Struggling with Fertility? Jenn Understands

Wednesday, April 12th

If you're struggling to have a baby, Jenn's been there and she wants you to know this.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Get a get a little Rio for a couple minutes and the jet engines show us because eyes today. It is an important day for Jenn hobby. Is our oldest daughter Lauren interns for. It's a birthday today and I take her birthday as an opportunity to share our story of trying to have her. Because it was not easy so if you are struggling. To have a baby. I know this is a private pain you are suffering silently. So am I hearing go to the tissues to it and I'm out and this is also important. Because. If you. Know so. If you know of someone who is struggling with this hearing Jan talk about it in this way will give you some insight in how to. The weed them makes sense because I have learned from the other times you have to have talked about this. I have learned that maybe some of the things that I've said it to people. But am. Like the old just give it time is actually a dagger. So pay attention if if you go and and then also even if you don't know anyone who's being public about it because. Mr. and said it's such a private. It really is it really is and a little background on our story is I've always wanted to have kids. And so you really really once I am. Can China put together a quick. So that I don't business through this town. Wind grip and I met and got married I was so excited to find that perfect partner to have a ceiling test and so. Starting our family was so important and every time we get choked up you have to do this. I think I'm doing this alliance. And it now it's this story and. But honor guard they I want to share that this story because I I feel like it's important to keep going and keep trying because. We tried wore a long time to get pregnant and were unsuccessful and so. I know the privacy. Of that pain you don't wanna share your story with people that you're trying because then every single month. Did you work did it work and then if it does work sometimes it doesn't take and so. There are. So many people that are going through it mom. And don't get the results that they want and it's a roller coaster of emotion that you are on. Through the entire time it can become a really weird part of your relationship. Because. If you're not successful and never getting that positive pregnancy test month after month after month after month he's start to worry. Whose fault is it yeah it's my fault. You know. And you're a couple in your to gather and that's what you want to make happens to your teammate be your life is my partner to us are looking at me differently if I can't do this right. Right and I think as a woman for me I thought like this is why you know. Condon you know mother nature and earth and Ed this is why I'm here is to have a baby and why can't I do any start to feel like such a failure. I know that that feeling of that frustration so much. When a you have a friend that's like my husband doesn't sit me and I get pregnant. You know and they don't know that there are saying it to you because your privately going through that you're not. Telling your friends posting on FaceBook I results every single minded that's got to feel. Like jumping into a bathtub full of ice where are you checking and you're emailing you get another eve night to a baby shower or FaceBook you see when another. Gender reveal her sonogram is that what they are another sonogram picture another pregnancy announcement you want so badly to be happy for your friends. That are successful at it. You want a high five them when they say things like. We weren't even true. We got pregnant or we haven't hoops you wanna be so happy for them but when you're struggling with it who it's an old hurtful. And so. Yeah friends that are around that stage and I'm not talking about starting a family that you know someday they wanna start feeling they might be privately. Struggling to Jesse sensitive to that when you say. My nose and yeah. You don't mean it to be a dagger but it really can be and there's. There's. I tell us some a little bit of that Shane Murray feel like it's your fault and nurse for some reason for me there was so much shame in asking for help. I don't know why that watts or. You really can discipline meaning. Asking as you would starts I would assume the first. The first person you asked for help from would be either your general practitioner or a year for it girl back. Your girl doctor gas. And so that's where it starts. And then after that you can go and seek more help and we did we sought fertility treatments because it had been. Over a year and I had done everything imaginable and I had an Omar some I've found was taken my temperature and tidy up the right time in your. You know he's an ovulation sticks in your doing all this stuff behind the scenes that nobody knows about it's totally stressing you out ready to send you over the edge. And you just for some reason I didn't wanna go that extra step to ask for fertility help what we did and thank god we did. Is it feel like that when you go and ask for help but does it. While it's going to be the beginning of what will hopefully be a positive outcome. There's going and ask for help almost feel they can defeat in itself yet but I need my doctor to tell me how to do this because I can't do it on my own. Yes and what I'm saying is that that joy rate of finally getting now positive the joy of happiness. That child and now that she's turning four and so I pushed through all of those embarrassment feelings we pushed through all those feelings of shame and he could be wide open about your medical history pretty wide open about all these things you typically wanna be so private about. You gotta let them do some exploration. You and your husband are and on your partner you know I mean there's some you know he's got