Confess Your Crush

Thursday, April 27th

A Brand New Segment where we pass the love note for you! Molly's really into Darius from work, will he say the same?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now I'm so excited about confess your car seat. It all started when I was talking to grow mine and she's like. At a crucial does not and Johnny always treat things disease too nervous sustaining paying our break the ice like maybe get into the Oreo. I'm like wait a second we were radio show we could do this I so. Hoping it works out. Now this is not your friend this is a brave soul who heard us talking about this about twenty minutes ago her name is Molly okay. And she is going to be our our first person to do it. Your optimism I am a fan of this because it's gonna go awkward and side. Enhanced view it. Not well. She sweetened getting all the love feel old cell IE. And I'm open forum. I am a fan of this segment. Because if the awkward potential that exists in Jana I apologize in advance. This is all gonna go sideways in your loved dreams are not coming true don't sustain that task that owns an I agents say hello. Q are very first participant orb or victim whatever you one caller. I say hello to you. Molly. Are any and all I'm so glad you're brave enough to do this. I am a little. Of colors seen is gonna cause break the ice. This. Is gonna get things movement and a positive direction. That a pad that play it's not necessarily moving in a negative direction chant as his is gonna get things moving ranked yeah. Look at some of the work like. Yes yes the jet engines show laxatives three or eleven hot hot hot hot. Printed T shirt now go get things movement. I here's. The way we think it's all gonna come together did you membranes are mean and the air for a few minutes the way we think it's gonna come together is. I'm Molly you're gonna tell us about the man that you have a crush right. Very while you listen and we will call him and see how open and he is to receiving. Across like the information from from you and then it's up to him whether or not. We disclosure identity to him if he's into that will let you guys talk to each other. I'm heading. Yeah. And ordered to get him trusted I think that you've got to explain to us. Some other reasons why you have a crash. And it's dole out some compliments. Yet Gergen as the gas so weekend. Give it back to him and entice him into finding out. Make sense okay. Okay so who is the crash she. Okay maybe the area and aren't we reckon that same building but I but our foreign content. Different companies drilling octopus that keeps infrequently. Since. Kurtz and I'm very you know what you shallots or church and everybody showed up at the same time make scrambled at the elevator and you're like. Loading area called rhetorical usually the wage nobody ever hold their door experience at. It went right here he only told the Hillary says it's still morning health idea. It looks WikiLeaks and I know Schmidt I don't know it literally each parent and I live a picnic hoping that there. And you should hope so thinly turn it didn't eat. All I'm Molly serie you saying you the bar has been set so low since cut. Firm and I its current firm for a man dating Mandy because I can hear. This smiling year void an edgy. Raining here to here because he holds the elevator says good morning and smiles. Just do not do that anymore Aaron sorry it though. Until lots to conscientious art I don't know like he can't. Thank you as a ranger I in week so can't current capital that I. I played I don't get to number one thing about it made me eat so he can't because of how genuinely trying to control and it's like he has. I don't see I didn't pan am. Small tiny admittedly if Turkey doesn't save you a little weight like every day period at the little bit of crush spinach. But it still looks like a lumberjack. Because. I'll read a sexy lumberjack. Yeah. Didn't get a bite out of like acting in Delhi a little bit like American action out there I think it's very excited very tech. Acting is like seek from state farm meets in disturb her recent. Perfect. You Berry you know them so it very largest private Nike search Nat. I mean he can beat and beat that I speak it very Santa like traditionally hear them. And I says hey all right guys here's what I'm here and hold the other inner smile allied. Don't practice personal hygiene and put him. Bodies like Molly will be back down here to. After. So holly obviously you guys it chit chatted enough to get his name. Yeah have you guys talks about anything else is there anything else other than me holding the elevator and how handsome he is that has you crash in on him. How Hillary can't break some anecdote or something you can't repeat that good morning and you go to play. Did you do you think honesty candor looking flirted this began in Canada like little things like that nothing. Nothing like Kurt. Oh are firm deep that it cannot Bulgari in their superficial guys. I feel like I can tell that he is sincerely interested in what I'm saying rhetoric when. Account. At that. All right well what we can do here is quite view I'm a whole half. I get the information the you have from him and attempting to get him on the phone. And then basically sell him. I'm your enthusiasm without you ever having to speak to go. If my if he's into it then you get to come on during the camera station