Ghosthunting: Gary Hunting His Son's Prom Date

Wednesday, May 10th

This is SO not your normal Ghosthunting. Can you say invasive parenting?


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all now. Tracking down that people live goes Steve do you want. Ghost heading out of the Jeffrey. Really yeah who coasted. Hi I'm the guy named Robert wins this. Any time and so why Bob Roberts. I was goes about a woman named Dolores. Jana and I would thank you to say hello tig Gary. OK that's it we didn't Gary is Robert's father. I'll go ahead Gary. It. Good a deck and I am. Curious to find out how you are involved in this ghosting in disappearance situation. Well. Little bit back here cavalry to murder goes someone grabbed my son. We didn't. He Ito. This girl Lauren to problem. And now. She's already graduated you're seeing here. Didn't it seem like you know. A good fit. They work together. Mutual friend so forward. He spent a lot of money is state do nowadays on prompt as. Did do that when I wish my age but it. So I was already a little tentative because she's spending so much on him literally lose dues pretty hot on this girl than I have third. After the prom I haven't heard anything in. Weeks. And it's starting to worry me considering how much. He was talking about it and then. I'm so I had a little worried. Have you confirmed with your son with Robert that she has bailed on the relationship. You know articulating out he's these are so pure numbers father. You know but I know so it was bothering him media have been quite the same. And you know I I I need to get some answers because I can't I can't go along with him you know slump and around the house and and not being responsive and I have I have a feeling that apparent punch this is one of us. So do you think and I and an all that it's strange. That you are. A dead. Who wants us to call. A teenage girl on behalf of his teenage son. Yeah so yeah. We've got to close relationship my son. Normally. Yeah I guess you could save did that might be weird but to be honest we we we got a relationship that most fathers sons don't have. And if I can't understand Trout this way than I have to I have to go my way I dug. I can't have I'm not talking to me I can't have him not duel and always necessary work to keep up with giving him a politician and what he's put down crap Lennox so I mean it's. So he's pretty depressed after this. Well he's certainly not our enemy. Did it depression and distance you know I don't feel it did you tell when you sum is not being himself. And I have every bit of confidence that this is this situation here she is. I don't know why I mean they've received haven't really great time the other that this has ordered long ago. Did your son know that you're doing this. Now you know no way. No I you know had I do expressed her amigos that they're bitch that's always been the world outlaw it you just made good. Working in the right place we've never not I don't hear you are are really don't seem to prop but I. So you wanna see you called this girl. And say have you coasted. Robber. Or what happened is you're you're pretty new to us. Yeah I'm looking to get an explanation for. If if she doesn't come up. Between my son nice conversation or last two weeks now spend sums going on. They use she's gone on to didn't somebody else servers you limb to go to parliament. And have an expensive night out there and just kind of disappeared Ottoman. Answers you say she's already graduated to. See a full year older than them. Right how old how old is your sign. And she says she's eighteen or 191819. Can see oh yeah I don't men. The scandalous older woman and high school. Well I mean did you guys get so I'm going to be a lure to be the slightly older that you know they they had a good time and don't. They are closed out an agent this is that there. Issue. I just can't figure out. Why everything is just completely. Far to face and happy girl has a great time ago it. The Osce Gary I don't feel comfortable making this call to her I'm usually the one who asks the questions and ago sending but it. You'll feel like it's over how many I feel like you are really meddling. Only when we call her to phrase it to get some answers for you but. I mean. If you're not good so I today as I'm feeling to be one thing but. He doesn't even know he's due yeah sure committed PM piercing his kid. Is tied to and you seventeen year old boy dragged he's not a man yet. And if you watched two if you want to play in end be adult game. There's going to be some embarrassment it's harder. And I feel sort of hockey rink. And you wanna communicate like he has been delighted we have been achieved so long that I'm gonna take care of the himself so. That's I know that might make you comfortable additionally were I got Conchita get the answers they. RA so. I thank you I Guerrier where every animal for a semantic and Tara I hope that. Are you thinking that we do not do Disco setting this week it feels when we are does us thousand person and I'm glad you said something. I mean I think I mean I kind of want to know why she goes it's do. But I feel like that's between light if it were Robert calling us and saying hey. I really like this girl I snookered a prom we it is super expensive plan and saving up for a long time she's now goes to me after prom I'd first caller. And stuck steel. Ahead this morning we just didn't (%expletive) and I we have made its decision and at 7:30 this morning we will tell you whether or not we are calling. Series son Robert and so we're going to be calling them Lauren that's right I'm behind. Gary and and Robert but everybody is fired up about this so do your