That's So Bro

Monday, April 24th

It all started with #GirlProblems, but we needed the other side of it! And so, That's So Bro was born.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jeff and Jim show all the now. Now it's it's. GO. I there's a second that we do on the show called hash tag girl problems and this why is Janine and Kelly and Jens way of helping me. Understand the real struggle that comes at being a woman. So I have learned many things but I've color and that most if you monsters. Don't shave your stems from like from November until last weekend sensor things that's. Gross. So you've got little man's legs underneath there in the Wayne Errol. Correct aspect. Because you know these are where alleged that short answer we are cave woman during winter months. I've also learned. The value in the importance. Of up properly stretched hair tonight yeah. Is the perfect one because they knew I will live on your wrist for weeks because I think. You guys feel the same way about. I hear tie as a perfectly sized hair dye is is both genders field. About that pain. You know. Yeah now in the office there's one hand the perfect writing pen a volatile always revealed that that's I gotta hope that you now hold pack of home. I'll hold it really is the same as they can attack and it since then if you find it as soon insulate this is mine forever it's just gone kind of disappears and the anxiety you feel and it comes and picks it up yet and I. That's the plan that is so have our hairs I know this is my now a special care and I respect. So so that's cash they growth comes well. We came up with any Arabic call them that's so broad that you noted doing that and enjoying goes let's do. Hash tag go proms for for a guy is and then UN JP right things. And derby that's so broad that so Bravo. We've answered a problem since that's a I think zevil also learned the bro I here as well yeah. Appeared I was just have an account I had a confessional with Kelly Jesus and I'm so not manly I. That's so hard loses if that's because there's really nothing manly that I can teach you should. Yeah he. Struggles that are only Mahan related like you does in say before ended the anxiety that comes in. Asking a girl out. So it could be like the inner argument you are you have before you go. Talk to the fans just me icy out every else I knows he's got swagger and they want to have to agree on the exe and other touch her boobs main highlight. Where do you you know at all of Anna that's interesting point eight point here I from both legs. Hot where I'm the guy who blogs or is there. I. I think it's those moments. I Catholic girl problems is inner thoughts gang in a lot I mean they're the wheels are constantly turning on alignment. Right our friend Allison Carter would always say that the mind of a woman. Is like the inside of a watch all those gears rang constantly turning in churning you never really says he all the gears but there's always something and so would be sort of my gun managed just like looking at the sun trying to figure over the Chad has fallen by. Thought. Into and so. It's only lines themselves. You have to get in touch those inner thoughts and share them and then that could be bad so proud I. I might try this that I'm that I failed you now. I can try I have some that that I found on line that maybe I can share but it JP gave it a shot right yes. It. Mine's gonna be more relying. I say girl problems. Yeah yeah I can have when your perfect teacher shrinks a little too much so feared God's gonna hang out if you stretch and reach for something to help hash tags. Girl so broke yeah. I'm Elaine brown yeah I got three examples from JP outages in the first person like Uga had to go. A wash my hands it appears the barn trash can because the sink line was just too long. That's hash tag that's Oprah president because I say say that's so Brock and invest abroad. I kicking into a bar because Ali where as tank tops that's a breath. I'm not getting ready until by the PGA of to a club Simon is a. And white tennis do the things in the GA go home I'm I totally blew off his state to play Xbox. I sect that's so rapid a. Oh. I'm not very good thing to do things that I don't like I don't understand any of these are good I thought my life I. So it's a minor just so bank had played I think if I was really get out then agreed to in my view I. Took. Meter girl a barn start talking her out. Nine months later I'm her best guy friend and she's crying to me about some dude get a wrong hum never see your movies I. Jeff is a bad bro yeah. That's the better. I've snapped shed so I could maybe see naked girls but instead just put the pretty filter on myself all the time yeah. Post a cute puppy has statements are brown. I'm not so grow and I was. Well I. That's a minor and yeah. Absentia Beckham mania and and and they have bad ran a bad run of bad trend of I'll try to write some of them put it on the schedule for later in Australia I figure sum between now and dignity manly man and dig deep. Channel an athlete can become badly planned mine that's for making this way it's just a joke shop on stone not before one.