Cat Lovers Beware

Wednesday, May 3rd

Apparently it's not the most super awesome and coolest thing ever to have a cat. Psh. Whatever.


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I just a couple minutes early so. I cat lovers we're gonna kill some time and time talk directly EU here yet if you love hats you are gonna hate this news. Sorry engineering. IJ and it ruined it did Dave fur cap levered cash. I often dreams if you love cats your not gonna like this but it. Did you love dogs. Dog lovers are gonna love this cat lovers are gonna hate it. So. There's new study about how attractive you are. And they studied at by how attractive strangers were by looking at them with different pictures of pets and and having a dog makes you seem much hotter. Then having two cats Lou Lou I'm sorry OK but having a pet inch all makes you more attractive. It's a shame that dogs make you. Really hot so in and ranging from least attractive to most attractive and pictures. Ugly guest no animal. And then after that it goes kit and yap for guys and then after that it goes. Cats and then it goes dogs and then it goes poppies poppies are stray puppies on it had to have if your man is a puppy people think that you're more trustworthy that you're smarter. And that you are actually 24%. Hotter if you are holding a puppy where did that toward its command. Is there a tortoise in there somewhere so effort guys cats made guys 5% hotter but kittens only made you 4% hotter. Okay and all our wit and gals be hottest pet to have is not just a dog it has to be a medium sized dog. Okay and it TSA they didn't give you have teeny tiny teacup dogs. You seem a little high maintenance if you're a woman. But if you have a medium sized dog then your hot girl. So I think this this is the way declining up and it's actually. Posing with a cat for women and makes you slightly less attractive. Than not having a pet and now you know let. I'll post all the casualties. And judge for yourself and also cats are better than people's I don't care if you don't think I'm pretty and I kept a broad grandkids if I'm. Jan nine you're going to be very lonely. Yeah I didn't have a bumble my main picture with me with thank and it worked so I know her. Thanks for making this wedge in the chest congestion. On star not before one.