Is 'Cushioning' Cheating? Part 2

Wednesday, April 19th

Are you someone's cushion, or do you have a cushion yourself? What even is cushioning? And most importantly, does it count as cheating?


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And jumpstart. It before one. They could share news. The person he has sent a text here every couple days every week your share of it on the Hud. Well and sis soften the blow if your main relationship falls apart and you go through a break up big catch you when you fall out there that cushion. But the debate is raging over whether cushioning. Is cheating Alexander. Nene gains bell labs and a. That hey I'm. All right first it during right first relationship I guess you could pegged at eight cushion. But it wasn't really my intent to get into a relationship is the first frontal part it was just a friend that I'm talking to pat school. Parents sort of we just kept chatting and then after my first girlfriend broke up with me. She would just bear cute talked to me and you know console me after that break up I'm not sure. You can consider that cheating that backs just sort of how it ended up. Yeah out and you I did you ever read did you ever date a girl who is your friend. When you had the first girl. I know I Argentina relationship with Eric she knew that I was in a relationship with someone else you know it it's very cut and dry we're just friends. After I broke up which my first girlfriend it was actually a it was actually Kirk let me. The second time and I and I told her well you know I still getting over this break out. But we did eventually get together oral a little while but it really hard to my attention day at the very beginning cute jet which are. So. What he's really singing if you think about it is if you our friends with someone. Other the opposite sex. They could become the commission and then they could become an you know relationship. And knowingly knowingly. You make is we've all had friends that where our friends at the time and then overtime in develops in the something else. Right I mean it's what he's describing is very common area. But so that means if you have a friend that you're close when deficits tax. Then maybe that's your cushion habitat. So cushion you think she's a commission should I lady safety net this. I kinda had Mickey and favor oh welcome to the Cheryl. I don't barn rule isn't Kirsch is it cheating if you're a cushion. Act I cannot believe I think you're a collar. But I'm the trust and are all right. A mimic that we are about it. And he had a Karl grant but packaged you Ali called meet with that issue or what I even the guy that aren't what common look at it runs he looks at Belle black out I purposely. No no you down. On a personal about ball. And once that didn't work out I was that her and and and now wears an apparent. So does he have any commissions or did. It take all the rest since drop off when you came in has been and remain encouraged him. Hey here's the main. So (%expletive) Yeah I well why can't the more it Japan part or we don't live in the paint eat. So order. He's got this is really isn't staying move decorations and different in my eyes. Well I can't let it have a couple good our eyes. And so we have questions you think it's. A list right and they have a commission is danger you know I'm making allies and LA. And divine beings machine he is bent the curse and annie's head coach. Alex. And actually at CC I six now you are behind I'm now I actually broke up with MIA XP on day. I found out that he had numerous questions and that it'd been on hold and we weren't together and and most recently when I was eight might spread. So to sell you actually you don't and. I was gonna say what is the difference between. A cushion. And a female frat. I knew that he had turned a female friends I had at them all but alien planet she found me on Facebook and that means screen shot of it that the entire. That it wasn't just like hey let's go get drinkers some then let's go hang out LA hey we should meet up and go back your. Overall. Yeah okay I think you've. Had time to do that but it wasn't like he was actually going out and cheating because he had. Quirk and then he'd come home but it was just says let's hang out like and it inappropriate manner. Got it because I think you can have friends of the opposite sex but if it becomes pretty friends then it becomes a cushion right. Tiny pink. And now would that thing up yet totally I have plenty of guy friend I am actually get along with guys more often than girls but he knew that ball. So it wasn't like oh yes this is you know my friend mystery guy you need now and it's okay. It was great this is such and such I was really open about all of my friend. Even if they are guys girls you know it didn't matter but he didn't really secretive about some of them and apple really got me wondering and then I got the messages from one of the girl's. So hold on Jeff I have another question Aurora Iraq for you and for JP catch. Busier than dudes gotta present. All lemons out our thanks for the car Alex do you I see all female friends. Like if your single guy so. You know you're engaged your married I am so just he has pre go back to your single day yes are all of your female friends cushions. Do you guys view female friendships as always mab and gig we face and that's so superficial. Okay go. But also I. Those smaller. If you're single got all your female friends cushions. That tract of ruined our. See guys up there though the president when you're a girl and your dating somebody and you are exclusive. You can't have guy friends because they all say it all every guy even if it's not there. And on that front intention rain now it and it's always in the back of their hand this angry at that. Canada at this if there are single girls around. Young that are attractive. There's always. Some potential yet when you're single in your dating options against you wanna be with the best person the most fun experience that you possibly gone in Dade. What's what the problem is is when you get their relationship. And it becomes flirting and it becomes secrets then it's when this commissioning stuff gets really really bad break. Stephanie does not think having issues cheating at all it's Stephanie. Right. Now my husband and I built up percentage and we don't know about it and we shared it Saturday. And it doesn't your were all your eggs how. So we both are had. Former relationships and all of our people up. And then they in the after those didn't work out and lead in the best of friends and so he had a female friend Ricky are extremely close at a summit attack. It's not married. And it is a summit text you sent him and then I have one who married he still send me tax and I showed and I have the right away when they think I. I'm an Iron Man I built such a huge crash on you knowing. Things like that we broke out some money that we care about me. The next thing didn't work out we look at someone. Sit and well I showed you the other people know the your sharing so when Mary dear to send you a message. It says I still have a huge crush and you. Is he do you tell him that you know has been added to laughter are bad or. Well first I have to make a deal to your right near couldn't hypertext. And then after that and I counted but you know my husband thinks that. You're killing me and I see you aware that we have had a Bergmann has an act but that trend that we can talk about things like that. I love now think I want any lies know about you being his Kush is also cushion. Right where our commission I think what I want and you. Said no. They his wife doesn't open her but he knows that her husband knows that he said. You don't necessarily about the tax accident I don't know that. Their relationship together I know that she knows who I am and that I preach out Yemen kindergarten my marriage. And I expect. Down. There's so many. I don't believe until May second or so many fish in the sea and I'm very happy in my marriage and I love my hasn't I think I'm going to work out. And it didn't work out how great it it's an Audi had several best friends are several people that you had relationships but it worked with in the past. Set fall back on. Shouldn't mean your life is like bachelor compare data in. On your married now. So you don't have to worry about it now working out in. Isn't that why get married or leg that worry about it now working out. Ultimately you'd think but it's sometimes it doesn't work out. Don't remember something hoping that it's gonna be rylander it's not going to work but in light I think just like having seminar that element in your examiner some months. It's going through something you have to have a back up plan you have to be prepared. Emotionally. My on this is Trisha Manning is a cancer. I can't that gets in the commission's. And I know Dino end now. All right semi thank you thank you company I am Larry uses it to generic gonna send you some stuff. But that cushion the why our all right well it only. Yeah. Only needs to make sense for the people there in the relationship. Fascinating. I would love to follow their marriage maintain his check in with her on this they would Saturday the nineteenth. Every year when he got to ask you still governor may we should do it every month maybe should have been a bit safer bet they wish you to do it every Wednesday. Now series they've worked for them worse for them thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.