phone calls about goes tanning is next and the championship. It's exactly sure why. NHL all star shoreline. Okay just a few minutes ago we heard from Gary who wants us to call his son Robert's. Prom date a woman named Lauren. Who has not called as far as Kerry knows is not called Robert since the prompt. So we'll go ghost sensing this morning but you guys have got a lot to say about this and as we always learn our listeners. A lot smarter than we are lingo welcome British out. Day. Should they called Craig. You don't need to make that call any techniques to step out because the file and can't come back early and he wants you call I would be absolutely furious. Rice said they don't have their daughter I'm now I would be furious I want. I get called carp parent AV and pluck it and. But she is. Related don't forget this she is out of school and she is over eighteen. Emmy different. Now what. Cassie also columns from Marietta have what's going on. Hey good morning I mean of course I'm not I. I arena and that he got it wasn't because. That it's something creepy at prom night and did I had anything that it would mean. The league talking about you want. If I'm to be an adult but any gonna treat it unlike a little kindergarten airline because. Believe because he can't pick up I felt like I think that he did something to be at odds are good I'm eighteen it it would. We like creepy do aside her leg just stared at her dress a little too long. I don't know anything like that maybe he he said something like overprotective. And overbearing at the signing she would I I'm. Out batter maybe. Let me just let her. Are under a little seat time in failure what. Are we can't manage you know resume and superb tennis this. Yeah I am. I think it yeah I think he hit the wealthy overbearing you'll never protect issued at dawn and eating it today. You and the sun probably know that I let that are under the wanna talk to hammer. Column. I didn't data. So this time it's caught alleged that says I'll just nailed it so fast he's theory is bad just looked that. Prom dates you know dress a little too long or maybe made a compliment about. A form fitting it was is and done over verdict as like. And now I piled theory filed Jennifer and Laurence Ville high. Hey hey hey at Frankfurt accomplished it technically I I agree they're you caller I heard about that Catholic girls it match. Or are at a time that the teenager. First Sharon can't now but there's Elaine I can get Mitch but he can not call. That girl badges and really very high end and the on LB mark I had ended. Right overstepped his bounds way way ever had been out of touch especially weird. It's weird. Anti air all most adults. She's an adult he's almost and she's only an adult but she still went to prom. And I get them saying what she's an adult as in she came she can serve on a jury she can cast a vote. But she still went to prom the seventeen year old son and I just think that's. I don't know hill don't know if we make this com. Leann and to make Donna welcome to the shell. How are you guys today are you. I want that gold and this guy Eddie needs to go on match stopped talking good health. It's such and it looks so closely with song somewhat slow him. Like that she's my best friend I just need to know. Jimmie and go to match dot com thank you. CN BM doesn't bill. Hey good morning and content I haven't I am a parent. At the 29 year old Ian at sixteen year old Kelly. I mean and now I personally. Bat. You know he's being a bit here at me they singled that may be. He had been handled I now have a good that they're behind or even aunt dot and that pitchers that he is trying to be a good father that I. You mean he doesn't have a wife to slap the I've thrown out of his hand ambulance inhaled mellow you are not solid and a half. Well I don't I'm Nina but mom I mean you know I think that they are and I sometimes. Meddling what every lit but I'm being dead here I 9% of the time might yet come back you know like thank you I appreciate you doing. All right Sam knew about let now let me just run this by you. How old are your kids. I have a thirteen year old a sixteen year old and a twenty. All right as sixteen year old let's face at a pattern of dishonor Donovan let's have your six year old be a daughter. In two years would you be OK where they grown man calling her to ask about her dating life. It anyway you guys get on that I wouldn't have a problem because that's not a direct direct conversation. Not and I am I Jen hit the year that pedo buffer. I'm I'm gonna ask you because I'm Solomon yet less creepy he's I aim column what I had to say hey girl power I don't care Tony Bennett and I ask you a question about your prom and and down. First tell me what you war in. I'm back home for real comb for Gary we had a good suggestion on Twitter where they sent from Ashley Simms says why don't we offer to call his son and ask what's a law. We do that everybody listens to their show is smarter than all of us as a collective to it but it's a guy leaning Covington. However I. Which I think it added up over thinking it it's prom nothing mattered after high school you go to crime anymore which writes tax. So you say make o'clock. It might every people are saying make it. I went last call and then I'll we'll we'll let this continue on baseman Jason and alana what's up. Yeah I adore. You know they Coca. Yeah what are they cheer up all you compare it played to a bad. Neat way his son's gonna get embarrassed and us. Scenario and what if that's the case would have Jason's right in chief ally and she's like yeah we just went as Franz. Indiana eighty only when the kid isn't grab me and our