Jeff Wants to Set Kelly Cheese Up!

Friday, May 5th

He's only worried if two people who histories will do well or not together.


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Justin Jan shell hole well I Jan that your gonna help me. Create. You need some advice on this place. We have good match makers can be apart of NOAA and advice on. How exceed. Doozy matchmaking to where it's gonna work out great and not leave anybody awkward afterward how about we do this I'll put a proposal on the table kind write of how I wanna connects to people and I'll tell you why. Men everywhere and listening. Who thinks that they have matchmaking skills are hoot who I Internet and have him out just describe to people. And it's either going to be glorious or it's going to be. A dumpster fire on oh OK here torching unto him man and an hour I think it's gonna be I think there's a chance to can be good it's hard to explain. Right that are described it to people you know one of them very well. To describe those two people. And then. Yeah you as a collective view meaning everyone who hears my voice right now. You decide as a group whether or not actually proceed with the match OK since this crowd sourced. La matchmaking council crowd source OK we'll. Cash. So here's the here's the deal but foresaw a quick reminder twenty minutes from right now is when money happens. 500 dollars a thousand dollars maybe a 100000 dollars just for. I have an effort that cemetery listing date. Right so here's the deal ten. I'll be very upfront about one person Kelly geez. You wanna be Kelly cheeses matchmaker. A you wouldn't maybe would wanna consider a tank. And she's on vacation today is not here nations offered a wedding which is why have them have the courage to do this. Hello I tell you she's is not is off at a wedding and we all know and love Kelly cheese okay. I'd she achieves. I kind. And she is Smart fun be funny she's pretty. I love her voice she is that sexy. Kind of round and really nasty Miley Cyrus ask yeah. It's so sexy but it's not like the sexy very blames Alec the raspberry you wanna clear your throat while you listen to it yeah just hot great. She's got sent yet Kelly cheeses Austin loves the whole deal love Kelly g.s but as we have talked about plenty on this and they show. I as as we peel back the layers of everyone on the show I'm become transparent. We've seen the Kelly might be a tad. This functional and that the in the love department. I think I would characterize her as she enjoys being single which I love about her you're right I ain't trying to find a man I am a whole person by myself yes I don't need a relationship to feel valid and to feel good in my life she's gonna those are her words but then the people she picks today unlike. And they racism yeah. Right but she doesn't think she she like sees all kinds of red flags engines breezes right now Miami yes and jars write down that road to. Awesome giving advice but taking her own advice yeah. And sorry to now that's eight is hit the nail on the had their JP I said that's Kelly now here's the person. That in the end and it was his initiative where he semi tech's Reggie friend of mine he sends me just detect text message and asks me. What she's all about and he singled in the series and insects questioned there's gonna which is Alba. And Zach he's curious and that got my wheels. Caddie I am like I compare these two up. Except. Heat. Might be even more dysfunction on love and she let's. I'm not gonna spread out of his business out there because I I told my I was gonna propose this on the radio but I'm back at it share all of his business but he. He's one of those people who makes things more difficult than maybe they need to be is that like. So are you describing both of them it as far as dating goes as both pretty big hot messes. In the dating department yup exactly. And so what I'm thinking is. This not mass because right out in den two negatives like a double negative like when your when your burqa in the English language can cancel each other out. Yeah good and the science world Geneen can can chime in on this too negatives make a bigger negative. I do negatives together not bad right Johnny Mike in. Yeah native plus thing Nate Wayne Snider and he's in the well. I've got I I think aids in this is not about science or anything like that this is about love jammed so it stop trying to ruin it. So maybe that's suing need to hear from if you know. That you're hot mess and you're dating life. And you've found somebody else who was a hot mess and they're dating life but together once you both got together and Vinny makes sense. It makes sense for 0426309. Fluid and. High drama and high drama paired together and slug the drama cancel out the drama and it's mellow yes. Think that's closet I do I don't think it's I don't I wanted to be possible and I want these two people to be a couple. You do it. Our do you just want them to be EA double hot mess so we have a lot to talk about on the radio up to what we got talk about a dozen. Beat tiger out of separately always always wise I just think it would be cool for me to successfully match makes up. You've never been a successful matchmaker before so I just need proof ID definitive proof. Then how would you found champ here they come. 4042630941. I guarantee everyone of these people call it's on saint. A hot mess plus hot mass cancel each other out you