and tell him who you are and little babies will happen. I. I but it does that fast tour and but he's got into a band that nobody knows except any of your friends you heard this on the radio and maybe has its. I had to I have two questions out Florio the first running is do you know he's in a relationship. I don't think I mean I never asked how neatly stacked in each. Hurt by it don't it doesn't appear to eat sticky. And he doesn't wearing. Well now a cat IR NM my my second question is because the guys. Like if if the radio station here hired by make some super high friendly elevator Holden. Beautiful woman who is personable and smiley by all the guys have been might be talking about god agency that you salesperson she's out bubble bath. Ardent are there whim I guess they're gonna be a campaign is there a competitive. Thing in this single guys would all wanna talk to the new right because it's it's just that that's the competitive nature of man. So. On the other side of it are the women in your office is going to be. Excited or are angry that you're taking this route to get the attention of Darius. How much better would probably be followed anything I accidentally. Top eight talked about that with other event on night aren't though like you actually need but it actually made an impression. I had. I don't picket people would be a step I think they'd be excited as prevalent in the same building red TE elm. OK. I. So I can tell her nervousness and Carol I know that you can also Thomas likes them. A minute here so basically this is like your wrote a note and he said check yes or no. And a way that just delivering an advantage every intention is that part of the no passers. I had an alliance or their anger and the line OK and we'll pick you up off the Eric give the information we need and hopefully I will be talking to Darius in three minutes okay. I now hold on okay. We gonna get to work if. Heat is not later this gonna go so morally wrong on playing. They see each other no no he needs these currencies they work in this same building. But he won't know her if he says he doesn't wanna find out then we don't comment I'm worried about him finding out and them being like a low. Fat. Hey girl whose stocks on the elevator yeah. A risky game. I have no risk no reward. Me OK three. Minutes from right now lol I give Darius on the round and we'll let him know all about. Molly without saying her name them and find out if he's into turn if he wants them she is and if he does. He's in her will do that next on the definition channels. Star in 941. I we are about to make a phone calls. Hard to Amanda on behalf of a woman in name's Molly Molly has a crush on this man. And she's so giddy about it is aims Derrius ray yeah so Molly has a crush on the areas. Can't even talk about him even a little we've got a big grid. And you'll. Have to. Gem is so excited that love might possibly have been on. Good dot smile Lee welcome back to the show are you. Molly still in this. And yeah I had to hold on I'm do me a favor throw your throne and mute it that way you'll be able to hear the conversation a lot better. So just throw your brand new you'll hear our conversation we Derrius but you can't come back on the phone until we tell a joke and eyes and but I mean a lot UN. I. Got it. And a and a half. And if who's talking what year was your phrase your outlook. Your outlook is your outcome. It's. Mine is train wrecks are fun. We won't. We know. Deer is welcome Jesse Jesse L how are you look. Okay our show yeah. Sounds we asked our strong armed either come on events. As. Intentional uncertain nanny for one think you are playing aligned with us this morning. It's okay. Yeah I'm a black and a mom I'm proud to be here. Leper and as you know there's a great moment right now. But this theory as. So I'm has has the pressure on year. Oh wait out there no one out and I got a garage edit the you know out dares you may have one love. Well so I'm a little. Had someone does a pretty big crash on neo and act she is said that your smile makes the whole day better. So let Reggie fish he we don't we started at the about how all of us. Yeah. Yeah. Kelli what doesn't she say she is said that you are kind and sweets that you are traditionally hand psalm. And you have the best smile. Thank you all. Traditionally meant so I'll have what we'll see said that by additionally she said by the end of the week usually have like a little like sexy lumberjack grass go on mind. They see is really hot desire to run our things on. Yeah. And I think that's I think Kelly telling my dad that's half act. I see I don't wait your husband she said that by your actions. You are quite a gentleman and that you go out of your way to be really friendly and really gentlemanly and and and so because because of that and some small interactions that you have with this woman she is got a major crush on him. How men are on our man dragged to it means this is off somebody came at the wrong time right. You know I got on Amman kind of just I just wanna brutal or someone you know I'd just I mean probably a couple days ago or we drag church gruesome by. It's pretty solid you know I'd I'd definitely still wanna know are crashing and could not be curious sellers. I'll put it bred big push those who are showing you know I had vicious words came right. In addition. Some time to go to sleep the night