op. Slept as Andrea member and then gets embarrassed doubly. Right. Just spent shells. And starring I need or want. If you miss did yesterday we got called to go goes hunting doesn't do every week. This request from Gary he's a dad who wanted to ask you ghosts hunts his sons of prom day. I his son is seventeen years old his son's name is Robert ands. Robber went to the promised an eighteen year old woman who graduated last year named lower. And according to dad. Loren Roberts hadn't been in much contact since the prop arms and acting weird not talking to dad too much and he's like lesson. I'm protective of my son I want to. Figure this yeah. And I wanna know why she after such an expensive dates. And such as special experience with just low op my a child he was a little. Invasive as can Edberg and others have is that like maybe helicopter fish are a little bit especially for seventeen year old right. So we. Had a conversation about whether or not even make the call and I think the majority of people also ahead. Now in Jenna and I were even debating because we were both feeling. Now because it was like and where inject national and embarrass the ski and actually didn't want to do is embarrass either one of and then yesterday afternoon. We received a message on FaceBook. From a Robert. And Robert is this side and his dad Gary was included in the conversation. And Robert basically said. Go ahead and make that call. Like my dad's a little intense but he is well intentioned and I think Lauren will find it to be funny. And he scanning curious about what shall so bright so. We'd. You know broke back and said in your core that we didn't you know. Make that call do you wanna be on the radio he said now especially interested in being on the radio but if you think it would get the answers you can tell her that I wanna know is well. And Gary interjected and said I'll come back on the radio button and urged sides sell it. That is where it stands. At weird Canon makes the call we're going to make the collar and now we have to say. Gary. Welcome back to that Jeff and change and look people look closely you'll. Secondary welcome back to the jet's engine challenge. You are right we are gonna make their phone call to Lorraine. While you are listening and summer bring you on hold you won't be able to interact with her and all you listen and and then we'll come back and get your reaction afterwards okay. I appreciate. It OK Andrea. Yeah. All I a pop up. Can you please stick with law and they weren't at this is stand and she asked from the jacksons and show how are you. Mario good thanks for coming on with us today. We are not saying because you are a part of the segment that we regularly do on our show. Where we tracked down people who have had disappeared out of other people's lives and we call it ghost hunting so thanks for joining us. So this time Lauren you're the ducks. So you have disappeared out of somebody's life and they want to figure out the reason. Why so is that cool I ask you a couple of questions about. Recent relationships. I'm. So it's you armor recently you going to prom look. What do you know I'm. Yeah yeah there is Robert Simpson the a time. And we have heard from Robert. And who wanted us to find doubts. What. Bend because. He really thought things went well and you guys have big time. And he he and and also some family members of hands were curious what happened after prop. Where did you get out. I mean what a great timing had you in sort Scranton so but we weren't dating before prom. So I don't know why. It can't just agreement stirring everything happened during the order. So you've talked to Robert sense problem. Yeah we're in. Addition all championship team. Yeah well it's a it started thinking about old Kennedy we really just Bartoli cooler now there's no. It's not been any like Tom umpire. Say you disappeared out of proper size. We're. In the same regulations. Already on a pilot. Pattern as late as seen each other. There is no age and they're one rally hockey tracks there is no romance ever all right I don't know. There is no romantic connection Nadal wins the prom. In the army no big and bad Kapanen but he I think that there is sent. I didn't get into of people out of Komondor. So I. I don't know I guess the question is light. There is no romantic overtones connected to the promise to US mass yet out of date is asking his friend Laura and they'd be his date to the prom. And it didn't quantify it essentially we just sent to did you regret that come with me and I can not so I dressed up and it unhappy. We held hands and it does not me. Debt not my tapes there are some. Big announcement on her. Eyes and we're all week law. And it sounds like when you said US tax and you right back when's the last time you have a text exchange. It's a kind. It was actually his dad who reached out to us originally. Who has very concerns. That you may have coasted to. Roberts. And gas and the Robert Kennedy. It's not hard at all. Well we say she was because we got an email from him but now I'm thinking. He might have not been the author Fannie Mae. It. No. Wonder I mean it added that a part of our relations that would eat yellow alleged that during netstat and I'm not doing and why did it take place he'd involves. I have an extra tank anywhere we go. It. Now handing out some aren't. You down yet. I am completely and I'm OK. I expert thank you Lauren. And play here. Okay thanks. Him. When segments collides. Jordan it's. You know yeah. Jordan out for the record it turns on hold for three minutes. At a sushi comments. I can't say that I heard a guy that you got mad at eight but yesterday I immediately in