Where is This Relationship Going? With Katie and Robert: Part 3

Thursday, April 13th

They've been on 6 dates in 6 weeks, and she needs to know how serious this is.


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and where is this relationship going is the question that we asked on your behalf on the jet engines show. And we do it every Thursday today we did for Haiti and just got a phone with Robert. I didn't even get the question out of mine now this time. Because Robert was like I'm the head job here and just lets you know that I'm casually dating to people I don't even know who called you about this. Not into anything serious so. Katie was losing that hole saying good now. Now Katie it. I appeal and. I think this is old. I had. Can't. But I'm not gonna let another girl beat me. So. I'm going to war repair. Okay well. He was interested in our relationship at all like he was dating to people he said he's not just about a has he not. Mel I mean he's never talked to me about dating another girl but. I'm actually I'm on the computer you now on I am grounded FaceBook. Count and I DC one that girl Anemia. And. It's crazy to get I am so much hotter than she edits. She's like I don't even understand. That's. So. Look I'm not in it and be not as I don't. I don't loose and things like that's so she's gonna have something coming. You Jews debt. You're not gonna kill her aria that all know. Richard I hear he doesn't want a relationship you about beating out somebody aside he's like oh yeah I can't wait to get married I just can't decide who. He basically just said I don't want today anybody seriously. It likely that that the words they came out of his mouth. He's just confused and he needs to be. We know. Need to be shown that that one at a batter and I can do it I mean she she got African events planner that flake you don't even need a GT for that. Like what you get to college drop out so I mean I can I can be heard strategic. Why they hate on her chin don't you think. And yields. Seep I don't know about you either. She might know about me knows. Appointed his bed and that I'm not gonna let that slide and and I'm going to be a one on top. You're not gonna let what slide you've been out within six times you had to to jam up parties or whatever you call them. Sleep a sleep over. So because of bad obviously he like me you just need he didn't need a little bit the chairmen are little better command scene that I can do that. A little bit of rear Sherman's or a little bit of why. Didn't seem convincing. How do you need to know that I'm the better one and then he'll drop her. How do you convince him. You know through. Your things they do and and but. I'm not gonna let me get away with that. She's. She's doing everything. But I mean didn't thank you guys first I mean after I mean I know adding it up. Okay good promises laughs right right now you're not kidnapping and he went right. Corn not any kidnapped and went. Okay. India and anything else. I just think you need a tennis maybe take it day to meditate and do little yoga. How close alliance is like relax and realize it he's not the right guy. Because you told us in the beginning you wanted to serious relationship. He's just said he doesn't so this isn't the guy is has nothing to do with the other girl. I mean it's that's just my perspective. I think you save yourself a lot of. I didn't sell to day but I just. That doesn't settle well me that there is another woman that I'm competing against. It could be altered in his mind so we don't know if she got a picture how weeks. Katie have you ever thought about applying for the bachelor. Because. I think I would ever be able to stop watching you compete on match out. You can work out there and genetic testing again here's sit right. Just think about it ninety I do your thing and they're all looking for marriage. I mean bachelor's that's when you're on that show that occurred. Right will Katie thank you for reconnaissance. Good luck. Okay and think I I don't act under any felonies. That was only now really jerk and okay bank OK I ate. The guy. What did you say the first time about her cutting his hair and her in his sleep part of percentage of pressure. How did you notice that her voice. The very. Thing gang hand how did you got the radar doubt I got. Radar this trade I've got great. God. And Jennifer are welcome to the damage and Jim. A warning died she toll stepped over the line and going and it's like oh yes oh my god I hope he littler than at any doubts are right you know. Wow pretty neat they sent her I Kathy in Marietta hey. Anybody tell me so number. One handy and. Larry. I. Thanks very god can you. I. I did today in Smallville. Yeah our high. Almighty god. We had to say that there are. Sorry. And it may be cheated Michael Platt who. Yeah I know I'm. No offense I think she's she's. I got I'm driving or walking around I'm shaking will just both yet. And I'll try it you know guys who we had like I had any call that would that it guy so Peking. Or are bigger than 200. We've got a number comeback. Hello I wish I call it a guy called him out and they seem annoyed though he was like I. Ausmus honestly I have a gal to Mary and I headed. I don't like Derrek Lee. Think she's just spirited. I like you were you you you go there in new entrant Nina right or. Don't. Then women to. Be anything and I. Mean. Thanks Erica I have yeah. Not here that she did not hear him at all like oh no doubt this is now competition. Jessica aiming at Kennesaw. She really any. Like. Yeah it out you know you'd know. Did you were you able to hear the crazy did you have Credo are like Jeff. When we first talked. It to give you. Know. Oh Q well actually she beat everybody Correia who. True times I was like whoa. That's their potential time magazine this twos and Athens wins a million. Am certain get back there has considered the attic. Out and say a local creek. Got great okay outlook is your dad slowly. She. I want casually they are more like it or her niece. Oh. She's running a cornucopia. Occur weapons. I wrote her. An AT and. You had I had instead they've mania. Know that Katie eggs this. Bush you have now because Katie rate now is under me as bad as. Good times where is this relationship going if you wanna be a part of it head over his surname forward Atlanta attack come and and sign up and will will make the call on your behalf. All like old share that conversation continues lead jet engine on base plus.