and I'm curious man like you know I have a lot of friends come out a lot of people so I'm kind of clueless to lose this might be. But this person is speaking highly of me so I'm definitely more recent actions you know. Can't say that I get fired he got to get way too much but I compound undertaken editing we have recently. Met this person. We did Aaron. It's hard yeah they're here and I do you have any guesses on who that might be. I column. I've got some gas through but it is going to be awkward at all. And some moderate show. How does hitting it where I felt I have a pregnant Jessica you know we're really quarter comparable a lot of things you know discreetly chop that thing again. You know she made had she made it out comment at Bob hey you know we should we got together. Thought I got to be awkward a little bit. Way I don't know defamation was begging. So that you're a person I guess right now that Dell would know everybody else probably. Hiding. I mom can you hold our second Burress. Voted I don't know that Internet and it is serious attack. Hand I have to set this soon. He I just predecessor he couldn't hear okay what we're saying happy. Because. He said he wants to know who it is right. It's definitely not Jessica but with Jessica I'm passed right why am I call Jessie. Yeah he said that he's exclusive there's somebody we don't know who that somebody's third do we still let Molly is Molly still. If he wants to know we have to tell them. Well maybe we pick up Molly real quick and see if she wants to be on with him or is she wants this is just Salam. Or there's she'll let him back out. Nolan good and bad to am. All of them went. Half and I don't know. So they can you can't you can't do that you gallon now or at least give Eminem diss Hillary can pay your analogy doesn't work. Our big deal we got they can keep guessing I wanna see all the name. I so will tell who it is it's crashing on him but she gets the choice of whether she wants to come on with him now is okay. I weight since the notion Milan are changing your game as we count here. I. Hey Darius. Hey I listened. I want you to take the next three minutes could you just entered into your relationship with someone. And really think about if you wanna know who that person ends. Do you really want to know who has a crush on you its year committed. Okay. And then come welcome back to you in three minutes you sure answer Ann's. Whatever it is is what we'll abide by the Jews wanna make sure the EU is thought this through Hoosier in a brand new relationship. Okay are you thought OK welcome back to three minutes ranked. You know I don't I don't even know myself I just put that man's relationship. Over our ratings bone. Puck yeah I'm yeah. I love pain killing make entertaining or dealing Telecom giants that he says yes we have to making us again why yeah. You here and again I'm not sitting inside the radius things yeah there right now let's say that. I was I mama some money meant little -- some he'd be some more clues. You guys worked together and then aging gas via and you shared the elevator are finally stop and then if you like Ozzie Ozzie McCain and I and I. A government in three minutes to realign Darius has lied so I'm a champion ginger is parity world. And she I'll star. Power in the middle of a brand new segment they were calling can stress your crash yes so far as content as your cries after this first time and I recalled something else this may be the first and only time we do know. Just because it's gone sideways. And and word like Matty contaminants into. Well it's we've got some information that we otherwise would not have had did. Without doing this. And my guy the guy who. In my hand hey Molly are you there. All right Molly cause after tells about this do Darius who is super sweet to her and. Let's say traditionally handsome genuinely kind he's sexy lumberjack in the all elevator up so this guy she loves him. And he has just gone exclusive. Where a person he's been dating within the past week. Buy it. But why it he wants to know you lose crashing girl I Molly. If I did first of all you sad that he's taken. New relations at things change they couldn't. Yeah they are all how well it ill now. What are where what sort of opposite way and are we living in where I am trying to protect its may have related and Janet Kelly airline duo that's good girl you go. You had to abandon and I grant program Paul Bunyan by the acts. All right so let's find out if he wants to know who it is and if he is Molly will come back CEO. Yeah you're the one who asked to tell McCain Ali. Tank so. I'd love the comments. Yet meet Zealand's. Hey Darius welcome back to the shall. It to be back. All right you've had a few minutes to think about it. You're in a brand new relationship. And I just learned from Janet that somebody you now has a crush on you big crash. Do you still want to know who that person. I definitely still what do you know I feel certain that if it. Though I was you know. I Cali has a question now for you before you know yeah I want used against just one more time I may. I'm never worried guest kind of a mile Mark Luke yeah. My. I don't know that you as a work in the same month for the same company what you were in the same building. Why prudish. It's. Our home use. She added I come from anyway with everyone and you know him in my deploy you know I have not hot