An Update on Big Dave

Friday, May 5th

Finally! Jeff has an update for all of us who have been wondering for months about his brother Dave's relationship.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jessie. I know everybody who has invested in that speaks Dave's story. An apology. So I've got an update for. Yeah all I know what's going on in waves at big Dave and the woman that he fell in love with who lives in. This Philippines so if you don't know the story we'll try to get jet to speed in about a two minute summary. So about a year ago. Now the timings left more than a year ago. I have but let's go back even further and that IU Jimmie talk about him made fun of being growing up as an only child. I did grow up as an only child brides. I like to look funny if I'd hear hood I I'm the world is very Jeff centric because that some people look to rose colored glasses. Jeff looks or just colored glasses that that's a Dino. Just so. But there is a guy named it named Dave who is my half brother and we are connected through my father and he lives in North Carolina. And we'd do it did not grow up together. But. Re acquainted may be seminary years ago and have become very close over the past seven or eight years and gave it is the most kind gentle. Peaceful. God fearing Salter beer halls loving human and give either shirt off his back who had made you more comfortable on the matter how uncomfortable makes him. That's Dave that's what he has. And he surprised. Me. Out of like last spraying it. With the news that he was in a new relationship. Which is group grade I was happy for him. And many explained that this relationship was with a woman and then he met via FaceBook who lives in the Philippines. Name here. Crap detector goes off IE that that was on my radar definitely and I start to do some research on the Internet and I find. That there are a lot of scams that take plays with women in the Philippines. Connecting with men in the united state. And especially men who kind of it Dave's profile. Small town. Single guys who are over the age of fifty. Who might be. Feeling lonely yeah I mean there's there's a profile and there are a lot of things that this woman did that fit a certain profile. And he was not open to receiving my me. Concerns. About her disease head over heels in love head over heels in love he was able to acknowledge happened he'd he was not an IA. Became frustrated at that image is created a lot of of tension which which I don't like Alec and channel conflicts. I hadn't I don't like conflict and a one on one basis and find. Confronting people on the inner jerked him to the microphone but Mike Rivera lighten and Japan. Right so he isn't going to the Philippines and there's a whole bunch meaning go get caught up front line. But like Dr. Phil was gonna have my on the show he's gonna go on Beckham's only game Garnett from probable block. Well he says I'm I go over to the Philippines and this was a huge. Area of concern from meek is now answering to be worried about his physical safety is what causes them emotional safety. Well he goes he spends ten days there and maybe even longer he comes back he's okay. And there's no no harm done to him. Physically he's okay and he's more head over heels in love than ever right. And then you've got some strange messages I got some strange messages from somebody pretending to be. Connected to tell her it was it was apparently a fake. FaceBook account but you're pretending to be somebody that connected to her but the information they share even though was of a fake person. Information that they shared with the me. Some of it was accurate. And it involves. Her now very got a hundred red flags up with her. He goes and comes back from the Philippines safely so like thirty of those red flags maybe go away so I've got seventy red flags out. Still skeptical in this email contained in this message comes in our FaceBook. And talking about. Just giving a lot of information up there I was able to research and she hasn't and a 1000% truthful with them so now. Even more red I got a hundred flags down the semi now I'm up 250. And I'd. I shared all that information to him David I had a few phone calls after that to discuss that information but he is decided that. Amerasian is not correct. He is moving forward his plan to to. Mary her and the reason that I haven't given an update on the radio a lot is because there really is no update David I haven't spoken. Not just about bad. Or really at all. Says she's put a wedge in your relationship here I don't wanna put that on her thumb because I don't know she's saying to him doctor let. Whatever whatever bridges he and I haven't talked about it because we know there were a 180 degrees apart. It's the elephant in the Gramm that. If you don't address it then you're just kind of making nice nice see exactly. Kick surface C conversation. But I either one of you wanna really address it because every time you do all. You get so frustrated he gets his feelings hurt right he gets frustrated up aid just butt heads and then it's like that and get off the ground. But I do know everything is planning as they had originally discussed because yesterday he personalities about a picture of him and his fiance. From when he was over there visiting. So the marriage is. Headed down that still on yep can I marry there apparently. Yeah so that's it that's it's an AM date my attention went Dave's. I. I think a couple of weeks ago just am. Just had him on the mind and was just like I issued him a text message and he wrote me back. And basically saying. Like I've never loved anyone like I love her yeah. So he said Saddam is he now and and he really ties it to dot. And that's that's IC whit what position your hand is because that's difficult to argue asked yeah. He's sounds. A win win the argument can be made that guide to. Dictated. What this relationship is and god had a hand in per. Randomly. FaceBook messaging him friend requesting him. Forever ago here's his texting me at he says we are catching up funds to other staff and then he's hit as Fermi. I never loved anyone like I love. Her name yet. After meeting her in person and confirming for me that Jesus blessed us both with each other thing. Her kindness compassion towards people the way she's raised her children the true love she has for me. Every day I thank god for giving me the strength to wait for the partner he would choose a pray for Jeff and all of you every day for everything. Seeking so Connie and no I don't fresh Jamie frustrated Adam so I think I've just made the unconscious but conscious decision to. Steer clear of him because I don't want to dislike this trip I don't want to upset him. Word just like the situation because there's no change. So usually your family has big gathering. Over fourth of July. Cummings. Donna haven't spoken too busy invited. Demo haven't spoken to him. Well it's sag your place say you're the one who sends out the invitations and name. Headphones are working. And hearing. He's your brother. Elephant how many holes I didn't posted and you're at risk for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.