Is Secret Lunch with the Ex a Dealbreaker?

Wednesday, May 17th

Amanda just found out her boyfriend (and father of her child) has been having secret lunch dates with an ex. Help! 


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin gent shelf hole. I'm demand day and Logan's no jam has a dilemma the. Yeah she needs your help because we go we unofficially sometimes you crowd sourced. Counseling right it's cheaper and more fine. And I haven't actually goes in and a therapist couch. Because the chances of somebody listening going through the. And a similar way your dealing with pretty high or having gone through in the past or having some insight in how you should handle it. Can definitely help me through it so we encourage you to bring that concept to us and that's what Amanda has done today. And as you listener Amanda's story if you have any insight on how she should handle this weird situation with a boyfriend. And her boyfriend's ex girlfriend for a 42630941. Is our phone number Amanda in Logan bell welcome to the show. Hello thank you for bringing this to us. Thanks for having me so let's tell. OK so am I went there have been together for over a year and a half he has 83 month old baby girl together. Ain't here and be every day we think sitting together you show me the app on the ballot and an equipment that's in effect ranking meant to be. I didn't really. How can I mean. Really but a couple hours later at the mile but what you wanted to cash and he told me should actually go lines and that these guys that option. And come to find out. They've been meeting up through lunches. Or. In bed. Entire duration of our relationship. And remember. We had went mentioned it to me told me about it. So. I looked pretty pretty. No kidding so tell us about this relationship with his ex girlfriend you know or have you met her. What Sergio. I've met her winds. Delaware. And blended Stanley so we have it. Or inappropriate relationship. Ended. At a birthday party and met her kids head back up and brought. Her daughter added and it would kind of awkward about every time that ever match her and then at that time you have to I was comfortable at her coming to the birthday party. So you know he didn't get me the opportunity to voice my opinion then. But he didn't make into the meeting is slowly. So so does he have a child with purpose. No aren't so. Where is this the girlfriend immediately before you. Okay so they dated and then they've remained friends. And how long were they together. Coca. And ever twice a month every month. Since you guys have gotten together. The two of them have had lunch and he is never brought it up to win the U. He never brought it up. That's the suspect part more than. That at. Here's the England I hate when I got suspension act that I could beat attacked racquet at. And he deleted them. He deleted them before you can see them. Or he deletes them as they command. He deleted them silent Dina who. He tells me that he didn't he says the reason making that Kirk told me but because he wanted to avoid confrontation. Luke while so what do you do with that you have a three month old baby together. Ya blue love him. 404042630941. We have never pretended to be Smart I mean I pretend to be Smart all the time that. The genocide I know that there are smarter people than me in the world. So for a 42630941. So what is demanded till I mean at this point you guys had the conversation. Then what's now it is easy agreed to never see her again have you had any conversations like that. He did agree that he wouldn't be here again he'd said that. Argument between him and I am event like that. Adamant that down now welcome to the show. We're still very are right well dad's not gonna bring any comfort to Amanda. But. I gotta be -- from a guys but he didn't. I was exempt on. Him he why keep that a secret. Are why he bit his secret. NSA and Douglas well. He. Speaks the truth great Amanda. It is a red flag is totally you don't keep secrets from your significant other especially when it comes to. You're. You know your regular activity is. And you know you're in a relationship so your X should remain intact here keeping the relationship with your attic light what and other current and that's our flag. I'm I think Amanda needs to move aren't you know there's a child involved which makes it a little difficult but that's the end of the day. Com are you gonna stay in a relationship to have the potential to. 4042630941. Amanda before we take more phone calls and just curious. Would he have the way you look through the rest of the messages and is found. OK yeah says there's one that girl who suspect in those of the conversations that he deleted. Okay. And she I'll star and so I really gift bags is these phone calls for a mandate in Logan's else. They're short version of her story is that she found out. Just the other day that her boyfriend of eighteen months and the fathered two or three month old baby. This has been having a secret