Is Jenn's House Haunted? UPDATE

Thursday, May 18th

Could this be more than just a crickety old house? 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. You know for sure. If you have a custom house. Totally a 1000% percent sure that I believe in ghosts I believe in July the utility of ghosts fighting. You know for sure your house is haunted and we need your help here if you've ever had that experience before because. Some suspicion is that we have are mounting. And now our new home. And Marianne. This music is so creepy kids. It's like you feel like when every year in your ring do you buy yourself anything there's again 'cause you don't wanna get out of your read this coming from underneath they're mining glare of the bottom of your play that's it his music doesn't totally. So. A couple of weeks ago some weird stuff was happening in the TV was turning on and in the middle of the night when nobody could turn number four a couple of explanations kids your neighbors remote. I it's a couple of the well if you want things happening that I kinda scared and I Danielle was out. Maybe we'll take columnist you won't if you got any series with a for a 1463 and 941. So he my husband does not believing guess he's like app that is a bunch of junk. And he'll always call this crap detector again anybody tells the glycerin my crap detector. All holes but he says but. He even is certain suit like raise eyebrows on. On this that. The other days in the shower. And the light all of a sudden just turns on. So now he's starting so he was like looking around he's like wait a second kids both sound asleep he's in the house myself I'm already here at work. And just. One of the actual lights in the you know I have a couple it's one that's over the shower one it's in the bathroom. So the one that was about the Amazon but the shower light he just didn't turn on just jumped in the nursing quick shower. And the light turns on some he's gone what in the heck is happening there so. So he's like okay this is really weird. And then. The other day I thought that this happened that doorbell ringing. And because I don't started barking but I thought well maybe there was some mail delivered or something Wes I kind of blew it off. Then yesterday. I'm home on in the afternoon with the girls and we're playing and kind of towards the back door. The docs are spark an and I heard it. A doorbell. For sure I heard the doorbell but went over there and nobody's at the front door so now I feel like there's a phantom doorbell ringing in our house. So I don't know exactly what to think about this. But if you got any advice on it I mean maybe will we'll see if you pressure no. Or what are the signs like. I first heard it it's an electrical thing. Or or couldn't we just be making this up and our heads how do you know for sure of your house on it you got any good byes. It may take your advice next on cynical ones that. And Shia all star. For sure that your house is content we've had some weird stuff happening in my house. I don't know who were making happen has granted some calls here from jet engines has squad members to last. And some confirmation. Hunt their house is being taunted. I don't know when they're going to be cows or not they don't call Marietta scary and a for no reason. And I don't even know if I wanna hear these stories let's pick up Stephanie here in. Marianne. Chase Stephanie. Any OK I don't know if I wanna hear your story. So I nasal what I'm. Eight so rarely in Marietta like right around the square. House that the house like it. And old but it I'll read it they can't tell a goal. We're actually did live answered she years McIntyre at the end their news being the kind of no you can actually didn't in my mom didn't go to my my my dad or convince an opponent. We like multiple my my dad is like the types Christian who wouldn't admit it you know so you know achieve admitting it and it sticker. Burial. It's actually that's the same thing when my husband he's like out whatever like that that's not her real but he's certain to raise an eyebrow narrative and OK there's a few weird things happening so. Can you tell me 11 or two things have happened in your parents' house. So our TV. Well just like how you're glad I feel they'll turn on in the middle and I and it takes like that you button to turn the whole system Narnia. So it'll turn on like super well. Electric another creepy thing is the fireplace. Will just turn on diet so yeah. It's. Like Howell I don't know how valid psychic dog didn't hit anything like that my dad has heard. This is that they get when you like actually heard police gently he thinks your satellite whispering his name. Hunt. OK then you create your hair on my neck stand answering. Hello John Paul. Don't love Stephanie thank you aren't you know thank you have a car I hope this decade. I Josie in Jonesboro how do you really know if your house is haunted her she just made in heaven your head. My grandmother breezy in her very very suspicious coworker she really good spirits all of that all you always had it. You're gonna knock or ring on your door all. Ever open that door if there's coordinator at the continent away and it it will look like oh Eric at re enter your old actor laughed. Well okay this is totally freaking me out so I've heard that clear. And she wants help there at the editor there she sat and the XP had. Are crystal great. Fall from a very high shout oh cut it at me and then just go. He shattered. This is so creepy okay okay I don't know if I get closer I want marred CME in Conyers tainting any. Are you okay how do you notre search for it now I don't. Out like I never like Al by triple Decker and the house are glad it. And do weird things happen like I need to have that she'd trade in my brain in my hours and meticulous rock pit stop on my scenes together are you know whatever. And a look and then ability automaker that. And I would get really really mad at my older brother and you know we need. Where are and it happened all the time or light. My clothes would be hanging in some way in a closet door and the very first thing that happened and we drop that that the economy able my health neatly. And we Abby Ayers came down and then turns her back while at the box. I swear it sounded like something broke down the day your name is it that while. He jumped up a good thanks Ali got Lenin in there and they're not they are. And I like just little things would happen and why all the time that I have never alleged all white nothing like that. At. Lilly had a few little things that he did hit my eight buying them and that day after our. After a little while Lleyton might try to reach our site. I take it couldn't happen without that I don't know that out. I'm not saying Jenna have nightmares during the day John got her hand over her face right now. Clinging for dear life my entire story. Tell you my my daughter and her husband a father part moment are well how it happened straight which is like older street while. All the story altar there yeah and her two year old and a two year old. And yet how little concern about how the red heat and enough hallway or in bad in one of the rain and lightning to Jabber and what can not that bad. Orlando. And in I don't know. All right okay yeah yeah. Cannot does that mean to you aren't d'Italia in case you aren't are not Goodyear I don't now Seth. Now how do you feel now stands and Jimmy well ivories and Lawrence are talking to somebody who's not there I don't know but there might be for sale sign in the right. Our O'Sullivan worked today until he can keep him. Now back to the one story now before wants.