Ghosthunting with John and Emma: Part 2

Tuesday, April 18th

Emma ditched out right after meeting John's daughter, but it's not what you think.


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Her son when you get to work and attend so consider road every now. On starting now before blind and tracking down the people the list goes did you. It's so you don't tell. Yesterday we heard from John who wants us to go ghost hunting on the staff and to show. He was explaining to us about his relationship with Emma they met online at nearly the same neighborhood that he says are more of your economy. I'm so it was a good match and we should be joked yesterday about the importance of geography and creating and a land yeah actresses they're Simmons traffic you're never gonna get to hang outright regular schedules of the line up if that's gonna happen so. It's a good thing their neighborhoods now lined up and they went too far from each other and he says they dated for about three months. John is a data that he is. A father to little girl named Sofia she's about five years old I think he's old yep. And he's he's pretty protective about introducing her to anybody that he's dating. And recently he introduce Soviets to Emma the woman he's been dating and since then Amma has just gone. Weird pat really distant she vanished yeah. Ghost. And I'd Johns. Assumption. Was that she made the dose of actually being around McCain. The daughter the girl that dose of reality may have scared girl. I Johnny still into this serrated yet. Yeah okay. We're gonna preview on hold here and then we're gonna call. I am on and have a conversation with firm. While you can tell us man and now every time you a. Saying can I ask. On one more question are you guys had a month on that idea so John if weekly now from her that it was Sophia that. That turned her off and turned her away then you're like okay back right. Entrance right yeah. I mean I where I can deal none of those of course you aren't yet you know that you might dollar purse. Right of I mean of course I just wanted to just asked that question I was just wondering Jennings. Current assessment he might want instantly convinced Emma like how it's going to be OK but it she's got a problem with daughter he's like Manning yeah. I was just wondering when I went the other option and. Cargo bomber garden tomorrow I. You know try councilor. He's in the convince. Sorry yeah. I don't I don't think I think that you know. I cannot hold on I'm trying to address past panic time travel fun I'm in general. We had hoped. It. That's a hard. Stand and zest from the jet engines and as a going. I don't end on. A cool day yeah. Some while I'm glad that. I'm here haven't chat with us for a quick. We worked on on behalf of John and who is you've been dating for about three months and he was saying that he's really you know so loved the relationship with you and had a great time and but that you've gone really distant really almost gone dark on him. And he wanted to sit com find out exactly why what's going and see if we could find out. And she you know we're dating from our Lal and I think I loved about it was that he is the guy I didn't app and gathered. That's kind of what that the package and then. It had collapsed and actually mean desire. He wanted to make cherry you know that they're an incomplete or actually matter which I. Respect and appreciate. But then you don't get it together. And I Rutgers she is adorable five year old little girl we had you know a good time together but. It that day and then just that and that he's actually a terrible. You know. What do you mean by. And I'm I am naive Eric and years and Albert home. And I need to. Act. As so many things great he had. You mourn her had no interest in doing anything with our lives. Conrad and his unmatched TV show. I took great occurred actually engaged a terror and you know she definitely eating gluten you can attack just what happens all the time back to normal that she and likely in the corner by her. While he just ignores her satin. He even almost like snapped at her when she. Try to ask a question. And like engage in a patent he just had no time manipulation are her all and I was really. I. Yeah. He also set her. He scattered junk it's legitimate and they'd like nothing healthy. Okay. Or an a hole I'm like I just. Playing devil's advocate is there a chance. That maybe he was nervous. So. So there is I guess. I mean out he snapped matter I was gonna say like maybe he. Did you know how to manage both of you and so. But that doesn't explain the snapping or the junk food. You know on the things that we didn't even think that we are. All mean like a one time that we're all you know can gather and bleeding are at least I was leading credit prolonged high. That act that he can and as you now was an indication that it is ignoring everybody election again that he acts. You know what he'd with her Adam. I death. Yeah and it's not an. I'm not and a yeah you must have been so disappointed. Yeah I'm not I mean he's not any and what I got a he's he's not inoculate you. And I now you know I don't I and to and quickly did not enter it in hand. After being and that an an outlook on the ground per are that your daughter we have like that. Mean that's not likely not bad at my eye on my mom and on a bit too much out of the army and you know he's on his ball. I'll move the mean article thank you very much for coming on that's. Ain't you. There are no problem. Or rank and I. Outs. I welcome back in a couple of minutes if he's still on the throne will talk with John. And will get his thoughts about. I am his assessment of his parents growth. While I had every intention of standing in line. NHL all star.