Where is This Relationship Going? With Katie and Robert: Part 1

Thursday, April 13th

They've been on 6 dates in 6 weeks, and she needs to know how serious this is.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now. There is this relationship you can always. Katie should welcome to the Jeff finch and show how are you are. Yeah. Well. I'm trying to figure something out and I'm hoping that and that he and that is what we do. Well at least we tried to do with where's this relationship going. He's sound a little bit timid. Ayman. Mel I mean. Now that now led committed to acting you guys Gillick but just get it done. And let's get a bad men who who are we asking the question where's this relationship going. Let me ask triggered named Robert. And need I hated it first pick. And it's going to sign a gift. I don't wanna know where it's going because I'm not protect a person that we may tie game and I am not protect workers and shoot. Is looking battalion brigade and the interest rates relationship. So I hit wanna know what he's saying he and that this is going to land. I was six weeks is a little. Early in a relationship to ask. Citrix is a little early in a relationship to even caught a relationship at. I don't think so I think it. But he did you know worried. Don't know I think like. Three weeks is security particularly mean of course in each other consistently. It now had cute sleepovers. So. And I want to know if they're past this I rarely are not. Edwards is giggling they called sleepovers. So I have many times we. Want to attack and seeing seeing him exactly six times. Okay six cents to sleep overs so he's not your boyfriend's. I mean I don't analysts lets you would set OK so that's kind of where where you want it's ago. It is very wanted to get a crack. And you'd don't think gas plays in the call is gonna act totally freaked him out dear. I don't. Now what I mean. He's in a sensible guy and and I deserve to know so I sat. I guess I don't think you get a break outlet to do it. Nobody except when it sounds like you also wouldn't care if he freaked out because of you guys. And you would know that he's not into something right now and you definitely want something serious right now. And tech so we're gonna break the ice on this conversation. And see what he says and then you guys can continue it later. If he ever talk again. Okay I'm sure he'll call me. Okay. All right so your sure act. The season. I have our. Eyes or anything else we need an hour is how did you guys meet just say tear gassing. Our co worker is senate sub. Because these non-GAAP. OK. I. All right cool well we will. Given the call as you listen men and see how he answers the question where is this relationship going. And then afterwards and talking to Robert he says his name just. OK afterwards and talk to Robert then more come back to you and see what she thinks if we got. The radio insert or answer that your hope for. IK give us three minutes well. Tracked him down hands it. They would sag extremist OK hang on. OK can she hears from him she can't hear straight now now okay. Should we do this yes are you sure that's we're totally in a flip amount. Oh yeah I guarantee you she is already flipped him out yet light just by the time her voice. I think she has probably cut his hair out he while he's sleeping. Do you think. Oh my god yeah but let's wings say. Oriented and do I have to ask him about their sleep overs CBS has come a slumber party yeah. Star in 941.