How Did Your Kid Sell You Out?

Monday, May 15th

Jenn's daughter told her teacher Jenn's favorite drink was "Wine." When did your kid throw you under the bus?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf ol' ball. Jen got so all. How by a four year old time. Spread her private and home big as all over the world think. Don't know flash so you learn and honest there's still justices they would they know they showed pure hearts kids say the darnedest things didn't get a student. So we'll explain how O four year old Lorraine. Did an epic might drop takedown. Of her now four year old mom. I hear does this item to pull up the the chart we're talking about. That quick reminder thirty minutes from right now some he's getting paid. Yes a two when he you gotta be listening will announce a new birthday month if you're born in that month. We'll turn and then the 500 bucks cash is silly. Maybe even double at 2000 if you match today and it's in the running for jet engines 100000. Dollar birthday bucks here a concern any 41. So Jen snuck out they show for a little while I'm Friday. Just head over to. Her daughters are older daughter Lawrence scored there are having like a mommy. You and catered breakfast for us that one of those cute little things and you know all the kids make you can't I'm gonna handmade course on little pain and that she made an art I laugh. If you put in the clay and they face painted you know they paint different beings then and they made homemade car heard zen. Planet a little early you know flowering plants for us it was very very sweet honey I want her to be the only one whose mom was there oh come on your great mum. No portion of the morning time you know so anyway I just out of work for a little bit and it says she had to fill out learned about the question erratic. It's saying all these things about what makes her mom awesome in different than in other moms and some of that. Notes on here are our cute like. What is your mom loved to do she loves to play with me in my sister all. So cute and here think or missiles some question asked the kids write down their answer summer confusing like my mom coach Mac and cheese and hot dogs. Jen said she has not made a hot tub for Lauren ever in her whole idea not ever we definitely get a Mac and cheese but she's this. Self imposed vegetarian kids should system like me I try to push an on our all the time she won't eat it. So I don't know where the hot dogs came from my mom is 24 years so you see dean dean dean dean and number eight. That's gonna get her trip to the target aisle I bet one of Florence friends and her classes told her mom she was ninety. Well like okay Lawrence get points for the 24 to describe a day. And Lauren answered one question too many in totally sold out jam and that's where we need your phone calls. 404263. Own 94 line. Weighing did you get sold out by your own child. It has it that Lawrence on me out when they asked what my favorite so was she said salad emulate them. My mom's favorite drink is wine a just true but why couldn't she isn't easy and also paid a lot of copy and now. Or any thing. It's not alcohol. You put it in all caps to wizard wine WIN NE SS and what would have a great what if she went in with a but a super descriptive like my amounts favorite drink is. Any buttery shard nanny and it editorially that anybody battery sure remain even though it's not totally proper she puts three ice cubes and I think has that. I feel a little bit better here if your kids ever calls you out in public for a 4630941. They know it happened the comments on NC Graham and FaceBook were pretty epic. One from its Graham says that every time there are five Sundays in a month the kids come to big church on the fence sending go down for special with the pastor. This is from west easy gal she says this just. It's Sunday he was talking about god erasing your mistakes and when the pastor asked for examples of mistakes. You heard things like writing on walls telling lies are hitting. Then my son in front of the entire church. Saying awards that mommy and daddy say that are bad words. Marilyn in Smyrna when he got. So me and my daughter we go you know on the Atlanta. And nobody got a lot of the normal people there would normally give money but this particular compact little funny again. The mom about the minutiae. Ours is a in front of me in front of the person asking firm interpret the pain him. At. Yes I'm like oh my gosh I'm out so bad because she knows. Well you have money on the car to the golden machine at the money you could you have remembered it. It is good to have personal users handle and the person asking for money your car and here's Matt and yet. I think there's a credit card have to go to and we got some like it to pay for this off Francis and Carol and Dario. I don't worry here and how did your child that sell you out. And he brought me a book that said forget it kind of work. Well. What does that even mean he meant. And instead mom does everything else in the world but doesn't import hole and I. Got to ask. Osu did he write the book. I. So those days it was this story that he wanted to tell the whole world about how you don't prioritize school. Exactly I do now. See that's like yours and your 24 years old which means it's fine for Lauren to sell you out for not. Firfer having wine feature as my favorite beverage I Shannon's favorite what's up. I have my daughter cheer a private Christian bulk handling of the question on the questionnaire like Jimmy riots what is your mom's favorite thing to watch and they don't eat and you put grown up but it eat. All the yeah okay. We would say when you're younger and you couldn't watch staying on TV and I didn't get her on the show our prominently geeks yes. Czar not before one. Time we get a gets more of these phone calls Jenkins you're not the only person to get called out. Either Childs. Tests. Somebody comments coming in and at social media are similar to yours like winded Jeff's engine show listener whose. Childs says that when answering the same question to their score I send that they their mom's favorite and his rum and Coke. Says the effect. I honest there's so let me touch on the last that they get they're so I'm sorry was choosy preschool teacher yeah. And the they canceled out. Opt out for the favorite drinking rum and Coke Purdue and us because John's four year old call her out. Yes and that Mother's Day quiz they take in the classroom she's at my mom's favorite drink his wine. Taylor and Alpharetta got caught out by her nephew come home. Hey when I'm Allard. You tell me the day after Christmas rolls out and he'd like. You hear of this shooting and don't tell. You locker. Knowing and how old. Maybe five or six years like Gary artists trial and he would like Welker excuse and. Well Taylor I've got some bad news for you a five year old doesn't make up that sentence which means somebody spoke that the camera is repeating it 20 now you've got to figure out we were in your family members. I think you are you know. Clark results. Cosmetic thing thinking to haggling. Heather unfazed that posted by daughter did one that said my favorite thing to do is take snap since it. It's like oh great. I aren't the air Tracy in Woodstock. Lorraine Laurie Garrett went haven't you. I think sound bytes are and how we had an interest grandmother that we can have an adult party birthday party and we wanted to can hold the skill that I can and alcoholic aggregate and so then like I. It downstairs and I get we had forgotten to clean out the party get extra he went to school important teacher mommy killed my all the year. And. I wanna go to her priority since this time one more Cynthia and wind or got called out here a top. Good morning how are we aware. It was the week I am my my daughter have her very life. Cable or she went to spring break action and what should look into spring ration it cannot string break and so we want to do brought in at 11 o'clock already and she's nineteen she should be in school explanation the security guard. Looks and hold our own shouldn't you be actually are ancient square tomorrow and I. And the concerned mother that. She also already and I actually went on Canadians see a lot of historic bailout Leo yeah I'm not I have one more thing you're not kicking in tomorrow. So in. There is. A Spezza. Nine let me should school since. My own outlaw all. This happened you can never again and I vehicle mom. I think it makes things are the costs and yeah that's cool I learned last year that conversation continues league championship on things look.