to south. Don't. Worry how do you and glared Madison out of now also how. I'd be glad when my thigh and one called oldest son. We are hard and you lean oh marks and Rick Rick and I hear about. Our. Yeah Andrea is yeah. Like all on like a lean to or Asians and I'm current on the air so called he man and can't see error they made April her Itula. And I had baby light out of my purse what his time. A bell. But I why all the germs off and on and I'm on an embarrassment and I Garrett you know some germ they're gonna. You have to tell yourself that just make yourself feel better thank you semi Sarah thanks Sarah hey welcome to the show lie in Jeanne zealots out. I haven't I'm okay very bad. I and my children. A bad habit of picking up dumb opt it by congress and green and into the parking lot at zoo. Not saying I would have been historically women. Out again Israel. Tyler Rihanna is right thank you lie around may need to tell you say hello sue Cathy in Marietta county. Hey every ten are you up. Attributed to save my daughter at Welsh and surge in daylight. And her and it's worked out anywhere regional and get get that story you're at camp I template chowder and spread. Egyptian text list which you would look at the car and out and at one point and let facts keep eating the powder and how close are straight out there are thinking you know it's cold water and out spend age group where it. And I had to like grapes it's our child care I'll get it right yeah you click on any any right at. I think that chance I can't incur re Al bad mommy. Ha has sent for real story on. Think in the past and take a big pseudo Swiss seated good with you doesn't hurt again and the car was like it is a mom how great their arms so using that. But maybe not. I had a guy that I'm totally hate saying things that he I dads in Roswell. What's your has said he parenting for real. Good morning I think maybe I don't think it would Eric Kearney because I walked into the kitchen 1 morning and bleaching which can. And I felt. Since sex. My dad. So good. Any insider. Well. My daughter means any one day. A few months ago to see what that my mother locked out and or leave it up and she had a park in terms. The Cranston. I'm sort of on originally and whip it out early could. You would know she crashed down on because that's on this welcome and that's a sound. Skinner person in right there he had. As of press I infirmary all right. I'm Jen I think your forgiving them and may be an innocent man I'm glad I didn't plan out when greasy and joined this hour on the other day after the show or hang out here and CDO and we are awesome on the floor I plane talent search and she won in your shoes. And so yells switched shoes at. And you know these issues that you've been wearing around all day. And and she is of Paramount are fun and I am Indiana she takes issue about a hand and then Susan goes and licks of love bottom of the year. Like I say I think doing a lot so. As for Sarah has sagged parenting sure yeah. I we have a special called we got to take when we come back here. I somebody's listening online inch cock AJP. In my peak year mom married. Yeah. So there is got to dissect parenting burial to I'd tell I'm JT Laurence. Concern before wants it. NHL all star. For Katie and McDonnell had thank you so much for hanging on this song to tell us your. I sag parenting for real. He did I do and how about endure what do you. I'm totally. And it took out about this and eat eat whatever she knew how and eat. It. I can't get enough. Now. They're. Trying to I didn't. And okay and not so good that they didn't. Include. I write it. World ranking cabinet and indeed lags LC while people post pictures of that pays back. That they. And what. Do you know past the hour right Katie has sent her into my stereo. I am yes ma'am thank you for the call Angela and Chan has been hanging on all of Carlyle here is a basic on the south. I had I had I had to stop ahtisaari granite quarry could. Lie to catch all the top. Eating dog days. Enjoy so I. Does eating dog food all able dark break it as I. Let's go let's not the John I don't. I don't. Right now so crowd is accusing the smell that staff now. They did that. Awesome glad thank you semis and we have a special call online here from JP he's not a hairy Mary. Good morning. Do you think you can't just for how sad parenting for real this edition of the nasty thing you can't believe your kids whether their animals. Actually you know I had been listening while I've been on hold and it should. I got my story for GP is not so much is saying that period of time out once and a half you know half. Push where any time we were outside doing that he would do that now lurched dare. In saying and and you know at the result of playing in the Chicago and back he had ring more alarm timer. He's got and I'm going angles that only read books we had snacks. On the block. While we will now he has asked that we rad that you know I turn my pitch my head did it all voluntary our Internet its own the land mines in the back nowadays yeah that change at half time. Media around the corner eating paper are you haven't done now eating and it was just comment saying you know that I'm just I'm dying and being an Italian mom who made who really got exclude each planet like. You. Well patio. And I love her to be so big and strong there's all know there's pictures on the jet engine FaceBook page and there's a book called quick as a cricket. It looks like Iraq now on and paranoia that was me. How does it look awesome man you think hey guys for crying he now Mary when you call for the segment you have to end it with cash and panting for real okay. I can't pinching her real real. I have a nice day debut here I Mary. She's running Dennis Alvarez and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough it's just enjoy and shell on stun you know people in line.