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Friday, May 12th


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Because we know driving sixty miles per hour it's nearly impossible on the perimeter. Yeah. Dollar and sixty when Jeff and Jan nonstop now on storing 941. All the fields do search weekend and a great Knute is happening here in about twenty seconds but first. A quick reminder that game and minutes from right now. B twelve minutes from right now. We are going to announce a month if you're born and that month because number 25. And you gonna end up with cash. 500 dollars after going to be in the running for 100000. Dollars went to did you while we might even double that I've had 2000. Can't win election listening to star 94 line game and the minute the jet engines. Feels how millions. Oh yeah she did show don't yeah. We did the leg work to find some positive news stories and we share them with you here it's our way of putting you aim of great. Mood JP is getting it all the fields. That she's gonna get all the fields. And Jenn hobby is going to kick things off we have a cool George's story and hobby ways. Starting off all of I got in on some Georgia couple of featured today. This couple just adopted this super seven. Seven siblings just got a brand new family check this out. Jessica Clark and her husband Josh. Live in Georgia and I think Jim Downey it's between Statesboro Antony not okay and they have one biological son and they say they have always known they wanted a big family. And they have been false during. A set of said then sibling mall might go to Bora quiet while now and they were just able to adopt them they're calling them. The suit per cent and listen to the Clark as they celebrate this adoption. FaceBook followers. Are on our way to the courthouse. In spring it. And we are going to be finalizing today the adoption of our super seven. Of ice time. Slowly Dylan. Gay about it. Zimmer said. We are also very excited and they have been a success. Screaming and I have to think about it it's also hurt. Craziness. And the we'll see guys that humans. This failing is go wow having once child C eight children. And just at the right may is Foster care month which is so cool. That is all coming down and made their biological son held a sign that the adoption at the courthouse that says. I was an only child for 1426. Days but today I became a little brother. It hat great there aren't that that is a special kind of family and special and love and there's one more chapter to the story that's not completed yet I. These siblings actually have another sister OK the clerks want to adapt. But they need a bigger house they've started to go fun to me page to get into a bigger home to accommodate all these children. And they're yeah close to their goal. It's not crazy high goal they want 60000 dollars. There at about 48 of fifty right now so if you want to contribute to this are awesome failings adopting all they all these kids and one adopt more. We've already shared it on the Jeff contention FaceBook page you can click on their to their go find me and support this awesome Georgia family. I'd JP what do you got for all the fields week I'm about tell you story about a 96 year old who says. I'm not old you're old but I'm not I'll tell this guy's name is delta and walling AKA Wally to his friends and he's a Debbie did BTU. Navy veteran he survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and housing and celebrated 96 birthday. Is good job on an airplane I'd love and old people view it mean to President Bush did a whole bunch of times the first President Bush. Did it like that Sammy is 88. And at least they'll do and by. I think is that that is awesome that gives motivational speeches and the quote that he said is that every time we do something like this skydiving and makes it feel frigate. And we hit 96 and woody actually issued as an open. If Celtic and well you know I sit here is great yep. But that when issued as of and all the people let me move on as. More than twice my age never to. As you would never to outline and her real Ito I'm in which you. And yet I would. Mainly to you. I'd never done it but I would open the door on Allen I well if I'm still alive and you votes or 96 there's baggage that acrobatic. Play that she's really got. So this is look and a tragic story about it and and it comes full circle so Alexi dollar the director of marketing communications at William and read academy reach out to me. A military brat so this at home. On Saturday April 29 of 20171. Lieutenant Weston Lee gave the ultimate sacrifice and Barack or his country in. His best friend and for attorney brother is a teacher at William and Maria academy in his famous mr. Carter MacKenzie. And mr. MacKenzie went to school the following week and took that opportunity to. Tell us students of Ali's legacy and he kind of explained that the impact that combat happening in Iraq. You know I'm unfortunately when soldiers only how many wanna do what you what happens when you come back and have a kind of readjust to life. So what he wanted to do to honor first lieutenant west's only was asked the students to bring items for soldier care packages to send our let them know like. Thinking about Sheila thank you for your service. And their response was so overwhelming. They got 560. Pounds of goods to send these soldiers as simple which is incredible calm and then that mr. McKenzie also set up a go fund these are that way he can start his own scholarship. But in the name of first lieutenant instantly. Which is so Sony sound. We'll put that links that go from here as well. What a way to honor the soldiers from the bottom soldier exactly body. Remembering his. I'm partners who are still over in Iraq still serving and notarized. Fellow servicemen very very cold what's the I mean that teachers do and then what's the school again mister Carter McKenzie at William and read academy. Is headed alien. Feels how millions. Just show. We love the local all the fields stories if you have one send it to start. I go into our website darn I for one Atlanta had dot com. Get in touch this initiative on the field story that we may feature them on an upcoming on the field segment. In case you haven't heard it today look dogs. And no notice that colonies on enhancing will cover youth championship jail it's Don and eighty floral.