The Dramatic Saga of Katie and Mia

Friday, April 14th

Yesterday's Where is this Relationship Going excitement continues when Mia calls to defend herself


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Okay turn it up. And Justin Jan shelf full now. Hi share read AA indoor cross welcome to the show. 08. I yesterday yeah. That I act out I'm for in the eye problems at all. I everybody why I act if you this story I'm not that you'll never believe how crazy is it. And other out there waiting with bated breath. Let me pick I am I set my alarm I wouldn't miss it I'll my act and the whole. India out of the way Al he had me. At bags save me I don't think Katie is. Crazy I just think that she's a little misunderstood. I don't believe. Acting laziness that's what I think about it there are. Taken out in my prayers. Kelly started the hash tag saved me and I don't think she needs saving. Susan Rice has checked my job media. Bob Holland Marietta welcome to the show. Good morning guys and hey there hi Darren. I'm doing good sort seeing this movie called little charge. What he's coming home nobody Eric terror or earlier upon if Robert via. Why. Do you Mikey are you single guy you want TDs phone number. I'm happily married okay see two years next week OK on that. I think I think you got married two years later and it carries Abdullah. Even think about that when used in somebody's gonna have a boiled rabbit Erekat Clint he she. Fully knows where Robert lived Scioscia is everything he's have to move. Or what words there's we're going to have to get Robert on again next night. This gives this the weekend and get Robert on early next week just to find out how this is all shaking I think you'll come on releasing intimate the first time. I think you like the attention they get that he can relate to the giving it Monica if he knew what we were doing but the Monica Bonnie just when they c'mon tell. But I am he wanted to yeah ought to be like amber Robert I'm so robber I Rodham media and KD. I'm Mark Roberts. I robbed. A robber on the Roberts and Brit. And well I am really in the making but I like the guy said I'm I'm a lifetime junkie and it hit a total art plot like. An all star that you get it all served within the within emails it Jenn hobby and it ends with whites. It ends where the lady blew in order to. Not enough. Well over reacting to Katie and think she's app ads let. That doesn't settle well me that there is another woman that I'm competing against. That could be altering at 98 we don't know if she got a picture how he helped. Miles in Marietta and what's going on. Hey so he edits them you know I got started with a relationship going yeah and I'm on there right now that he has no idea what happened this morning and yet you're gonna get it all next week and Robert's going to be on with a ghost story. It's been really what happened and also about summed up my girlfriend mentioned earlier after. I think its TD and that girl amber from awhile ago late nobody gets embryo like they would be veterans. Oh yeah they should I don't remember that nobody goes somebody brought that up remember. Which we wish I Tucson nobody does mean she I I. Most people I know those people people don't goes in Maine and then she did talk in the third person at the end of an era. A lot of flirted honored date look at all those other man in the restaurant owner and all adds up and I was like I just did Allen Xeon. Any and she's like I need to do that's making it free meals for us and he's like. What what yes that's a lot nobody goes Samper. I Katie and tiger. Welcome in Asia. I felt I thought it was pretty ironic that should make another girl. Courier and education and she said the word reassurance that. Thank you got well. I'm back I'm actually mattered and I'm mad at myself for not calling her out wallet happens. When he said that. But I heard that again and the replay and as a at. RA declared KM sorry that we. We disparage your name the sorting. It error by the earnings and the calling yeah. Than I got to me unless we do not crazy TD clubs. Hi I. You know I don't. I keep thinking about just how when we first talked to her very first conversation. You made a comment about her being crazy GAAP and I didn't hear it. You've got Craig. I mean it's it's a special guests I know we're gonna try to figure always turn into Arabia segment army is my trainer for dead okay. He Travis you're a better place he's okay there. I followed it will superpower we'll take one more from comet will come back in Darryl gamble did that he had dizzy. Trip qualifier. Amber in Atlanta. I had I have stopped everybody's problem. There. Everything I don't call it bad girl to go think every thirty minutes to figure out whether her sister Katie Katie Katie together. Yeah yeah. And I go in and you know what's gonna happen a little crazy baby easy and they and their girls get ahead or 3-D NA. We don't need that. The lullaby in the Jesse Katie household. Have enough that we can really create our own dating at this with everybody hears criticism to hit it down our radio segment is scariest thing about crazy. He's Mike Cray on each other and crazy people don't realize the crazy. That's the problem. Pays people think it's cool who think their normal that case anybody else is crazy Katie thinks this is a normal thing this thing. The green reading and I am very much harder and she edits. She'd like Matt I don't even understand a true that's true I mean she is she different kind of event planner that flake you don't even need Digi key for that. When did you get to college drop out so I mean I can I can be heard it's pretty easy. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.