#ParentingForReal Mega-Meltdowns

Monday, April 24th

Toddlers, man. But now when your kid is absolutely FREAKING over the wrong color shoes you'll know what to do!


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Her O'Sullivan worked today until. And can. Now back to. One story and before wants the yeah. You like. Did the fact of life the maggot tantrums. I'll double it. Yes. Here's may need to understand kids get. That mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa all have. Video cameras in their pockets with the benefit is different now as a survey when you lose it. As big as a man and theories for picture day and I. It's. Strong partner and. You can grab 500. Others just for grabbing your own record and has a meltdown like that. Well you know aids is as it's really like to be of parents have you're kid is thrown a mega tantrum. Rabbit on camera or if you haven't already. Senate's USSR nine Carolina Atlanta dot kongers are friends of mega floors on a rewards you for that straight with some much needed. Relaxation they've been and get that Cuba 500 bucks if your. Yours is selected. As the best ever give you had a situation generate you to your two daughters have melted down at the same time oh yeah. Because usually one causes the other amount now so one starts to go off the edge the other and just yeah I have yeah. I am sorry I attempt by. I. There's mam Mal down at the end up at the drive where you don't even have aired eulogized hi how big fan Barack. Less like nails on chalkboard you guys it's me it just sounds like the backdrop of what you've now. That this alliance says it is if you know you're not to allow this doesn't really bothering me and I'm just hunting dog yeah. You thought you kind of feel better about your kids head over to US senate 94 when I landed I come look at the gallery of fantastic meltdowns. All of those are included in even more in doubt and then last together through it. Thanks for making this alleged. It's indigestion just one star not before one.