Ghosthunting with Alicia and Ralph Part 2

Tuesday, April 25th

Ralph says he didn't like the way Alicia was interacting with her daughter. He also sounds like a really mellow dude.


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Czar not before one that. We figure out some theories here because we are about to go ghost hunting us. For a check and check downs Ralph I'm find out why he goes it after three days we talked to her yesterday and she's just. That's the game after going through a divorce and she's okay he might not be. The one forever and ever but I need at least figure out what happened and why may be. Even get some feedback before jumping back in the dating game she's like my Don some wrong. So she yeah she sure is out with a gesture they were about to call Ralph and find out why but as we do every week we ask you. To listen to the initial phone call that we have. And ended and they wind. And share all of your theories as to why. He may have failed. What came across on FaceBook yesterday. We got Candace saying maybe there's a man there is and he just could not get past. Chris saying she talked too much about her ex husband and market. A couple people said Ellen and then some people are worried that he just cut out completely so maybe he's hurt. Or that she just came on too strong or it was a delayed response. That he was okay with her having a kid and then it said in the heating wanna be an instant that. So as a news soon he got a little nervous. Where is with the reality of it of the whole thing who aren't as early days in the theories serve no purpose of really. Other than just bragging rights right. I'm trying to figure out which one which theory I I'll like the most closed I think like the sign Phil dished theory. Of the mannerisms she just had to make. He just couldn't stand Sheehy immigration cutters they can sixers I grabbed her eyebrow all the time for something. Yeah right let's make the phone call and find out why. Ralf and coasted I'm only shipment tracking Felix people Lewis goes did you. Don't tell. Yesterday morning we Mac OE chef who had a very special request. That Jeff and Jim channels she diagnosed by a guy named prowl. She managed to Jana they had some good chemistry went out on through three days. She's Alec has gone gray and he just goes it never got in touch with her after that third dates. And Kelly show wants us to find out why exactly that happened because she's just back in the dating world she's recently divorced and just coming getting back into things she must have a guy and I do something your seasoning I should stop doing it. So we'll call Ralph today and find out today. She's actively seeking constructive critics yeah exactly they get other really show. Cole Cole. So we will call Ralph and Ellison and as we ask him why he goes to it and try to get some answers for you anything else you want us to. Ask so just. What happens. Any specific feedback or constructive criticism here to give here are some things. Oh god no now we put criticism in their but I do wanna know. Yeah I can't sit and on I'll bet that it a pat I are gonna put you on hold and we will call him up loyalists and an okay. You I guess really shaft. Opt I yeah. Opt. I feel an immense amount of pressure when I dial phone line and the really don't know. It's to zap fat fingers can happen. So. Is this else. Aliases Europe playing Ralph it's ten and chanting Kelly how are you. I'm doing well doing well well thanks are agreed to come on with us today where exciting news talked TO. An and around I know. Nobody's quite explain see you wire on with us today about. Donor and Arabs and I so. You're in the dating world right. I guess at that and we heard from someone that you've been out on a few slips. They have. And eyes she basically explain to us that after a feud dates you posted so we are tracking you down to see if we. The answers of why you. And this is not for her to turn Cray and come after yeah. I've already heard that. Get sympathy actors questions he had. So the woman the woman I'm talking about is oh Shaq be mad at him. Okay. Are you willing to sue ticket honesty pill here and and heard what happened and it. Absolutely. And oh yeah okay Elise yeah we've met with a minute Jim. And oh and had a few times. And it was. Story can end they a lecture. I have nothing against Syria come you know her personality Liza and not. Much. She has a ten year old daughter. And she brought up quite a bit. Discriminate against women with donors obviously. She's acknowledged got a nutritionist my daughter and I she's just kind overweight or really. Really trying to get her to lose some weight I can't you know and she's gonna talk about her daughter quite a bit better partisan way and insert date changes. Stirred up talk to her daughter in coming yelled out there can elect not to her running that day to. I actually. You know I'm more about 200 pounds right now but I they used these 300. Several. It out armed that is can I ask you quick questions it. You know like in the Melo is hers and I. And present my eyes voice sounds like I don't kind of thing I know lagging. Well by MIT media and a deserves supporting work. You out of that situation sort of American you I might do right. Europe and meditation high. That it got so. Is no way is this sensitive for you and her being really concerned about her daughter's weight but India. I kind of tried to shorten up but it just does it mean Pitney personally because you know I I don't leadership is the whole works and not her. I had a mom I had a mom who. Wouldn't let me to cookies if you know I mean. The justice. Broad new wrong way and end. You felt like the way she handled her daughter's weight loss wasn't and I a positive way it was kind of struck a nerve with you Michael. Trying to do the way your mom handled it may be in and you many wished she would have handled it better is that where. Wherever yeah total pages there wasn't scared you know the girl approached. From notions like eight or nine pence. Credit say permit her mom's is completely objective on to her put. You know but still like too little girl. If you're gonna give her some feedback on and going back in the dating world. Would it be talk about her daughter less or is it just they weight issue that kind of hit you pay your soul funny. And you're like eight. But he you know and now that you're asking I would have to say it's gone on first second date. Probably not but not best to just sort talking by her daughter her you know. I don't feel like I have an hour the first day and I don't think like you know that's great you or ought people familiar life. Do you think that a child is not like it detail a child is. My most he's saying don't mention at I think he's saying don't overdose on you don't have to. Go down yeah rodents have all the conversation be about fat right. Right right yeah. I mean I heard it Landis. If she's got a bag Kate she's worried about it. Yeah. Why. Do you learn. As they like it has happened just get a hunting and I am I can't I used to order. Yeah I mean that. He scores geez don't clearly issues there and you know sort of broke now. Even entertaining and fast how is tied it eerie note don't even talk to him about he's being here they're. Rob mama nice guy you know I grant a nice guy it just didn't sure didn't you know the residents. Now this footage is being a jerk and desired is kind of grows there. And it Cilic toner bella is just you know does that sound like a lead there. I did learn English but certain amount went yeah. I would thank you Ralph Reese. They will think you guys. You know wonders shall do this when we're. I probably want. Maybe. Eight because you're just gonna do our thing you can just wave fatter at the gym like you've government afford just feel like yeah. Oh man. All right had been expressed. I they've okay we're gonna have to have a talk about you being likeable I guess could pass. I was I thought I just I guess I just got four earned him because he's very monotone and I. Sam and I I really in thank you sound like he AI an entire Panos special Browning believe that it wasn't biting me like it was going to need I mean. Yeah me passes I listen to what people have to say Kelly listen to their heart and their soul thing judges as rubbing off on me. And I welcome Rabach and in three minutes without at least it and just declared out. And it says there's no confusion I like fat kids and again now. At the Brothers can't imagine. Yeah I know are now. And young star ready for a one.