my head but now and that they're in no way that that was a bunch and I'd turn deadly game is so balanced. I think and. So you think the dead data into his son's FaceBook page. I don't and then had a conversation with us in included himself to make it seamless yet. Absolutely and I just I limit the senate and shocked at all that I didn't. It's solid attack on a solid and I bet that the screen and battle and. Makes only sense in reverse. Crane and Atlanta welcome to the gym. And got it now. I we're about to take out here we're gonna play Adele what I would light Kelly cheese yeah. Had now here's what I would like to do. Is can somebody has to be the adult in this relationship. Thank you grand. What I would like Philly cheese to do is pick up the phone call Lauren back because we have her number and get roberts' phone number. Right in vain. Just talked to Robert off the. In and figure out it may send a message or not. Yes some kind and wall come back after it Al Walter got Gary. And wolf good CSI is Holmgren has. We just mentioned solid sixty. Now Holland stun you know people want. I Jen how. Oh do we explain that's. Okay. By the way means getting this feature is there a means that is I get into basketball attendance to explain the everybody content. Basically Gary called us yesterday wanted to see ghost town Lauren who goes to his son after prime. We debated on whether to do it and I. Got a group Jason's message saying hey. It's covered it's OK I don't come on the air but you can go for unless you Lawrence says so like oh okay so he does want to go some aren't so we just called her and she's like. What are you talking about. Nothing has changed. Or herself friends like we were before prom. Nothing happens. Which is tax a couple of days ago this is weird to wait his dad wanted you to call me and then we left her. So now we're thinking. We. Were messed with. Me. Gary. Yeah you know speaking email did you sit and have a fake it FaceBook account. Retaining him years Enron. Our automobile repairs. Done. Yeah I did. But you do just about everybody here and dad. And this is one of those that are. Yeah he's not a little kid anymore he's almost. They're located in Saudi he's not aging in lives in my house we tried in the school. Reduces this as a way it's gonna be. Now. No. Bad guy he dooms eyes. Of guys and then he's gonna come on the radio and try to tell us he's trying to be a good parent I may he had via email at. Now my own mind saying that no. I feel so bad and guess that's why we didn't want to do in the first instance and wanna embarrass robber well we're stupid that we should have. We just asking him to. Should know better jab. I Kelly geez who's just she called Lorraine. And got Roberts and phone number. All offered to come on the at any given calling for a 42630941. The reason nobody has answered the ringing found is because Kelly she's been on the phone first and Lauren and I would Robert. Who is I understand that who. Offer to command the evidence but here's the deal. He's seventeen years old obviously he has a controlling dad. And I'm over him legally call a seventeen year old up from on the air. Yeah Hussein. Good food metal enough already where we shouldn't have I don't feel like Robert deserves late equal time. You Kelly yeah yeah it's all right. And heads. To explain Mike McKinney's got to do is down under the bus and that we hear it. Don't wanna make a seasoned veterans data and get in trouble for it hey Whitney is this RB FF which in Smyrna. You know I don't. So we are not O one and not let me you don't believe that they show and I catch it I. Aren't you being at me. You know what kind of relationship they had it at that started it all away our age clothed. Yeah this probably met him out. Or how it or how. If I got. I think you burger or even go to college someone who were in high school anymore. That raised their right way is is a gangster move something I can I send you this senior by somebody who graduated last year to go to from within. Well play well well well I. I thank you Whitney colony time are. Hey Lee and noon then. I think it's out. Oh. I'm a ballot. They now mama back off. I gave me I did you talk to Lauren and a Roberts I dad hands and all. It is cool. Play like I yeah as a sand takes some way did Robertson's just like his dad went with a handkerchief over the phone a little away like it is. Now and I mean he's like he's had in the school right now on his contract and is I love lawn and I and then taxing. As we know medicines yesterday and now as she's only tallied the gist of what happened and and I get on a ballot that yup he is a cool kid just like you're saying it takes some big you know allegedly ask an auto girl to prom like he is and then have basements are now let let me get your real mesa. And he's he wrote he's got everything own arm and he was like look man. And since my dad is crazy we are rising at that one crazy can't get crazy mommy crazy dad he let my dad is just. Crazy and you play on this count now on the days to college at a freelance club. Come on down and now and then their having him as he is a cool kid and me and this is this if you had. This is the guy who grows up and Logan's on ends up going to the University of Hawaii yeah. Yeah and that it frank. I think we're route. And frank is what are you worried you know on the dad. Because he's lying to us to manipulate us to get estimate that Omaha. Let it play out right just they don't like declared it doesn't need to got a couple Miguel he's he's got so this comes on the show let it play. Don't know what are they what I respect it more if you let him get a certain you know what would you