Is Jenn's House Haunted?

Thursday, May 4th


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I am I you know again it is here and that circus so late creepy creepy music creaky knees oh if he's got a Gloria cash and yeah. Jen estimates this music is sound track of how I look up to. I walk by Jane's office. To get to go to the coroner in mourning as McMahon had him it was gone usually it's nothing. Is that. Yeah what do girls vote woke me up in the middle of the nighter. You know airline is at Enron and there is whenever areas of my name's Dan today I go. Just what tragedies you're not gonna believe what had in mind. Let me just tell you what happened and saw its you've got a theory on why this is because I'm still creeped out and they're still. No I did the mystery has not been solved on exactly what happened. So you're looking for someone who can solve this mystery. With out it being coast. Yes I can't say that's exactly what I am hoping. Would it be as you tell the story I would like to now it would would you rather have it be a ghost. Or a weirdo who came in your house for him. I don't know what did I don't know but if you've got an explanation I would love to hear it I come in our numbers for a 463 and 941 to save in. So we wake up at the crack of Don before the crack of Don and so my alarm goes off. And my husband gets up with me so word just went public in bed by turning off our phones and our alarms. And I something and it sounds like music. Don't like it here. And god love him but he and here anything's he's like no one. And I liked. I just sick and he's okay so we have both of kids. Monitors on our nightstand so I look at the monitor my nightstand one kid in bed still sleeping everything's fine I can hear her son Holden led brigadier here enough and we can turn of the violence and a nothing. Like okay Clinton and her program. And then he picks up the line on his nights like other chat with and her okay. You know she sound asleep back near the sound machine note sound asleep and kids honestly. As Lauren your older daughter she's a sleeper her and I think will bind to that achieved teams waited kidnapped. Reese I can see thrown in medium party in her room. Or weird or different phases in in growth expert of the way then so it may be one of them woke up and turn on toys in their ram something. Now both of them sound asleep some machines on nothing to surtax. And I and he's like you're eating and comedian countries. Then I compliment you know like a minute or so goes by I'm like you know ID like open social media our email I text messages from overnight and there. And I hear it it's the hardware your way could be an out of bed yet. Yeah processed at night it definitely was something like maybe somebody outside. He's like what many speakers outside of the house that's not us I'm like I'm not at NASA's isn't. It you know so. It okay this is weird and so I get to bed and I'm like still in it and I'm like what is happening so. Have Mike hey did you alarm us thanks I went to bed before him and he's like no I forgot like okay. Error but nobody. So I go I open up our from door to look outside and I seasonally glowing lights. Like OK that's. And I'm like. TV and he's like on maternity. Like okay. So I go and like of like hair is on charge Randall landing. What's going OK did not mean house alarm on last night and he can't be attentive forget all. And it's while there. And show him around the TV is on and on you know whenever I guess last. It was and so there's like light everywhere and that's where music was coming. I'm like OK that's creepy Psycho backing him are you sure you intern on the view on things like not say that like. 3040 minutes pass you clean the kitchen I was talking on the phone with and work colleagues noted TV was nominal. And I like it did you I never even on last. So my first question was. It Lorraine her older daughter who you've joked before pattern of she static in tenured Mitt new home in Marietta vote when I before you moved. You had delight. Reagan heard door shot two BK she was a little escape artist yeah and you just wake up and she decline in your bed. Yeah so at this point as we discovered TB were both out of and then we go to looked. At Lawrence room and she's still locked in America she can be won her. And then we have baby gates to make sure that they don't fall down a staircase and both of the baby it's still. This is not coming from. Inside the house but the TV is fully on and on channel that I typically don't ever turn it on. And so it was like. This is strange that it was even on now. And then the door to the garage. Was unlocked yet. And then. Ports door was like halfway. So at this point I think somebody's like come into the house to just watch TV and that rakes in house to watched easily walk. So we walk all around like he checked out the whole house like we there's you know only a couple other doors so. Nobody's end. But the TV is on a weird. Weird channel and it's blowing and it's. Wild. Kelly is calling from Marietta she may have come over your house last night and watched please tell me it really that would make you feel a lot better. Well. What I did in college I remain I read it to be around and we had gotten a bad and then I'll look at midnight it like her time. Had been. It was. A funny story and then about the dorm room having go to them and by that. We're like what the world is at that and we realized it was automatic timer from and we have our debt and then they're written by. So there's TVs have automatic timers. Read the Panama and iron. Well there's no 10% on our TV we really ever even Watson. You really don't have it either on aren't but it would mean to you maybe it was. I don't know some maybe we lived there since February. And has never happened no and you said it was not an Ide channel that the you know Graham would typically YRE and he straits music and typically we don't even watch television it's literally. Our kids so if it's not on Disney junior then. It's. Or sports and got some ground watches much sports yeah out football and that. Lorie and Douglas though theories. Parent may battery are dying cap and how they anywhere. As a married they're