Randys Public Service Announcement

Friday, May 12th


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Hi. I did what it may get a quick public service announcement. Are all of the daunting task owner. Thinking that they are ready to celebrate. Mother's Day. OK okay. What's your what's your remember most of them. I need her parent. It celebrating Mother's Day he is insulting. To people who actually. Need birth to a lights human being. So you're a then aided by all be dog. Mom. Cat mom references for Mother's Day. Yeah. Pretty 80. Apparently Connor if somebody laps further Hawaii and it looked that you had ignited done. And it is just settle it all saying he knew I had people who actually have. Human children don't lack in a crate with a bottle go to work. Huddle OK okay well not my cat and a very and do you get serious have a cat mom Kelly's landing count an ounce. I dominance over another Zaman about dating so 9/11 car that was Simon academy does the key for it Randy would have. Q a rainy you have a big problem that our. Yeah. I don't I don't make it who didn't seem a box like I actually let you caddie straight man. Change their diapers. While OK I may have a special honoring parents for potty training day because I'm an author on how brutal about it I won't change. I think this is this is making me laugh but Jane year I that you are a mom. Of both young child yeah young children the raising. And also an adorable shortly. So how do you feel about Andy's position. This is typical Tuesday because. I don't think there's a big issue with celebrating dog moms are cap on it's sweet it's cute it's funny. Like if you see it do you on pace that you roll your eyes a little bit. I gotta be totally transparent with you here all right. Totally honesty out I do and Cairo but I don't think that you should stop doing and I. You do and I roll why. Because it's UV it's ridiculous warriors like is edges rose because the people who celebrate. Mothers like I'll probably get Cali a gift from the gods. Right don't do that right horrible what is the eye roll more of off road but as the united that they get cheesy. I'm guessing. I think it is I get is Heidi and get some from fifth. Oh yes though if you see that put that out there and a gathered around the bus before the weekend even starts. Well I'm saying is use as much time doing something for you or bother. Or you as a child and that huge fan of yours. As you do for Kelly that dot com look at the dot bomb thing is just have funny. What what Tokyo and funny wide as it is so fired up rainy here to come on the radio and talk about it. The ridiculous. Like I early bird in each kind at all. So you feeling what I did all right parents who have. Had children are are raising children have actual human children should be celebrating today. Everybody else celebrate happy dog day or whatever it is national mr. popped down to work day year. You know post a lot of dog today. Did your own holidays like you are responsible for reading each person and making sure that there are only in the world. Need know how to tie their shoes. You know you might giving a voice to the inner voice of a puck that well now these kids are you saying. Okay. If you. What about Veba I don't wanna him I don't wanna be insensitive. And compare a Childs. Who is adopted. To a dog or app that you did say that sentence that you Europe is your issue giving birth version if you raise. Like she did. These are just only being rank and order image there aspirant bowls eat. You know how to recruit I'll say it that group and you don't buy it does it. Not that long is more asked her hair. Board that hurt me if they have a ballot. You bet I'm faced ugly at the there probably is the child who eat sausages. Take a look at and hobbies. As proposed about what it is tantamount. Stephanie. And Brookhaven welcomed the shell. It carried. I'm fascinated with it and I'm tickled her anger. Are you guys are in. New York are all like eight million candidly. Into being a mom and you work so hard raising them whenever I have. Have this much time to do this and I think that could do it it. Are you gonna feel joy and somebody else like like did somebody tell me. Other people be happy like every year we have read and a hat and they get a little art from all of like our Greyhound and they like. You anyway. Her. Well that should be what matters. Line of stealing Joanna I don't get the chief of wavering in the thank you thank you don't. I don't think we need it anymore calls besides that when but I do have one question before you ego Randy. All right so I just a quick quick. Quickly are you a bank did at Christmas time. Wing dogs give gifts to their owners. Making it stupid but I. I thank you Randy. Threes and would stack. Hey I tortured you or any hospital now now on line ot her everybody. Let me let it bother everybody right celebrate Mother's Day. Everybody. Received just write. The line now. You can elaborate doodle has a mommy in that monitors of decelerated. Bonnie thank you Teresa.