lunches once or twice a month and his ex girlfriend. Not only has he never mentioned these lunches to Amanda but. He deleted the text message conversations between him and his acts they were setting up these on you very much love salmon doesn't know what to do now. So we have a packed deck of phone calls that we are gonna take here but. We did make a promise to you earlier this week so we got to take care some quick business straight hair. It's a home run idea. About how are you in a manner and we're and not your gender reveal out of the car I had. Get anywhere. Hi here is video we're gonna do it again for the second year in a row the Atlanta Braves are letting us take over their ballpark last year it was Turner Field. This year it's the brand new centrist part and that we are going to go down on the field with 1 lucky am and a couple. And they're going to you Freddie Freeman style find out of gender of their maybe. With exploding. Baseball's so picture this dad to bees steps up to the plate and mom to be. Gives him a pitch and that pitch well either explode. Blue powder or pink power order to reveal the gender of your baby now is that with your family in the stands cheering you on and at the coolest videos ever to share with all of your family and friends. Now we're looking for a certain very certain type of participant so yes you have to be pregnant. And be far enough along that you'll know the gender of the baby back Father's Day weekend. But it's not know. It's right because we want to be able for you to have the surprise of finding out. This is the first ever gender ideal at suntrust park so that's really awesome to go down in history books there. And we are looking for that specific couples so if you're not expecting that you have a friend that is anywhere in that window yeah I definitely share and let them know all the information on how to answer. Is online now ads are nine for one Atlanta dot com. Just tell your friends to tell us abouts. They're who they are and why they should have this ultimate gender revealed. Fancy somebody cool enough that they can hit a baseball would this going on. A Father's Day weekend centrist Bart. So thank you to the Atlanta Braves for letting us borrow your field for a little bit for that it's going to be great I start and four when it landed back chemistry ago. Do intern and I have to get back to Amanda in Logan's. He needs your advice if you got any give us a call for a 42630941. I Amanda real quick give us a 22 recap of your situation. I found out that mine boyfriend has any has been moved to Atlanta for the ex girlfriend and any committed technically a bad. And they exchanged so I don't he says that they're and it's a great platonic and I have no evidence that. Amber welcome to the show. Ain't talk directly due Amanda. Com well I know you're in love everything but it didn't attack and wreck the league is certainly better. Did you know that there are now when you're at it like a punch at bat so here I am you know I am picky on the street you wouldn't. Well Obama. You can make you don't validate that there's a ton you can read all the algae to be to get a printout minute but it looked like he attacked Iran about them and drop the doorway that. And you know that's what I am the relationship wait longer that there aren't you gonna eat honey you're gonna know about that he definitely be a bit aren't scared run now. Hi amber I gives no wiggle room what are you thinking that this a man very it is leaving him one of the options on the table where you think it was gonna go this extreme. Are you are don't know. Acts like complicated they just had a baby together. Cornelius. And what's going coroner's. Hey Al won't just say it is like. So bad and it certainly exceed your arsonist you know to know so where in this decade it's that thing that horrible collision and these ladies have a lapse would guarantee permanent desserts and so who knows. That's. Our desire to go to our reporter herald corporate order. Thanks career areas I'm signed it and I didn't mean to laugh at that desserts and command and then this is your life but that was really. I care now Brad had talked directly to Amanda. All you need confirmation and I continue objection like you come to lunch with this year girlfriend. And bring your baby with you let the ex girlfriend see that you're happy and roll up the Peta will be able. I asked him to be honest the car and tell her that the lunches have to stop because they make you uncomfortable and will be back jail and then look are rightly or NASCAR you people are born. I'll go out there on the spot right there just got real housewives of Logan drill. He has personal disaster. Got black out and should it have been a widening them and having to essentially either gonna start twitching you're gonna count all our. Brought you know she doesn't know about you when she doesn't know about you gonna be so how are. Maybe she'll stop it. How. It's really good because you will know in