Wednesday, April 19th

Springtime is here, and so are the #GirlProblems! Like shaving, ughhh the shaving.


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. Struggle is real. There are couple hash tag you grow problems that it's. Kelly chief compiled following. It's eighty degrees out and I'm wearing Jean news. Past I haven't seen since January hash tag is able to help. Has sagged Siebert mail still Betty yeah. Now I think Sox are more than buying new sprained choose. And then just seven days later seeing the exact same pair on sale for 50% off this. Pentagon. Of those done it differently and it does that thank you sandals for spring and then I'm like gosh she must those. I say Jerry says yeah I mean browser. And a you know. Sitting at work watching videos of puppies playing in grassy fields and crying and because I'm stuck in the office had to go around. Segment. I sang in its basic right there oh fantastic says that hill. It's springtime. And with. Jobs are my hair off hash tag instant regret cash takeover. Every girl though that it's like I don't know it's springtime and shove my hair around them brighten it up and it's like that's why any. Long and arson. Yes. I have a hair tied. But it took me three weeks to get a perfectly stress from Everest and I haven't lost yet says no you can't you have to take out rob. Yeah. And let me what is that even mean I. I have a brand new haired tying it's way too tight and that obviously gives you this like it like. I had her wrist and then he looked intention it again you gotta stretch it enough so and user to announce that it's perfectly stretch and it goes in her well plus they disappear every two seconds so blasting out loans. If I sure I am so that. That's sinners probably worth under the now I love her pony tail tie around three times around angry at you gotta go Ford in its way to stretch out Santana pitch calling and Dino about the stuff. I don't yeah. On an asset is a problem. Just finished painting my emails and nice springtime color. Now my ears it's I have to paint. Anti government rooms. And always have. Oh great. Just got paid and target rolls out there it is spring collection and hash tag I broke already aspect how fantastic gabbana. How target creep in everything you do have eaten every time my hobbies. Like yeah. Me but this new thing its target you and I am. It a bailing out hot it last season but we have a different colored how well they roll out bathing suit that I January see violence has played a brand new lines in January limits still high starring here and then they have the super queue lines and they've been out April CNN Atlanta get sick so many veins and. Have you ever forgot to put deodorant under just one arm pit on the hot side today. Hash tag stand on the other side of me hash that out raising that arm all day long hash tag not a good outcome hash tags. Opt out. And Joseph scar. Are ready for a one.