guys. Like let it play. And let them happy and say you never know what's gonna get guys out shoes don't let rational reasoning. That play up the almost. I thought I thought you're gonna need and I'll mad at us and say we're Reuben basically what you're saying is. You can give this guy enough rope to hang themselves. Well it didn't but I can't sit. Will that likely didn't like been there to see you guys are like click you know definitely did you cannot control you Airways but let it play out the minority here. I got I was just so mad. Addict and getting a lot to do it was a bit abrupt I looked up like with. What's his ticket as many as Robert wasn't analyzed by their hours again do you go figure yeah. And I ask and ask her. Hi Jacqui encampments out. Well I think. That the father has feelings about your. Things go home of the. And now can't go there now I know. I've been. I have. CNN and or you're hitting. Wear that mask we're in aid. Was like they're tired yeah still is the sun's relationship and he metal yeah. Well I don't even gel diet need that father had feelings. By a bad girl he was dating. For the girl his son was dating. Yet now. It's so messed up on so many levels because. Obviously she's much younger than him number one but number two. Do you can't make out with a girl that you sent consummate out we have. Oh that's so Kirby and I also hurt me yeah. And we share that little more you know gentle little morning. You can't make out with a girl your son made out. Com. That's today's life lesson from the jet engine Carlos phones are re open I think. We're gonna come back contagious from 11 more phone calls. I think. And I was make a promise food Debian hackworth actually agrees with that adds. We'll talk to her enacts. Because we know driving sixty. In sixteen when Jeff and Jim and not. And still are not before one. I know we're at twenty minutes away from them. Our use of Byrd thank. And our bone now. Her phone numbers for a 14630941. Plug in your phone right now save it. And be listening at 820. And you could win 500 dollars a thousand dollars a 100000 dollars just for being more. I again again and again that you get to recap. Yeah ghosts and it's turned into a dumpster fire. The seat for India quickly Jerry wanted to see ghost son for his son Robert's prom date Lauren. Week. And got a mess we're gonna do it. His dad was meddling and because a hundred. Thousand people million people got on her face and majors like don't do that. Got a message from what we thought was Robert Gary saying hey it's cool go ahead and call. So we did in season what are you talking about him goes a mile or so taxing just like we were before prom we've been intentional last couple days this is weird like. Does dad. And this is I care as well what's happening. And that's where we are now Kelly you talk to Robert last year he school has asked that kind of McRae dad yep exactly Jim Carrey again and then Jeff hang up hung up on. And Robert said understand and the county it's. Island on a prominent. Debbie an ad query to actually agrees with Gary. We did dad hey Demi. Good morning Matt and I teach teenagers who ask I'm monkey and here you had not looking at teenagers yet. I asked him dogs. Which made an while I do join in the conversation now I have two under foreign under. Am I can't. Well and things change for me in my life if I would you saying terms it. Calling China export and landing you know what was behind the true. Everything with skill curl. It. Well you can. I I want to do you ever let me introduce him. I can bury it confront her blood her and not pretty girl pretty and I think I mean I don't think I'll. Editor send news is Jerry his ruined it for you going slower C. According to never again going to make a phone call for on behalf of the kids. Christine in Swanee let's out. I I don't I don't say that word mean you've got to celebrate. Our. I'm the tide goes out it's been way over and everything and about a minute and denied being and lucky Nader colonel papers and now I think are one of the event because she could have remarked hey Aaron they relied Debbie bunker and created out because that look perfect and not to let the being poured in trounced. And and they don't like they have all kind of problems agent might sound a -- Well their opinion counsels hide those because you have a beautiful acts. I think she's I mean he's all these years old hat. I Sam in Marietta seriously last column because I think I had this thought yesterday. About why Geary did this guy heads out. I I can dietary dad. That that money on the calendar for Saturday and money. Cheat obligated. And some play. Do you think the only if do you think that's something that guys think that maybe if they spend money and a girl they should get something and the other side of it is that. So I thought process has some men have as old as kualoa. And that's exactly. It's RK. Dad's life. I digress. Back Alley. All right I heard yesterday because when he brought out how expensive the date was late and he spent his hard earned money you know at the thought is. He did spend a dime his money if seventeen years old live with your parents you contributed whatever you may be a part time job. Dad kicked in the grass. Blogs ran all for the limousine for the course size for all that's out that in my dad was mad about the money he's Iraq yes. All right where going CU I come back here Rick we're we're gonna keep this conversation going on FaceBook so if you wanna hop on our FaceBook page you can leave your feedback. I'm the Roberts. Gary Lorraine weird love trying. Because Huntington dumpster fire. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.