her reaction. Actual little late. CNET then you make your decision that people are being Irish cricket who could get. Get the feeling got to the right. You have to read a stack. Constrict our balance without asking and she'll honor you by telling her that can have lunch or lack that's all you're asking him not to let anything and then you drop the bomb on the girlfriend and let's see how she beat. Our hybrid Karen here's the thing is the violation. Already happened because even if she even if her body language because almighty god no no no. He's still. Four. Thirty plus times went to lunch with the wall Maine and didn't spell. But I can't think you have a lot of couples who works through trust issues. In tact. And class. It's bad act and it fixable -- and she has been good fighter but a commitment she really can make and I got a little commitment. I think really aren't I think you got to speak more like it was hard just keep it doesn't work out. He's got actually met with a girlfriend on a Loral which are not even their heart not that I mean the need to protect sharks. Bags back or I need to know the truth is while Joshi and make her decision may be still drop the ball or the boyfriend and maybe a man or not. Because that banks can't because the thing is I. Of the book air from a guy's point of view from my point of view my bet is thirty lunches. That. I mean that's an intentional not telling her about it right yeah I mean like and it's it's a series of lying. Right Adam Brett I kids. I I can't think of any. I mean I attracted Allie my wife every night and oh yeah hey would you do today improbable and if I got a lodge and that's something there's anything out of a normal routine. Let's ice I went to lunch with Janet Kelly today into any restaurant kestre it was good viable. You just it just comes out you lose if it doesn't come out there might be one time moral predict. You know I mean ray it thirty times you don't forget. Yeah and don't you think that it's not it's not always the mistake. It causes the trust issues with couples is line about the mistakes like if he was busted. Having lunch with our because of that text message you saw Amanda and then he could come clean about it. Maybe there's a way to work through it you're saying I just know a lot of couples that have worked through some pretty major stuff. But it starts with being totally honest as you worked through a tray welcome to the show. Eight town. Wanted to say you're not know that it Babbitt but you know eight and you. Larry at the end I don't know her her voice and obviously see it no umbrella out and no. If you wanna go people who is that an opera and remains in Egypt are people who it's that. Extremely I'd be he's been great they're out. Since the winning habit that surprise late. He's going now he doesn't like confrontation and he's not gonna bring it out because you're not bring it out and then one day out and buy our C actually go to lunch he'd been doing there aren't a month. So I don't know I don't know that it might not either end of the deal and maybe he really did it in 1990 can't see you to look at what are they can and he looked at as. You gonna give that I'm going to be doing their old bank into that an audit and I'll. Trail I just gotta tell you they what you just said got a reaction from Jay and she mouth the words. That way did her. The rest of the week off if she said I'm allowed to know what I mean injuries. You hit the. It by a public opinion I know that most people probably Britney entirely ignored the 08 with it I'm just saying that both the beach. Look at Britain eat. Without actually be like taken into consideration that I mean and actually my feet is it a little bit. Bateman and haven't been the long. Run out I mean I NN. I'm not mean to be ready I would baiting a bad mood he really did not buy into intimate medium big scary yeah. Don't think he'd like back and went quite as are not only. To be read wait. It out. Did you did you even know he had a did you even know we had a daughter or did he forget that. Are you. Getting pregnant or anything like I eat and even in that time. While there are any I mean when having babies and spent my bread to baby and we are talking about that view our findings in a bit little girl. Trey you are much more I tolerate human being on this I think early early on us I general commemorate Bagwell you Greece finds. And then Kelly cheese is fired apps account G ask chance MM eleven Amanda and Logan we'll go find out if she actually got to get information out of them. I feel so bad work. Don't ask Bob. Star in 941. Amanda are we helping US dollars this just making it for a fifth. Even it slightly hurt olds there. Amanda has explained to us that her boyfriend who she has a three month old baby US has been going out to lunch with his ex girlfriend. Couple times a month. Their entire relationship Angie just found out about it. So we've been gathering your guidance and advice for her and what you think in