really glad I'm taking industry act making house that he edict from on. And eat yet and it he'd had any kind of Aaron mentioned Perez Landry hat. Please contact. Well unturned earned it you're slip and McCain are older and you can accidentally pressed the wrong channel and an adult remember that and Don and Bobby laps and one thing right Channel 8 let my turnaround on the completely different human what I left on. That's not OK well then it's like some if its not that low batteries on the remote and it's like. Big Brother right like somebody's coming into the house and somebody swat team is it possible. I immediately thought of like act crazy girl who on lines knocked me for forever like she's. And I lots of accidents and watch us. What channel was it sent. Was that History Channel would if it was an X and civil work of looking for as. I was so freaked out I didn't pay attention to that channel. But it might have been History Channel or something like I just remember thinking like. And a return it's well I have a theory that I will ship. So are in 941. I know what you're trying to hopefully Jackson. But the phone calls coming in are not gonna let you ignore it. We need your help solving this mystery the weirdest thing to wake up do was hearing music in my house at you know 3454. AM. As my husband did you what. Walking around and finding our television on in the living room and neither one of us turn it on even at all last night's. And it was on a weird channel that we typically don't ever watch. I should call him and ask him what it was on the streets that was that was a weird part of it. And I was freaked out that somebody had somehow gotten and how I don't know just completely freaked out about it and I would just call saying that the remote. Might have had low batteries and I was kind of acting funky yet which would be really comforting yet but. We just moved into this house a couple of months ago when we did it. Bright spots he now and advance stuff for us cash and so did this contest ex guys OK and they'd just set it up literally and it like end of march and it was all like new remotes new batteries and everything at that time the wind died by the beginning in May now only on their only. Every six weeks old. Mary and a Marietta where UN Jens house last night watching TV. No but haven't hit. An OK good because you have a good explanation and then the other nine phone lines that are ringing. Are all white Jen doesn't want to answer a. On that KK frequency at the number one where said the same thing about that Kia so there and and within the crib we have one of those little aquarium. That's the remote video clip that. When you changed. Music or whatever else it changes the TV and also alternate media on and off completely around. Yeah yeah long it is within reach. It or do you sell we've also had our garage door open. Com with the frequency issue that's something in the home so anything that's on a frequency if something that can turn it on. And are also a little changed at all. Since you have a remote control. Baby monitor remote control toy remote controls sound machine and one of the kids rooms they have grant condition now cleaned up the kitchen. Right turn out the lights come upstairs and then use the remote upstairs that would him now. No none other OK on Ramona and get but we do some ceiling fans from the previous owners that are controlled area. Those remotes don't work we haven't been able to figure out in the works we can't. We can't even like turn on the fans as we promotes. And don't think about this there in either you. Or grain. Take any sort of sleep. Now. Well I sleep aid is life and they act how exhausted. Now. I. Well then there aren't a lot of theories remain. I will you do not live fire. Battlefield into. Christine Edwards that would be negatives. Ya think I'm crede back I think it ago under Larry and I really yeah. Why Danielle attack and really. Yet and we everything that I aren't really that called out we eye contact now. A million Chinese dairy aisle and it when how and why it Bentley and my excitement while on. No it. And this looks like you're sitting yeah you're sitting at your table working at a computer novice and things start appearing on the screen that you're not typing. It would have been when I got laid out about it and they put this cheating would just turn on or not. Or like in the middle of the night I would wake up its tightening my computer. So creepy. Men and you. Know I think you all. Person in Fayetteville. You've got ninety. Well I'm not on the NA immediately my party go up there fighting it it is there a lot we don't eat. I modern era or in my bag during the and they eat. Your league they are buying you a bit. I heard about what I did I apparently. There are currently I'm glad I. Oh mom and then they're like 08 and I. Yeah I am I your ear and I am yeah like maybe you're on nearly 88. It was the day on the left little. Art and her home or on the. Oh yeah dogs that you. Yeah you doubt due Dodd can feel the ghosts rhythm her dog has the six cents. Amy Intel Erica. Amy what's your theory. Amy hit I don't know I think there's a ghost in front of him speaker and hearing your body. You mean I have behind me and I am. And that it ain't into that bank that's happening now as icky weather here at a. There in Italy in doing random link there on your account. Turning on the TV in the middle of the night to random chance. Act and other end of the day or eight years. In and again and it. Ali and we figured out why it it was a lot different than out how. He. You. Hear about it. Only real. Ill at. Home in nineteen cleaning right now that Eleanor are way. Now the examiner. Rain like. Making it pretty neat arguing that and we'll pay you can't he can't blame them yet. An art TV and I yeah Ali you know that you can't let me in the meaning you know like. You know why the government you know he should go slow telemundo. A Leah and Alvarez Janet can't not to eat these calls are no other house right now. Yeah it is not to battery baby since diary it's it's I used to work in Marietta and near at a dock this little. I got used to open my door creatively. They hide. Dead at like one day I didn't