What do Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day?

Tuesday, May 2nd

Jeff asks Jenn all about what moms might really be looking for this year, and it's not just a card. 


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Okay Terna Nande. Justin gen shell hole. Well I there is a large percentage of people over 50% of people jammed. Believe you should spend more money out on Mother's Day then you (%expletive) on Valentine's Day. Something to keep in mind now that I'm a mom I agree with. Bob brought me in this world G take me out of it is what she tells mail. All right there is our 20%. Of people think it's acceptable to wish your mommy happy Mother's Day. By text and only by text knack fail analyst now. 54% of people give mom a call. Only 40% of people actually mailed them Mal mama Mother's Day card. Mom follows this is a sentiment that gratitude. I am 65% we'll spend Mother's Day with them says some statistics on him mothers they now. Jammed. I am going to. Listed the things that moms do not want for mother's death okay and I can agree or disagree yup okay. Moms asked for bell least. Electronics. Like you TV year ending for a. Little. I'm great attack you'd run a gadget. Depends on laconic gadget I mean it's a robust no but if we're talking about a bit dole awesome TV I'm I'd have been pretty awesome okay. I housewares. Like lacked by pots and pans. Like cooking implements like a ball land early commute costar. And all you she's mentioned that she wants it can act if mom's a real schaeffler roll home cook and she loves that she's been cutting one theme here. She really really really wants and that would be a great gift is you've been listening right but otherwise just randomly get our toaster is come that week. Can't that shares like tell a toaster is a Mother's Day gift is. I went to target on Saturday. CN I don't Saturday be fine if it's something she has mentioned she won it appears a frying pan yeah pitcher over the head with this into the dads on the other hand 100% of dads who want a fry daddy that's halftime and father steak and that's not. Mom's not on a Friday at a hint I'm only 5% of moms according to this gen one clothing or shoes that because. They don't trust. The people the gift giver of either the child or the dad to pick up including issues 16%. However do you wanna gift card so they can get there you know that. I agree with that I think there are some men and have a special gift I'm being able to. Pick out fashions and you if you're that guy you know you're that guy and I think you can be really sweet and romantic. Especially if for your wife for mothers they're getting her a piece of clothing. But you have to be really good at that and know that you're gonna. How do you feel about candy chopper and flowers on mothers and all of very sweet. So acceptable I think so is there all on this list of the and I don't know I don't know I twenties the number one thing what most moms want according to this. I'll list from retail me not 25% of moms want a nice meal. Either home cooked or out but they want Emil that they don't have to think about one it. I agree with that all of though if my husband my kids are fixing me dinner yet or branch. Or however thought it's been noted in here that it has to be beginning to end says they can't fix brunch. And then go play with football in the backyard while you scrub the now OK I can say is beginning and it. My first thought I was like oh this is going to be huge center. Thanks for making this way it's just congestion. OnStar not before one.