Monday, May 1st

What are you feeling grateful for?


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Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blindness. Sent. Home. OK Mary you look at the sevens and show why are you how sad blast. Our son has ties wealth to get by only three more days of school and then I'm done I'm on summer break I'm so excited. Do you pay your teachers students. So I'm a college student. Can I just don't add how happy are you holding up okay you sound like your routed the braking points. I tried really haven't cried yes but I have to find Obama last April you know I do. I was wondering if you've been of late night cramming for finals. Oh yeah that's what I don't sleep. Very ready go to school and we go to school for. I get a Kennesaw I'm Linda culinary sustainability hospitality program. I also found that sounds delicious bounds as cool as well good luck to hang in there on the air. Thank you 03 more days and then you're afraid. True parents set. 4042630941. Is our phone number hey Jennifer. Hello. How are you today. I'm Bernie and I did tell us why or hash tag last Jennifer. I am glad my kids that you I had to guess earlier this opponent as Alabama and irresponsible or getting in those ready to really nice what's an Alabama. I'm they'll. You have to go there every day right. Every day don't want out of the way I am an Alabama they'll and weird Jennifer where you're driving from. Enjoy just how that is that is a commute. Yes. Let it break it it's a blessing in itself as well. You do listen to Jeff and gents choke most of the way so that's good ranked dead there after a little while it gets Fuzzy and then you know but I've looked at our as well let me possible thanks Jennifer. Think he's got out. This realized that they subset of hash tag glasses making. People who are listening to us feel better about their own lives she's driving from Rome to Alabama every day for work. Right is that if you don't have that commute vineyard past and lesson tonight. I sharing coming welcome to the shelves. I'm hash tag blend because my husband and I are stunning adoption papers tomorrow for a little girl that we could talk street for two years. That's why in your voice congratulations. To you and what's her name. Garrity and how this charity. TSQ yeah these can be so exciting and awesome Sherri congratulations. And then let us tag plus per share. Shelly in Dallas welcome to show. No I ask why you hash tag last Leo great to its. I M had said let's get my B I'll is getting married definitely gives you the most amazing may end. Call how excited are you already to be mother of the bride. Already. Now I don't wanna ruin this weekend free you guys. But did you hear the phone call that we took on the show two different. Last. Look okay at it as much of the bride who would you be upset. If one of the grooms Maine decided to use your daughter's wedding is a place to a proposed. To his girlfriend. Yeah what it is Susan you don't steal it may be spot I know I'm sure I do not feel it. I'm sure nothing's gonna go wrong with your wedding this week emanated when asked yours I think we're gonna have follow up with her in about 7:40 this morning south make share the same that we on the how to handle it if it happens to yours call. Apple Elaine I've bank usually on our hands did not have any executive. Hey Leslie Peachtree City why hash tag blast. I am not tagged less because I am hosting a fund raise their first sleep little boy this weekend. All cool what you fundraisers for. It's far is that he's Florida last and he has and act and pay which is my adult version of Eilat. Around and does say it got a job in their hurt they need to pay for a training. And ordered that he can be more independent so the dog down right in the pool is welcome and ends. I'm glad to find out when me is that they let sure it is sad though. So that any side so awesome that beyond her help and raise money let's see that a send us an email with all information we'll share it on our FaceBook page give people left amounts of Mario. Flip lot of hair. And you let me honestly that I would get the information from him and I'd say an average program. Yet and he got asked a question. Just sent us a great time with our girls this weekend you know is that working busy mom and working busy dad we did. Don't get a ton of time with them throughout the week in south Chris really great family time together and yes they're just it's such fun ages and you know. It's it's so great because Greece is healthy ensor family time together is not the hospital now it's just be in a normal family and them be normal kids so it's a swimming with Imus again and just had a great times I feel hash tag lesbian mom. If you what he got so usually in relationships if you take off somebody else's plate they'll stab you with their pork. Heidi actually encourages beating you off replace Clinton thinks means is that she loves me when I finisher truths of that because she's trying to fit into a wedding dress in October patriot yeah. You try that you try that after she's been on the bride diet. I had and they were having she'll take a finger off a duet still has blessed a suburban guy Dana finally got. I feel has sent Lessig and I got to spend the weekend with my sister who lives away over in San Diego and I never get to see family and we're all spread out and I just ahead. Such a fun time doing absolutely nothing that binge watching Netflix with an awesome. Could I have one more call yeah. Don't. Take aliens now now. He is BMI and bad guys because I'm waiting to eat regular at Georgia. Asked as they made NN congratulations. What do you get your degree and let's really hasn't education is still you know anyone can even on the guitar teacher I am available. Jane you know anybody in education. A couple at the guy yeah yeah there were both back and Haley is that you can email your resonated Jan show slated and that on the top spin of this fact she goes to people you know people. The Thanksgiving congratulations. I. Hey hey hey this is. This PC NN eighty yeah it's what you do McDonald's. In the big guy and yeah. Here's streaking who bury it and how big gay neighbors we're pretty sure I'm a big lead. Every morning. I'm some I Jane Q would you give for breakfast what what are you now yeah during the idea of thinking you can now you go back through a stack up untruths. We are aliens that you upgrade that yeah you grow right I'm very you know English not exist as a I think you know or anyone of any. Go for it billboard it's free there's a gallery you guys. And I think search on it now I don't look to sort of make it this way it's just it's. On star not before one.