dish hard. The bad economy. And I mean you've narrowed down you know that it should have faced so we'll work. Our. Young talent nitty shared an elevator to RA stops. At present this deal does the workplace thing disqualify your first guess of Jessica. You area deadly does that. Yeah I guess we know that. And you are where it can be asked the first name of the girl that you're dating. He just went exclusively. You know I don't wanna do that. I go to. It's not only judicially handsome he's Smart cat that's all right well yeah. They're very brave woman sign that alignment aides can now speak out. And confess Europe crash. You Darius. I. Tight areas that it Molly. Tram. Go work building that we don't hurt. My. Without it right there elderly and you know we're learning English op. Yeah. Yeah. How sorry. I 820. Yeah are your car. Yeah you do what can eat I eat your district district are elevator relationship throw another level. They're getting gray area they live a quiet night hearing that carried in your relationship I completely respect. All of that and I'm an Atlanta. Thank you thank you but you you know you noticed any change in that the man would you be trend that would good night. And I'm not gonna be clear argument on the road going to be bigger and it's a couple cost it more electric company. Yeah. Yeah actually. However I hope your girlfriend I appreciate talking I'm sure he does. Because you'd only make a wonderful woman and you're such a great that's so thank you. As yells hey I'm so glad that bad I have why I'm still fly all right thank you bail right. March it could be a little bit I appreciate that. I appreciate that and I appreciate you guys that tree and it wouldn't show thank. You're welcome to my big time burger Pulitzer guarded areas okay. I got a very hesitant and is against our heads trying to grow frankly command center. I OK Molly I don't know I mean does gives you got game girl. The better I needed the support of a family. Loves how we're not handling this series confidence cloud nine years or braves I love it again didn't you you heard Dana. Can you please keep us posted. And how this nine relationship for bright coffee drinking elevator ride gain. Friendship. Escalates. Particularly well and it really I hope he really does that escalates. It elevates a school he I don't think I don't know each. Let's come down knowing there's I think that's a whole another level of like give me on that elevate. Yeah they're good. I thanks so much okay by Amani and smile and I. Jan did that go high you expected to. Cut us off. I'm Amy smiled I have remained. C. Should have a new relationship he might have settled for some and a backpack her he didn't happen. I'll. Say she writes we are able again urging gives us some words to bat you guys interview. Did. It kind of. How. Do you let's say it again I cannot and Molly was Matt and Darius was it was Dina. One week you guys and be through the roof mad. If he was being off learning. Yeah piggy I came out of the game. Our claim to welcome to the jet engines out. And you didn't get it right I like a bit yeah they're saying and I. I was signing I now but I need to install elevator at Mallard claims the. You know I have an ally as they really nail your. Good morning Heather welcome to the German JJ. Good morning. How can we how I did find it bad actor here and there it I completely out of our. For us when FEMA and learn in Fayetteville. Omare Lowe. Box are these bad leg radiology you know. I was illegally and battle way don't they don't play matched each educator or is that Matt Damon accurately prop. But not. It didn't put up the boy awkward break you know let's I Europe where he's very. I have a message to our score and because I did things could hottest part about a woman is her confidence right thank you okay in daddy. It's geez didn't see that it is a new relationship though like yup that's my girl oh yeah. Well Olivia and Murray hill. All my dodged the biggest thing I have ever murdered in. Out why don't you are I'd I'd got it parade. Why doesn't. I have everybody loves this guy now I congratulations. Jan thanks Olivia. Thanks Olivia thank you don't know. I Jana I think if we're gonna lead but as of our listeners sort of like this Supreme Court I'm looking down. Taken votes yeah what's the ruling the unanimous ruling it looks like Jenny in what stack. Hey you like to segment the new segment. I might guy about when I turned I wanna be period. I did and lying. I know here's hey I'm Kelly cheese yeah where was the element. Go look up but Jenny do you love this segment or do you love Darius. I know going. Into the. I we've got an incitement and the journalists find a place in the schedule for it. Gibson our brave people signed up if you wanna confess your crash. This about FaceBook OK and I we got to dig aren't out of the beds can run out here and say are pretty in rock Mara we are we need to apologize to Britney and you need to apologize to let's. What we did little. It's. Arab when he minute out of my paper my destination and play determined yet. How how mentally and. Yeah. Sorry yeah. There's there's a guy here and Brussels and get checked for a gallon gas I don't if please just think yes I Hijab Danny segment and the ship well descending into various we'll see it goes. It's bad is again. We all learned all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.