commit I think that I came in and nickname co workers are right it's like. Like strawberries lotion or something like that but I doubt he'd let him a bit. The play might saying you don't hide documents. Outside of my two days later like Hewlett burial would it. How did you know I had a you know it was a little girl that posts. Older and I BP they open and it affords me. In the hired at. Her home. At that I don't either our daughter. Are focusing plainly there might. Make in that. It would that would. You spiteful. April. I can't when I'm management at you know at the start and that might say in Beijing and I'll be out. And you. Need to do that age thing we gains that seat thing. And I don't even know I certainly didn't learn. Yeah and yet clear that out. If there is another if there's any other theories acumen that aren't. Goes. So are. We now we're gonna move on from this and and Jan serves to realize is these phone calls and it may be the TV turning out in the middle of the night isn't the only creepy thing happening. In your house there's court creepy thing and I might have been more. Warned by one I. Think there's any there's a logical. Theories Chris and Dallas please talk some sense and Jen please. It's been neighbor Steve remote so they're TV happened to our little acre lot out of our leg. And we'll be watching TV it would change the channel EER. And then one day out doing artwork that paper go to saint they have been reached as it that was our remote control. From that far away I am is that problem neighbors remote would be it would begin added. Because there are some houses in our neighborhood that says a lot higher than ours some maybe their remote signals are going through the windows or some. It absolutely can to get blown windows. Across the street at my neighbor called straight south. So it could be what a great way to meet your neighbors via Melbourne neighbors ahead. There are sorted Argo who watches TV at midnight right are you watching Discovery Channel. I Caitlin and Coburn has an idea if it happens again. Now. I don't have their. Record. Is. And I have an idea it the apple ain't. They. Did you ever seen me at all act that you had a camera. And I think I would be all right. A lot of it out on it or not. Those set up likening it to him that we have it around overnight. Yet they think they hear and I'd like Antonin being. Yeah. That's really good idea. I really didn't expect this to go down this this road and because like I thought. A lot of people on the canyon dam with so I thought there'd be somebody just a really practical explanation. Like candy and that was bill and a couple people on social media said you have a dog where's your dog at night the dogs that and the remote right now about the coffee table and. No Carolina sleeps in our bedroom and we usually put the remote control a pilot on the mantle because. With our kids like he'll grab it and turning on to their obsessed with cartoons and screen time whatever so they get their certain amount of screen time and a week at the remote. So. AD keeps coming back to some sort of spirit. Doing it and now you think there's others lose all this other weird thing that comes to mind and Reese is at home. During the day with our Canadian wheat we're having a bad delivered. The other day so matches is getting delivered. Because the mattress and she was home. At the time and they said that they came to the house and rang the doorbell. And and she was like there was no nobody can like can they said they will while we're there at twelve what if she's like literally I was sitting right here packets in the front door. At 1245 they they didn't we were here I was taking recent years are ready for now. And they've literally weren't here. And so we backed company like we want to run out elect know this but your house looks like right yes they were standing on the front porch ringing the door now. And she said there was actually nothing that happened on the inside of the house. And she's like I would if they heard the door about hasn't heard of before and if the da would have gone nuts fish does not cover everything I mean you drop like. Got a phone on the ground and her airliner goes crazy barking for yet so she's gonna watch dot. So they weren't they were on outside the house she swear there was nothing happening on me and that's weird. And in the thinking that I could have been warned about is that when we where. So creepy and have a picture perfect. And when we were signing me. The papers for the past the closing and attorneys not really got a stack of papers in the 500 sheets yet. Hand cramps up and unity we're only a third of the way through. Signing signing signing well I was in the lobby. Getting all excited. This exciting. And I looked over and on the little table next to me is a turned political my phone rang out tuchman. Is a book. All about the history of ghosts. In new. I snapped a picture of it was like oh this is funny but I was actually two creeped out to pick it up and start reading it even though I was have plenty of time to sit there and wait. I didn't pick it up. Meredith welcome this year. Learning. Jen found a book about the spiritual. History of Marietta. Why might she have found that vote. You can marry and it actually one of the most haunted easily. Yeah actually control. Pencil factory or. Thing. Don't worry and I don't know Archie a little that would actually burn an area that will only thirteen I believe that. And they had their you've got that cemetery where her. I can't actually it's a volunteer at the Marietta. The street and around the square we had to call the go you heard Marietta square out here. And be cool. Here's what's amazing about her hands been working at the visitors senator. Where can't die didn't. I think Andy program. I have it on the same man. It's home. Hunted Marietta. I took a picture of it at our closing that was to bring judge figured out and yeah. I read it takeoff on this game where another hour and I wanted. But feel free to email Jan Jan it stern and and about your horrible go of an analyst and batteries. Go. Just in Jerusalem where and agents and he didn't. Now back to the one story now before wants.