Is 'Cushioning' Cheating? Part 1

Wednesday, April 19th

Are you someone's cushion, or do you have a cushion yourself? What even is cushioning? And most importantly, does it count as cheating?


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Star in 941. It's cushioning cheating yeah this is our question for you and we need January and I have for a 4630941. Cushioning the is it where you. Significant other dating somebody your main person. Which you just keep a couple of solutions on the side maybe people you check out is people you flirt with the and Casey your relationship falls apart you have a cushion after the break up. Ashley and Smyrna welcome to the shelves. Now saying would you consider cushioning cheating. Yeah world. Even if nothing happens other than it is and text messages NASCAR's. It even can't play to incorporate patient and can be hired me who are hoping that like at the possibility -- happen. The Larry you know her relationship with me. So yeah anybody if you found out your significant other had some cushion CB man. He allied ended their relationship ever commissioning of a really had the courage he asked you where I am. He had a cash and allows you find out. I mean he would like texting girl that evening very secretive about ad. And he would like Nat had no knowledge of the big red flag creamy. Bill but the weird thing when that might. He went using my kind of like where we're at the other girl low wage here is resorts. Can't wait he hit like he was like you're being my kid killing clearly the other girl. So you give it really adorable kid or something and then they're coming out like yeah actually back here next hitting. So he can take pictures with your son and be like the adorable. Boyfriends are old and send them to other win then. Yeah. I know there's a special place and Hamm who. I just I would take that Ashley is a compliment that your son is so adorable. Video that. Yeah and strange women are drawn to them now that is half full bath bath. I did it well thanks Ashley. You know round. Rachel and done what he would sap. Hey good morning I you'd think about it. Our christening its seeding. It's also disrespectful to everybody involved and it self fulfilling prophesy. If you didn't like she says just a minute ago if you think you're gonna happen it's gonna happen is your wish some money and you've got Christian because you think you might break up with a person. You're gonna break up with a person and extra respectful to yourself it's disrespectful to everybody involved. And mentions it did she think it's why. You're very fired up about this. Because I I I think very. Der. A lot. I got the right word for bad relations today have become a snap chat and hinder her. Try to hang where people just kind of screw around with whoever they want you whenever they want you. Losing respect for themselves and each other and contacting every part everyday society I think people need to actually. Clearly. About how they wanna treat other people because when you do this crucial and your your people on a leash and you're keeping them in here lying to them. You're being disrespectful to the person you're wet why are you even wish that. Don't you do your relationship if you're going to be that kind of jerk just give almost. Have you been the victim of a man who had cushions or are you just. Ashley I would I would argue that cushion so you know coming from them the point of view the person who got kind of strung along. Yes because typically mirror our girls to end up being the perpetual bloody. And that's what we need girl and they're always there to warned that the guys call what their relationship problems. And so I would that girl for very long time and I got to be a very difficult place to beat. You can attach some people so I have absolutely no intention of ever. Committing anything real you know. All they wanted to come here just in case what they're doing right now doesn't work out the way they want. Look forward you were screwed up and you don't just pop the side like you know you're done and happy meal you want somebody else. You despite. Let us learn his love is always just a swipe away Rachel that's the world we live in. I don't let her go for sure going off Tommy is a felon she was getting closer and closer. Feel like channeling like us being that guy that she'd been and what it. I don't know I think you could yeah it is that is awful that it Americans. Not only to get cushion like the first call or be the cushion like the second one and I think cushioning is one of those dating things that if you're doing it. You don't feel like it's pretty cheating. But if the your significant other are doing it you would think they were preaching three cheating on how he need like a terrible person. You're coming anybody right and I think that's my differences I am just serial dating even of how we've been dating for like a couple months casually. We haven't had that hey we're exclusive or how do you feel about me exclusive. I've got so many commissions I got pillows I've got the robe I. Laughs I got Palestinians and I've got options he's always blown up an air mattress and I had gotten there yet the airline neck pillow. You have got an odd man I got it on I'm not a sign up and I'm gonna committed relationship now I got it got one chair got my recliner and I am still planning on capitol. But you look at trust surrounding you see the couch for the all those positions around it and you know it's there I know I'm tempted to LA on the discussion I don't have committed there aren't any stay in the wreck I ain't exactly exactly so but I guys are starting to line up our phone numbers for 04263. 0941. If you want to weigh in on this bit the phone calls from the guys are coming in and I think we're gonna star waves. Alexander. I will take his call here injures the second he says it depends. They remember the dating world they call him sand there. Anybody names and there is a player I have. 404263094. Alignment. That cushioning conversation continues next. Star in 941.