Ghosthunting with John and Emma: Part 3

Tuesday, April 18th

Emma ditched out right after meeting John's daughter, but it's not what you think.


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Star in 941. I am still. Range. Jack. They coast I think call that just means that. Brutal she called open and no kidding is it uneven on the phone here is who enrolled yet programming and secondly here's my question do you think there's a chance. Something else happen Ainge he's just being really mean because. I'm not a parent. But I can't imagine as a parent there is no greater insult. And had told your not a good. So insulting. And from someone who's not apparent. You know like Amadou and how many kids right I heard him make that assessment about time. I mean has just as brutal and the fact that she will reduce ghost salmon not tell him directly. Appease so. Harsh without us hey John welcome back to the show. Yeah well best Dong that's gone. And what what in the world. You know if you don't it and it is clear that you're not a parent I think that. Yes you and understand that. You know the kid like garbage cans and sometimes you get them again Leo you know they like a soccer. Chicken nugget whatever they want it and you know sometimes you don't plan on iPad you know like a street. This is the way. Keep working like I feel like. Which yielded disappointing acting like that she maybe didn't understand the realities of parenting. So we had scared her way into it on purpose was sometimes they get mad or interim. Isn't a situation may be where you're trying to manage both of them. Maybe. And yeah I think in that maybe you're trying to give them time to bond. Is the first thing she said wasn't that you like ignoring Sophia. I thought well maybe he tried to step aside so that hammonds have via could have more one on one interaction together maybe he was. Intentionally stepping out of that was that. Do you think she can of mis interpreted. I didn't eat you know I mean I I didn't want to give them time to talk to each other because. And I had been wanting to Ethiopia. For so long as the DA she just shot the little girl had urged the world are you so. I wanna give them time to get to know each other but it's not like I was ignoring her by any means you know you don't need it seemed that way that someone. Who. It around doesn't like and how they everyday let her. Sophia and so maybe things like I'm ignoring heard of them are getting her retirement date again. Your parent you know that your kids that are. India Mumbai you can't respond to that every time that I. That yeah yeah yeah you know. While I'm on a scale of one to and how would you grade yourself as apparent to me at all do you feel like you're good pay it's I mean nobody perfect. Parent. I mean you know single parent while doing what we can trying to write back I think I'm getting. You know not the bat perfect number perfect but that they're in the world I think I'm doing a really good job now. They'll be happy rock. For what it's worth and I know we're acting eating anything but for what it's worth John I got that his statements you made in the first. Phone call about waging and how important Sophie is to you and all of that. Rollins negative review being a really really outstanding parents I don't know that takes staying up at all or I'm overreacting buried him but I just felt like now on this. I appreciate that bad actually does. Because it's somewhere a little if somebody I can't think of anything worse than somebody telling me that I'm not a good job. Here we go again I think that dog compares to thank you Jack and. Thank you time. And are you out that that may be maybe he dodged a bullet there I know now we dish she. So yeah now. She does not she is not that's like that's like working at a job for two months. And criticizing the woman who's been their for thirty years yeah I mean even though the woman has been there for thirty years might move slow or might not. Understand that that computer software are always jams the copier. If you are. There on the a couple of months you're not she's the queen. You gotta earn the right to do that so I don't think that Emma had any right. Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour. Funds starting now before blind.