Jeff Wants to Set Kelly Cheese Up! Update 3

Thursday, May 11th


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Yeah off. She and we just engines 100000 dollar birthday box make sure you're listening at 1220 to win free money. And still in before blind. And men and an image he kidnapped then. I'll. And. Oh yeah. Kelly cheese. Is a mess. Up over my friend Chris. It is a mess and my theory is. To messes. It together. And they make a policy. I am finding. I say. Few days ago that I wanted to say account and in this issues that has lived here. And I am and I asked them for bird guidance from the jet engine to a family I said yeah all. If you have ever been hot mess and dined together with a hot mess and it worked out in recent feedback. Or did work I wanted to yet either way who call after caught caught caught talking minutes and I was hot messes what was wrong of me and my husband and boyfriend is hot masters is everything happening and we get together it's like that comes at you dumpster fires are all the oxygen out of the room the two players and now. People bandied. It's been in together for a million years you know I mean. Well and I wanted to try that we've Alley who is a little talent in the world and different traces the chances dating and last night. They had. Their first dates. How is looking in the right now to have him. The land that aren't back and forth and. So pack in the hello to Alina who have when I dances like that and let them agent looked cute. Now. I he has to let. Let's go out on a name. The cement you know out of that eight win average earnings yeah. Yesterday early you have limited purely as a walking to my house minds that has seen the your plan and he accidentally use stroll back actually by design that as a parent our budget exit so we need it quick dash. Now the bounds. I think that that's added to enact at. Yeah so definitely meant there's like 630 so. As nice hot excellent team how warm as the enemy house. But it's not coming to how much treatment and yourself off three left I showered and I wore make. Ace in the air and how I'm glad I'm here okay to run a company announced yet and sniper that was oral out and that can come. Yeah I mean I can it was a lot of fun we realize at the end of the day we didn't know each other as leaders in. The oval. As government does so sarcastic and edgy and a volley or guarded. There were scared you scared of love. None of you know Asian heart and open to it so you put you comedies that defense now are you intimidated by union meant no. I. So how long were you there. Oh my gosh that's only implement the day. As. I was up until 1 o'clock so you there for a long time we're there we were there until about ten and then. That long first day and a do. Well it's too long are we McNamee just for the power plant in Africa. And now we kept talking about that that we have so much and as you can like I've made mine I am right now and it was 930 and it. And I have you said he and it was total honesty. And women you know I don't think there's any physical. Attraction. And yeah this is an English man chemistry at all and he's now he's mean again. Violent man arms croissants at night as I'm excited I part of me wants you guys never to go again. And on the Internet as anti. It. I guy right at the day it was there one moment that was the best thing the legacy to this case. Leading cancer conference on the you know we incentives so weird things that. As an actor I think Canada and grew message to energy thing. Like have his mom's a passer isn't like they're really easy being green at about gas and that I realize I making fun Hoffman. And I kind of wish I could easily in that pack it kind. He's the comedian says he. I unity he did you know him well. It's that it text message instant that he regretted wearing sandals did you notice that it was a one hour earlier yeah. I didn't notice in the game and let it slip on showers and get in you. Are you only and not take that means for. And animals eyes and look at him on the audience owners. Our initial and inadequate arm out our price at. All the right yeah I said. Ingraham on me now and again. I am a woman crying like. Who visited developing chubby girl. I attractive I'd. Brought together. I am a initiating air training product aimed at any. Time that attracts. I do is laugh again. Well listen we. For a little see him again I can do that well I don't say it like inside and let him ask him about six dollars isn't scary isn't it share. Exit at like that you hang out an up or are you so you wanna see him and a winner. Yeah. I mean in Cranston and that's I. All right do you think there's a change of its midtown and the second they don't know Jack. Nicklaus and. Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Your son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind.