The Dramatic Saga of Katie and Mia: Part 1

Friday, April 14th

Yesterday's Where is this Relationship Going excitement continues when Mia calls to defend herself


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Thanks for making us do it's. Job on star not before one and this is gonna be. Such an exciting. Half hour radio here on the jet engine and I woke up and the first thing I thought about this morning was I can't wait to hear our media has to say it's all right if you're listening at this time yesterday you heard us do our usual. Segment where is this relationship going. And it was a woman named Katie who has been dating a guy named Robert for six weeks and she wanted us to call up and ask like we always do. So we did. And that's when he said. Hey I'm I had just here because. I eight know your show I haven't posted anybody so you're asking me about my relationship and I don't even care if it's Katie or Mia right who's calling. I'm just casually dating and we like oh there's some. He's casually ain't so then we go. Back to Katie too which I thought Katie was gonna be like okay I'm out this is that I don't casually date that's why I wanted to ask him where's his relationship going after six weeks right. And KV. Why is. Intense. She turned and media like the fact that he said I don't wanna seriously data anyway and completely was lost on her sitting here that part in it became a competition. For her hands. Media listened to some of these lines that she said. It's crazy because I am so much hotter than she ends. She's like Matt I don't even understand it. Oh that's route. And this. I mean she is she different kind of event planner at the quake you don't even need Digi key for that. Like what you get to college drop out so I mean I can I can be heard it's pretty easy. Beat her beat her quiet I seriously think it's a monasteries relationship. For how about the career gig I here's video. Media. Isn't listening marais now. We're going to play firm media. Haiti's entire conversation. If she heard about it from our friends yesterday yup. And then that we are going to com media and give her the same amount of time to respond. Equal time right that's a fair isn't all thing there hair right so. Media thank you in advance. And here is the conversation you missed yesterday. We gave. I think this is old. But. Can't. But I'm not gonna let another girl beat me. So. I'm going to war repair. Okay well he was interested in our relationship at all like he was dating to people he said he's not Sonata has he not. Know what I mean he never talked to me about dating another girl but. I'm actually I'm on the computer you now on them ground FaceBook. Count and ID C one that girl Anemia. And it. It's crazy because I am so much hotter than she edits. She's like that I don't even understand. That's. So. Look I'm an honest and be not as I don't. I don't loose and being played tennis so she's gonna have printing company. You Jews. You're not gonna kill her aria that all know. Yeah Richard I hear he doesn't want a relationship you. About beating out somebody aside he's like oh yeah I can't wait to get married I just can't decide who. He basically just said I don't want today anybody seriously. I listened to your words they came out of his mouth. He's just confused and he needs to be here. You know. Need to be shown that that one at a batter and I can do you mean she she could African event planner of the quake you don't even need to GT for that. Like what you get to college drop out so I mean I can I can be heard it's pretty easy. Why they make out there. Don't they. Yeah and year olds. Seep I don't know you re there. She might know about me you know it's. The point is it bad that I'm not gonna let that slide and and I'm going to be a one on top. You're not gonna let what's slide you've been out with him six times you had to to jam up parties or whatever you call that sleep a sleep well. So because of bad obviously he like me you just need he didn't need a little bit the fishermen are little bit mad scene and I can do that. A little bit of rear Sherman's or a little bit of why. You don't need convincing. And how you need to know that I'm the better one and then he'll drop her. How do you convince him. You know through. Your things I do and and but. I'm not gonna let me get away the best. She's. She's doing everything. But I mean you didn't think you guys first I mean after I mean I know what I need to get up. Okay good promises laughs right right now they're not kidnapping and he went right. Corn not get kidnapped and went. Okay. India and anything else. I just think you need just maybe take it day to meditate and do little yoga. Have a colossal scientists like relax and realize. He's not the right guy. Because you told us in the beginning you wanted to serious relationship. He just said he doesn't so this isn't the guy is has nothing to do with the other girl. I mean it's. That's just my perspectives. I think you save yourself on. I'll give myself today but I just. That doesn't settle well let me that there is another woman that I'm competing against. It could be altering your mind seeing it we don't know if she got a picture how weeks. Katie have you ever thought about applying for the bachelor. The because. I think I would ever be able to stop watching you compete on match out. You can work out there and they're genetic testing again here soon right. Just think about it ninety I do your thing and they're all looking for marriage. Means bachelor's that's there on that show got. Occurred at Iowa Katie thank you for reconnaissance. Good luck. OK I think I I don't act under any felonies. That was only now really joke and it. Okay bank OK I ate. And I. I that was yesterday morning I miss out about a suddenly awkward and in the end. You've right now as my favorite part I think it is you are calling a rude dude. The community with I am so much hotter and she ends. She's like Matt I don't even understand it. Oh that's route. And that's a favorite. And it just isolate Jan going oh yeah hundred and just having available candidate for other purposes of the shaft that well me is. Just texted me Miette had been listening to all of that and we're offering her. Equal time to respond of course that's the only thing that's there yeah so rate after day and the change. Media will be on without us or five minutes. She can respond however she arrived. Star in 941.