All the Feels

Friday, May 5th

We hope these stories can inspire you to do something kind as well!


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Are you ready for law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen. Did show don't. The purpose of all the fields has to put you NN good mood. Fans are negative news stories out there are so we dig through the piles find some good wins and bring him to you every single week just so you can have a smile on your space and JP. Europe first minor involves a restaurant and it's two stories that one so I'm gonna say but wait. There's more okay. So I've been a waiter for probably author on eight or nine years as now is getting into radio. And this only happen to meet twice where somebody was sitting by themselves. And saw a couple. And said hey. I'd like to pay for their meal. Is that sweet so this there's this woman in Nebraska. They did just that she's sitting by herself saw a couple celebrating their anniversary is that I'd like to pay for their meal it's sweet and there's server I Asia and all. Isn't that some ice and then the woman took care of it and left the restaurant. But wait there's more fitness. So then I he showed looked at the woman's checked it she gave her and the woman that was sitting by herself gave I Asia. A thousand dollar tip. And low cost the main take away is if he sees them exit by themselves at a restaurant mine out and gentlemen. I don't know I can't yeah. That is so Lowell are generous I love that. I have one from my home state Pennsylvania. In other teacher appreciation week these students their favorite history teacher Matt the more he's color blind. And they've known this for a while and for teacher appreciation week is students. I've researched and found a company that made glasses that helps color blind people see in color. So they actually asked all the other students and they raised money to be able to get this. For them and we have a clip of him he is using them for the first time and then hold on to students are talking about. How critical it is for him. This experience. That's threads. Let's give it it's different and I can see like I think the balloons like it but there's only a couple colors including. Right now you can see the difference. Early in the year he would talk about how is colorblind. And he would say you can tell stories that you used. Talking about experience yet but his daughter. Where one day issues are not about how pretty the sunset was and he said he just really wanted to be able to see a sunset. People aren't funneling tens fives. Throws a lot of people out pitched in more than doubles necessary I just overwhelmed right hand and that is since we did this spring and I. He sees no mistakes IE. About bringing home easier because all of the different colleges and. Probably won't see the illusion color would be neat to see them only certain color to see all the different pieces of art and color and it's great. Her sister it's amazing it's a credit. That they would you sum for that for me. So so happy teacher appreciation week I'll. It was so awesome and I've got one for you guys that proves it doesn't matter how old you are you can always gives others because this is the story ground groaning Katie in South Carolina. She growth and Somerville. And she was going to cabbage in her family's backyard and that cabbage ended up being really. Big the big forty pound cabbage they're like oh how cool so she donated to a local health homeless shelter. They turned in an meals fed 275 people says she was so impacted by that one experience that Katie started gardening. And she started gardening so much so that she began her organization called Haiti's crops. They have now grown and donated. 22000. Pounds of produce to soup kitchens food pantries families in need. And she has sped off of Katie scraps and 33 different states. So they have now created 100 Katie scraps guardians. And they have donated a upwards of over 50000 pounds. Of produce to their different communities and she's off to college now and she's gonna continue. Keeping an eye on his organization here's Katie talking about Katie scraps. I was like oh look I respect that the idea. I want oh and good and sunny I think look. Now I hurt people are guarding the Chinese aren't our act I think they are ones that eighty year old it really happens. They. Are to meet the other way. What are the possible. There's M diminish the field goodness of your story if I tell you the only thing I've been focused and is the amount of parts of forty that have not. And I yelled at feels that and a different route thanks for making this way it's indigestion check us out on star not before one.