Eric's Daughter Isn't Biologically His...

Thursday, April 20th

...and his wife doesn't know that he knows. He says he plans to keep it that way too.


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And she I'll still are. All right Sarah over the past couple days has got us all and it hits you can she wants to stage a friend her remains Sheehan. Because she doesn't think her friend's baby belongs to her friend's husband. Right she said her friend has three children and the youngest of her home is six months old. Yep and looks just like the yoga instructor her friends. Was rumored to be whisked messing around with more than in yoga. Right classes latter of dogs were facing different directions so we have. Lots of poses yep so she was saying hey I'm gonna approach her with this site does anybody have any advice which most people said. Don't do it stay away but she was playing at a it. Put herself there anyway she says her or her she would one know the people were talking about her is she was gonna approach your friend and bring it up. And address that and get it down their opening get to the truth. Sick yesterday we got an email from someone who has a lot more hands on life experience on the other side of that for intervention. We need that and some to call him because he does not want to use his real name so let's. He he and we said we'll name and he said no no ha let's go to guy. Eric Eric OK okay we are gonna collier Eric welcome to the jet's engines show. I'd I'd already operates on your do your message shows yes sure it was fascinating. Yes basically the parachute. It's mind your business because she didn't know it it's really she doesn't know. There are hurt her friends. 110. And me know this situation. Com and she doesn't. You know what they've worked out between them it's really their business that that this bit of situations and Anaheim and myself. I can you explain your situation is it's fascinating. So. I have some I have street into my likes. I. Seven sections. Four and that the six year old daughter. He believes. It's actually did it. They had a certain long story short it is not my targeted teenage crowd speak French. She didn't look at me. Com. And yes and you are my Carter Tom. It's. Ash. And I've decided to just praised her and smile. Arming our eyes are now ancient history she's six now so this is three years ago. You know all your daughter so you'd been raising this child for six years. As around. Exactly. And it's sort heard. It's just beat ardor and many I initiated our campaign obviously but I think it's best for her kitchen speech. Greece is my own so that's what I decided to do I'm. Now tell us about. You're Weis part in this whole equation because that's what's really mind blowing to me. I am not popular I've not talked to my wife about it so. I. Well I I don't really don't know what she can't sing sir no leaks come. You know for me. It right now I have custody because she's my fur on content purposes my daughter and my biological daughter. Com so. That's how I wanted to staying. I don't want this C exe on pretty. Can't be part of our lives. So ride you know I haven't learned that I want it. And that it just how little power and decided to go and sent. So that is a lot of buried emotion right there yeah so it's like to understand this correctly. Six years ago your wife gave birth to a girl. And how long into this girl's life did you start to think well maybe she's not. Earlier this you know from from creation machine down and she has features that you know it don't really match. Hours Marmara blacks and my sandwich features. Com. So what that he inherited it happens sometimes sometimes you know people. From the right and we have a brown eyed baby or cent. Com. Is it the old machine got the more chic and it took aren't DP I think teachers and from there are kind nagging at me so. My SN it did this or any time DNA test and and got the results back. Wow and win those results came in approving this. It's not biologically your daughter I still believe this is your daughter. He's really there yet he ideologically and she's not right like she yeah are her parents she is your car. When you when you get that news. Well what do you do how do you need a process that. I need time. It was kind of do worse case scenario I was holding out hope you know I mean I have been in love her very much. I mean I was heartbroken he did Leon if you look around. But I kind. You know we look at noon news on some level. And then do you go from sad to imagine. Yeah Louisiana I mean time has gone through at all. I was you know again I was I was angry and it. Just don't see how that search my daughter surely at this point in her life you deal with all that. Your selflessness. Speech and ability to look at it from like a 30000 point of view is remarkable really in the fact that you have never worked OYE. Why would you not address this even with your wife. Because I I am I'm afraid that that. Should get involved dust you know and it is different from this she didn't know she may want to reach out on ten and be like look this is she your daughter will you know he should be involved and you may be like I want. Partial custody yet. And then that's mass that ruins and a feeling and he acts. And I blew me absolutely will you maybe you haven't even talked as far ahead that will you ever tell your daughter. It. I don't not I don't not. I just feel like kind of life as a way in working itself out sometimes and I feel like disconnect. Didn't come to light at some point he's got I'm not going to. You know I don't have any plans to reveal it to her under there or anything like that it's you know. That. He's kind of feeling it complaint is on the line I don't know how I don't know any. Bites. And I'll I'll be ready at that point since. Can do it yet. Eric arms did you ever test your other children. Did you ever have concerns about your seven year old or your four year old. I did I. I didn't have concerns saying I did test all three just you know and I got a kid so it's it's just to do that and I didn't have any concern now. I would correct in that god there's so many layers to this because there are slow. There's also the infidelity side of it of course let's not just negative purely national side of honor all of this. That you've never confronted your wife fine. Being unfaithful either her. Melt. Now let's check. You know I. Yeah does she have any contact with that man at all. I don't think so yeah he doesn't it is being in town anymore. Com actors so I really don't think that she does planning. You know around the time around that time. There are kind of some rumors and and I asked her about it and then she the issue to now and it and I took the word Ford at the time and then you and I found out that wasn't sure it works in his new years later. I'm so it didn't seem more at that point. Bringing you know her will grow weary about and all. And there's if you think about the home medical side you have vague view again if your daughter ever had any sort of you know are facing any sort of health concerns or anything like that which she need to know her family history from the paternal scientists. Yeah I mean I guess that task that's at that point we now ever happens where. Didn't the issue may need to be addressed ran for now that's not the case how come she's healthy and. Yeah. While we'll. While airport thank you for sharing that story with us and he asked you had any warnings against too Sarah. Is about to. Metal and a family that could be in the same situation that you are and what would you say to her. Would you did say though they know their situation. And we better than current it's. I I can't imagine that the president has no idea but he hadn't thought about it I mean it. There is thinking about it you'd definitely thinking about it so that's really between ten. To sort out how it's an honor it's not a disaster B two outs and. While. All right Eric well thank you referred for sharing your story with us thank you all right thanks but I. Wow. The self restraint. That that man has is until lead all. Star in 941.