Mystery Buckhead Workout Guy

Wednesday, May 3rd

Hibernation is over and the hunt is back on!


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All right now before one can turn it up. And Justin Jan show all of now. Now. There's big guy. This sits in the AM middle of a traffic comedian in Buckhead. And works out. Most mornings hunt overt as in like on the equipment yet this guy. Pulls up at some point in the morning wave a treadmill. Or exercise bike. Oro weight change or practical an elliptical machine sits out and as a full on workout routine. Rape in the middle of the Buckhead triangle rate they're near they have them look at question of the bucket the bucket theater. Areas have you drive through Buckhead you seen him. This came up originally to us. Months ago in the fall. And we named him Buckhead mystery where cal guy and the band that's not related and names mentioned it is a description. Is name would be. But can work Erica boom. Wig them wait. But the reality hits acronym. So anyways so soon forget mister workout guy weighs was there every morning we sent JP out. Probably half a dozen times to track this guy down every time JP got out there he is an orderly this week. Did hear his story we want to know why you know why not at a GM and why not just like jog down the street why bring the work out equipment into the road. Early bones because that put a lot of time and effort to ask the hard hitting questions of why he does what he does. You know I'd I'd know cards. Paired UHM him your short shorts and if I'm in sweat bands around your wrist. Hearing you rated showing up. Scaring them away like out hunting deer. I mean we had them. That dad and and his kid calling him and likes scoping out press however I had literally giving us like they'll block by block play like we're getting closer he's here people are like letting us now. And that we assume each Reilly traded trend he's elusive but can't work out I had. Is elusive and we never. Actually caught up with him and then he went into hibernation it was winner was colder. We heard nothing of him for a couple of months. Well Jen got any now and he's back. Oh yeah. Moments as. We learned about what can work out mystery guy. Originally from one of our family members Jon stark one of our listeners and she just hit is that she said our work out guy must've gone in hibernation for the winner. Because he's been spotted. Several times this week by families of our school and co workers she said I spotted him this morning with my own eyes same job parks is my truck. North of where all the constructions going on by the bucket theater sets of his equipment and triangle and today it was a stationary bike. She says yesterday my coworkers spotted him at 730 today assignment 8 AM JP suit up. They see him let's get physical from. I Crimea optimistic but I just a big quick as they got back up. So do we wanna continue to pursue this is the mystery still. Bruce just curious about this guy I know. Yeah how are you looking for bigfoot for how long and so yeah I'm still doing it candidate. It's it's still alive and now that you guys are reminding me I just at this point I know I know what life leads you to the part where you have zero. There's nothing stopping him from doing that morning yeah I think it's so cool but I would never do that I would be terrified there's a lot of mystery around them Bermuda Triangle. This is about K trying to don't. He's the bigfoot. I think you just need to get a hazy picture of him off in the distance running into the trees. I've sort of had this back and the engine day and we will. We will find these that get his story is that he's hard to find that we know weary as it were the worst hunters on the go. Where years. And like if list or what what piece of equipment they've gone save as using a stationary right right you kind of stationary right. We can't track down to face and her and I thank them we can't give him. He also. He gave me how bad are you in Huntington can you can't track down a guy out of state and everybody I'm. I'd take full responsibility for this love duet of the day I have. Few quick enough for Jeff and Arizona where they until then you can. Now back to. One story nannies or wants.