Where is This Relationship Going? With Katie and Robert: part 2

Thursday, April 13th

They've been on 6 dates in 6 weeks, and she needs to know how serious this is.


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Michael and Carol sent welcome to the death engines show my grandparents and hung up. All may and then he couldn't believe there we're gonna pick up the phone and call. Roberts on behalf of Katie and Aaliyah 100%. We are. Quick reminder though I'd Disney we get a big goal vacation. Yes we do you will be one of the first to experience pandora the world of avatar diseased animal kingdom when you score this trip is a trip for four we're taking care of flight home twelve. The park hopper passes so Walt Disney World and we are gonna have your keywords when it coming up here just after 8 o'clock this morning. Michael's back came my goal. I guess so let me get this strengths. If not Monday morning at 7:45 in the morning and a channel about the call that man freaked him out. And asked them what do you think about it girl and didn't issued wanted to become an. It's a good idea well she doesn't facts she wants didn't have all of his babies. OK I got it going head into a sample site for the man right now. And I got a good head would about the book. Will pass along your well wishes I thank you might go and adds inaugurated about to have and I. Jamie is squirming in her seat over the phone cause she's about to make for this week's winners this relationship going. Yeah okay so we are gonna call Robert on behalf of Katie and asked him an awkward question where's this relationship going. They've been dating for six weeks. They see each other about once a week in that time period Katie says she is not one today casually mass round she wants to know if he's ready to be her boy different. I KV. Are you still committed to doing this you've had three minutes to think about it. At that time we are gonna place you on hold and call Robert and ask him. If there's six dates for ham or is important. As they were free and I hope that okay. At. Center ice. I opt. I. Well hey is Robert their pleas. There are hey Robert this is Jen and chest from the jet engine and Joseph concern any form one how we do. Hey ya doing cut. Yeah right well think spark coming on with us to talk with us today. As you've been told we do some talks about relationship and romance on our show. And today you are in the Sutter of my friends have. Yeah yeah okay I hate deal like I've kind of figured out that I know I haven't really coast and anybody. So I know it's got to be your eighty year and yet that all the guys and so I just wanted to kind of like jump ahead and just. Pomp and let them know whoever it is that I'm just I'm currently dating her now and I'm just not trying to be exclusive. On yeah so and I try to be rude but I you know edit store and are you beat anybody on it and Eric. A tank while I am sure that they both appreciate that I'm do you want to know who assets to call you. Big deal now. Well I could I I'm you know he can thank. I think I think I did it probably everybody played with open them so you know. All I can rhetoric from the president trying to find out but I think I ate it apart so I'm not trying to be reiterate they are just gonna get myself in trouble on this car. Talk talking. Gotcha. Okay so year and a space right now where you are just casually dating. A couple people and if there might be more aren't there might be less but. That's where you are. Exactly and what are the names of the people you think might be a part of this segment. Here. Ky and I. Thank you Robert appreciate preachers and they can call Robert appreciate it. I was most proud of my involvement in that segment jam it mainly how I stayed out of it until the very. Act profit and a I've got to ask some things that I. A little while I thought that I was going to be the one that was feeling awkward but he just went right there out how do you think she's gonna respond to that. She's he sent me she says she's not interested in casual dating. I in three minutes we'll pick up the founder we'll talk to media about what doctor K now I'm happy I will real relationship. Army we already did it without ruining it we're getting the answers she asked for. Walt talked to Katie here in three minutes above. We'll get her final thoughts as we wrap up this babysitter where's this relationship going 80 am next. And shall star.