what she should do enact Canada thing. And I was sitting here listening to all the advice coming in and a man I just wanna tell you one thing. No matter what you decide to do. It's not your fault. So just remember that. You are carrying a baby for forty weeks you are working hard to bring a child into the world and in the last three months you've been working very hard. To raise that baby so no matter what he says no matter lay decided to. None of it's your tank. MB and I'll hormone probably grouchy and grumpy instead pushed him away probably I mean that's a biology that's dollars and a timely manner as the. It's not your fault whatever you decide to do is a year Levy's thought you just need to know it is not your the babies at all. I DNA and Norcross has actually and big guy. In this situation hey. Hey you know and I'm. I just want to a couple of things remain at a person oh no it is not your thought he is he doing that's not the tribute on how would you please don't let you down. Unhappy with himself section and I'll come. Whenever a guy finds a way out of of something where he connection doubt about competition to take it. So what you need to do our own. Beat you need to you to take out its way out you need to read it trapped him armed and the way he can do that is making agreed to. On the concrete lead his own places aren't. You know just ran real place and getting little built for like two or three days and then all the side and sure he's on his own just. She's don't think it's totally open olde stage and do that every shop where you go to each. If you're in a situation where you have to tramp somebody. Isn't that already a violation of the situation. 00. I wish I would say bread. He's he's not he's not happy with himself because I wrote and I did that same exact bench and I know. I know that wasn't the person is what is truly each. It doesn't but here's what I'm saying ever imagined it a dirtier situation but the fact that you're not happy with yourself doesn't mean. Doesn't give you permission to be crappy as somebody else. I literally bring our position to have to. Trapped you are set you up for you to be honest guy that's coming Kilmeade here. Chris and at birth another guy who is in the same situation thank you Ian by the way thank you. I trust god. Hey I just want also to say eight million that the Naomi Campbell not being art com the only way this is gonna stop a firmer and as bad as he's got to want to stop. I can't keep a source on all day long but there's 67 liberal aged concert under round. Buddy he has got to be willing to come up be open about it so bankers what I would do when the situation. Straight out I tell her she now tell him that she knows something that aren't. Because Darius I mean we all know there are no there has to conduct in the dude. But she had to confront IR no they did that happening are no more might be happening bite if you don't come clean on gulf. You've got to give me ultimatum she got to put our foot down and be happy for her child because that's who matters the most that you wish so he needs is Sheikh Egypt. This district are told that she knows going on is not only have not quit or I'm gone and if he wants to stretch out trying to conduct and cheap that are important nonetheless it's our fault and it's so let her know if you wanna come through this just happened to you my wife two years ago. And I'd finally come clean realized what Allah willing the world's going to lose and now we've been married eleven. Thanks for us. Does have a come to Jesus is our demand how you trio and. I mean I can get advice that act committee is meeting is definitely add the necessary. We will be having term and long difficult discussions. I well will you please keep his post that I have a whole thing goes. A little and out before you haven't found a friend of JP is actually shot him a text message where they're good idea I'm not saying you should do this where just saying that. That a fretted JP shot him a text message this idea so we'll just share this might be something good to have your back pocket here. Different handed texted me she said it does he have an iPhone and an iPad or an apple computers if so of the tax will sync with the other devices and be backed up. That's saying you should do that just saying that you could do that. I'd thanks man deadlock Amanda. AM. And she I'll still are. We're also to move on. Weir yeah we have this great idea plan because Ryan Seacrest has some totally awkward yesterday constantly awkward moment of mistaken identity. I think Caylee she's Jim's in here. And say is hey that whole situation. We is a man day and Logan bell. And the fact that. Her boyfriend has been going out to have lunch twice a month with his ex girlfriend. For a year and a half. And is kept it from her. Is deleted that text messages seems like a slam dunk open shot that shady do something about a case. And she's walks in here she's like. Look at the timeline I can aside with a guy. Let's