Indiana State we needed just know the answer to the equation has hot mess plus hot mess equal all locked. Hot mess plus hot mess people's loved you would think you wouldn't he call hotter messer but it doesn't Deanna where you are hot mastering your single. I. What I really went on. Who you root and. Think that. Odd. I need specific examples. In the hot masks and that's comments. Equals good Mela and he on the moon. It's fine now when none of star in 941. Jenna I'm excited I'm excited that it is something else. That's not mess plus hot mess equals what it's in the dating world. I got I've got big go I got a big aspirations. Just once to set up Kelly she's with a friend of tennis he considers her dating life a hot mash this mechanic I think everyday you know. I don't fit and then his friend also. You'd describe him as kind of germanic. Maybe sure they're being created scribe Joseph magnetic cannot match so if you put the two of them together to their crazies cancel cancel each other would they be a good match Regina. Here's what they have in common because in you could set up to people and you want love that happened. When you want to love to happen. There has to be some commonality and I think what both Kelly and this guy have in common is they think they both. Stay in relationships. A long after they should've been. And they are optimistic that things are going to change becomes different become better. They think they have that commonality okay. Canadian can't welcome to the shell. Cover and carry out this morning. We're a good day they're looking for her the love math hot mass thus time mass equals Y. In my experience. Comment upon mast he quotes a perfect swelling relationship. Yes yeah. Seriously tell us. Clear to me and my current boyfriend we've been able only 10 march but everything. Closed absolutely perfect. His previous relationships and lines like you Kelly Kelly she's she hit all these red flag because Kana. We could buy them and he says that this same exact thing in our previous relationships. He's gonna be working full time job going back at school I worked a full time job with three kids and my couch relationships. Could not get around that and I thought all these red flag but. Didn't think anything other pushed out then he had a girlfriend. That was very thirty with other people he saw a red flag let's count says. We've both had a hot match relationships where we put everything and got nothing in return and now let us talk masses. Work out perfect. I understand you can fool he understand I have kids and it's been to pass priorities he checked. It's a good and Aziz has been going strong for eight weeks now that is fantastic. But it sounds even your voice sounded smooth about their relationship Kelley in Atlanta. Hot man's class not mass equals what. Equaled or a wonderful marriage. Well yes. You might call that thing here's some magic is happening. The and it's a hell on paper or not at all all we are prepared. A coast you're in and I thought the next few the Republican and I am a libertarian. I'll. Go about how horrible relationships and you got together and made it work. Don't think yeah my wrists in Marietta welcome to the jet engine Joseph hot mess let's not as equals Y. I love. And that when my boyfriend through Q years. Now previously like number relationships that Eric got more than a few months like it's always just. I mean where we're not good at dating site you put us together and it was apps will out. You're on something. You're seriously my reasoning here. Jaycee and Alpharetta welcomed the Jeffords and channel. I equal under India and potentially. Me and lie Camry and when you understand each other apple like your book I sat there and you can outpatient at each other like that late at. I'm gonna do it I'm doing it you are. Yes well he's he's interested in her disease and hear her does she know anything about him now. Made it doesn't matter how silent about all of that I'm a grade and up sells SEQ. He's all right. Okay. I'm sure are you just being a manly man about it or can you say Zach and good looking guy I mean I haven't I would I would hug him for more than a few seconds I thought. I mean and I talked. Some of them are. Perfect dissenting. He's given you got. Maggie net worth what's up. Show. I'm the NM my husband I spoke to it struck out for hours about my act. Yeah my neck yes but all are bad relationship hot mess yeah where Europe both hot messy. It bought shares that area asserted by the air. Well. And now. The hair is equation for love you guys survived both world wars. You guys. The Great Depression a pop up again there. Cuban missile crisis so I. Bright ray of good shots. And now hearing here congratulations. Hey we didn't. Add the hierarchy did I. It was olive bread and that the web dead in the bank and then mayor. Just talked about shedding. She was the bad. And Kelly and your friend going now isn't there more pressure on it. I think they should name their first son Jeffrey. A thin and their first daughter Jessica. I think their name should they gonna make love happen. OC's. Kelly gets back into town and I can really really up so them. I killing spotlight FaceBook live their first date I guess I've talked apple. Thank you very loving and so say there's a couple of calls guy coming in saint do not do it I'm not taking this. Are you ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen.