Anonymous Appreciation Letters

Monday, May 1st

Inspired by a letter written to Mohamed Sanu, the team decided to write anonymous letters of kindness as well.


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. Let's talk about. Kindness. Let's talk about being a good person this all started because we talked about our Atlanta Falcons Claire Mohamed the new. And how he got a really nice are delivered to him. On a recent. It was on an airplane and as he is it. Leaving him get off the plane passenger handed the note and when he. Got to that and the Ramsey opened it up and ready and it says you don't Ellis who wanted to thank you a sunset behind you in this way and watched you he says you study your plays. Watch him make healthy choices for their sacks this food within Jenks he watched how polite word everyone. Is only ten years old but he just made an elite hockey team were on our way to training in Connecticut. You are an inspiration to children and for that you should be proud thank you and best of luck. Signed the family that sat behind so you take a picture that any sent out a tweet. And broad this definitely put a smile on my face hashed and the little things. What's so cool is that usually people are vocal when they have a complaint. When something's gone wrong and you wanna write bad review on something when you wanna. Point out the negative but these people took the time to write something really positive and they didn't sign an anonymous about it. Right north yet normally when there are blood done already well I'll. He stuck underneath the windshield of the car. You know and the cover of darkness. But this level we wanted to do we wanted to to to take what this family did. And we wanted to encourage every single member of the jet engine shows squad. To allow indeed the same things we've just write an anonymous letter to someone who has a positive impact. I'm your day or on your. Hand me handwritten. Entering had a tied at hand right not a FaceBook comments right here in Atlanta and deliver android and out and deliberate anonymously is somebody. Who is a positive influence on your life and we are gonna share what we did a couple of this well. And I Sheryl we did here and just the second. Star in 941. I'm listening to these today JJ did you read a letter I did I who did you write. You're anonymous letters all I'd spend a little bit time at a gas station stalking people which sounds terrible but it was for your guys who loved the way you poems. And naive and I've been sitting in the corner watching him and I use the best pump are. And I was purposely waiting for somebody in the military pump their gas I don't think it's our regular right now. So I wanted to buy them breakfast and coffee. So I went today. It's the cashier in game five bucks to say you see that woman over there but I give whenever she wants there's more I'll give you more later you mean the woman over there pumping. So I start writing really really really really requests. And that's what I wrote. Said. You know me but I just wanna thank you for your service I don't know if your mother uncle odds. Or what historians but I really really really wanna thank you for what you do for this country from the bottom in my heart. I'm glad I was able to buy you coffee and muffins or whatever you got today it's not much is why did he make you feel appreciated. I. Don't take any day for granted and wish I can do more have a great day and thank you for your service signed JT. I saw that on the windshield of her car and ran over there. When she came in the store is obviously so silly money spent about an hour hour and fifteen minutes before she got there but I was a SCANA. Had some time on Friday and sorted it carries it out go around. Very well I was down one that's good I Jen did you do one I did I did this letter for somebody that we. That we all know that we all know are right you will share your anonymous. Let these letters of gratitude there's an appreciation depreciation and unanimous appreciation letters James is unmatched in the Jeff's engine. And she I'll star. Five's Janet AA is up next we did this segment three base and a family who was flying with Atlanta Falcons Mohammed is an. They passed him a note where they Rhode that he was a good influence on their son who was sitting behind him on a flight. Didn't sign their name didn't want any recognition and asking for pictures and asking for an autograph just wanted him to. No that he was a positive. Part of their day. So we all took that challenge to anonymously rate and go to someone and share it with them. Up until this point Oregon shared on the radio JPG as. Talked about a military service person or a member of our armed forces who is just pumping gas at the gas station so he wrote a note. And put it on the windshield and then went inside and paid for them to get a cup of coffee and in effect all of so it. I'm yeah I mean. You say as you know. Thank you for all the you do so lost in but that was just like a man celebrating his best I can add to it. By Jenn hobby Europe next to did you she says Jim says we all know the person that she shares I don't know. It's because she works here in the building with us that she is part of it janitorial team. At the building and her name is penny. So. If pennies listening she's just finding out that the letter came from me because I signed it anonymously. And I said dear penny I just thought you should know that you are admired. For your smile your hard work your friendly nature your positive spirit and your attention to quality in your job. You are appreciated and you should know that. Keep up the bright outlook and get energy that you give others each day it's contagious. With gratitude to someone who smiles because of the she's really our job and she brings such great attitude to it every day she's always so friendly and talkative and just such a positive spirit and I think that she reminds me that. I'm no matter what you do in my if you get that choice every day of how you're going to be. Because he can control a lot of things he sure can enjoy earlier on and suit and pennies always got a brighter outlook and a and a positive attitude night I always Laverne and into her. I admire her and all edged janitorial staff employees for having the men's room blocked off. Always when I really really really really reassess. I decided today's the day that I'm gonna drink you know my body weight in ounces of water every little thing is Mike chug chug and jargon and you know that C along that hello John Allen around the corner and there's the little yellow easel sign. It workers in signed in the carts blocking the door like. I found my anonymous note would be thank you for inspire me to Wear adult diapers. For making personal it's just it's out on star not before one.