pull and then after about four yeah amid the battle for him yeah if we are record scratch sound effect we. Away. From I don't know that I. Him you gotta look at a guy yelling at a time here and I am a man that was semi hear me out girl 'cause I feel that first you don't gonna do but. I think about a turn of beginning your dating somebody in every year and a half fright has Arizona's got pregnant and have a three month old gas which means. Three months into their relationship she got pregnant. Can't they are pregnant I should say because not her fault like they got pregnant. And all of this is their rush so I've feel all Blake anytime somebody's put in that position. You either step up or you get scared because it's like oh my gosh this is all happening so fast. So do I agree with his reaction to. Venture ex girlfriend for the last year or be meeting up with her for last year and a half. Not necessarily know but do I see why he would he's in the situation where maybe he's trying to do the right thing MB the right guy and be the dad. But he's also kind of like realizing. Three months in the this new relationship I got some money pregnant and now in this situation where she needs to have a coming to Jesus moment with him and he needs to have with her. For the DC scared are you don't and you quickly somebody Humana wanna commit to. Like I feel that forum. He can mitigate the minute they made the bed I know that I don't have to man up at that point oh absolutely absolutely but you also to man up when your feelings come full circle. And I I love what we've created and I love the idea of being a dad but I don't wanna break here party there are. And that's where those great part comes in for me because. Fat ice database Connecticut you're always so I know I'm sorry rob rob women and I and I know and I do feel like I'm breaking our credit codes so hard in how they do feel bad for an if that army had run for the hills he deleted text message. That's sketchy but those text messages could also says she got pregnant and I want to do and like I feel like I'm I feel like having to do this because you know light the pressures that pours into the relationship right now want to put that brand on Amanda because I don't think that's fair either like maybe they both don't believe and the other alternative options so they both decided let's have this Fabian he's. Trying to do the right thing while also kind of being undergrad. So I just I do see. Yeah. I can't I if I. Bang I think that he still is all those manual and that so sketchy. It one of my Brothers came to me though and say look I'm in this new relationship I just got this I can to score pregnant like organic keeping because that's. The right thing we believed to do. But like. Warren and new relationship for Sauna honeymoon phase and I'm still kind of hanging out went. So and so I would have told my brother right and you gotta be honest right now like right now you gotta be honest and if he wasn't I would still somewhat I understand why are scared because. You're you're you've got a baby involved like that adds so much pressure on to the whole situation for both album. Michelle yeah give me a favor reefs have found slap Kelly Jean. And and bring Errol Kelly she's back. A but a couple of I can't do that right now I think Anke. Gary he'd definitely be aware of what he's doing. You know if he was scared he went to pick up that politics in a that he BM and a pair of this tablet on the play on. On the one app for that person to get pregnant at April did it together and he wasn't called. Which. At that Ali down okay. And at that would obviously dogged way the tight end game and care that would mean that child. But dying on him and also able to immediately to step up and say look I'm scared and I'm I'm kinda like I am. Meeting up with this person and the and I know that it's wrong but I'm also scared that I feel like were jumping in the something because we made a baby. As I just see how now I feel we're in now I feel outright. I normal spot here's downhill and I Anasazi and police in Iraq tale. That. And that. The only thing that has been the key yeah cartoonists. I'm all children vulnerable Internet children aren't in that responsibility. Commitment where current. Technically that's how does that responsibility. She militia you're insinuating that Dylan. I'll fascinated this girl on girl hey can't handle it well enough on the day he doesn't doesn't feel safe here from Rihanna aren't ahead. They just engine Shia violence is more compassion for the guy that does exactly. I just Stacy real quick as I have a couple seconds do you agree it. I totally agree or carry genes known come on let's do. So I'm making excuses him honestly don't think he would Allred at revelation you know. Went entering weren't huge animal wine and ban you at the aptly been really. Wow I can't wow wow wow I mean come on China now how. If this thing and all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.