a get some counts of some things he did you don't necessarily behind cannot keep up. You gotta go in there and so. I just shared my story so you don't feel alone if you're going through this. And said that you keep trying don't give up there's so many ways to become apparent there's so many. Kids who need parents who are party on this earth who. Don't have people to love and so many different ways to become a family now. So what ever it takes for you because for you and may be fertility treatments for you may not work that may not be an option but there's always going to be another way. If you in your heart of hearts and know that you're meant to be here and meant to raise a family you can do it. Hey I Katie and fiery brands welcome to the show. I Jackson lose I just want to say thank you Janet thank you prefer being on here and saying let's say and I hope that we can. Leaky. Didn't come together in portrait and make it easier and easier and easier for women who are struggling because I'm struggling right out quickly and I ain't out. We've actually been there twice diet I am I would try to. Pet and I get that positive and it goes away. And I just I want to thank you don't. And in the nursery is so much more common I have so many friends that privately suffered a miscarriage after miscarriage. And I did not have to go through that and I cannot imagine the pain of that. And one of my dear dear friends that went through so many now has. You beautiful son and she pushed through at all so. You know I am cheerful it's such an emotional thing to recall and to be live but. It's all worth it to keep trying keep trying keep trying don't give up don't throw in the towel and. Hey you yeah you can do it don't give up well. It. Is it that I am I'm so sensitive to because they don't wanna say anything Herschel but like I've felt like saying good luck to her is that you wanna say that it. Think so and I think just knowing that knowing that people's you know. Aren't suffering in a pair that's the biggest thing is it's such deprive it. Being but it's the only thing on your mind its top priority it's top of your mind the entire time you're going through it. Which you can't talk about it with people are going to give a break criminal work and might. And Mike so what did you do last night all I took my temperature a hundred times I repeat on this sickened mastic and I guess that nearly you know you can't even cheering. And I and I got to run home at 210 today yeah that because that's gonna be my peak time in about eight NM my husband gets stuck in traffic we're screwed another month of. Yeah it is it's like. But there's a shame in asking for help and just just keep trying I promise you it will be worth it because. Lauren turns for today and we didn't push through some of that she wouldn't be here in the NY. I can. And hit it that way and I'm so glad she's here because I really don't. Like the fact that you created yet another woman in this world who run screaming from main. Thing I ever everytime I try to flood way itself. It says she learned to grant based times this morning to win. Well turn out I ran away from the hype around. Arabia reminds me of college suck at math and she's just for now 22 that's option. Aron in Atlanta. Welcome Danny. And I don't think you're period bit here. In boot. It. Up. All the all the long I'll. Write our. Own and we're actually about to start I thought well I'll admit I can't forget that much. Disney time. Is keep track it's expensive. It's hard to go through it does it's incredibly disruptive in life but it. It's so worth and I was sneaking in the back. Stairwells. Because we heard on the radio rights you know at the other show it's time and I didn't want people to know my struggle is embarrassed evidence that time and so. Sneaking in backs stairwells of Georgia reproductive specialists and trying to get into my doctor's appointment without anybody seeing me. How ridiculous is that Christie and social so. So welcome to the shall. Be good morning and aides are gonna Jan. I just wanted to shake out how. A big YouTube got to be patient but has it that the year and a half to get our you would first like and you're gonna have to get pregnant would affect someone. And it was just one of those things that you know we had to trap a natural you know those supplements and saying let it our work early. And the solution is it different for everyone it's not a just go on vacation. Just relax. Just I'm trying in the and it happened yet he can't he can't say that people chess game Carter so they had a Jan. Oh yeah a death how are you with the question. I'm okay I I totally understand right he's still got a contract that your pet care. A little fertility saying. That hadn't had a historic day. Lately given up or haven't yet. How we have are we have a doubt that it simply that he's back at the absolute last thing we have to boy girl. But don't give up don't happen. I wish it. Wade you way to jump Brady and Jessica I mean he's 00 to four and one day you our main point in your meant to be there mom. I believe that. Out. I think to elaborate on every each and Elliott and her copied but I have are natural children. We're very heartbreaking. And went separate with every single day on every hour. Earned and now all these children have a beautiful life its stand plates and actually be more you have to be patient have to get that you know it's I don't get hot. I love love love your story. A thousand thank you Jessica. She has inspired a lot of people and that Lindsay. Yet Iditarod Italian thank you. Out of the only other show up my hand and I tracked her exciting years. And my daughter and one ounce and that even though she's not biologically are. You're story Kashmir so much because I had no line I'd much rather you can look at what can get pregnant. I just wanted to say thank you there's. Sort of an event to talk about. Your story maybe completely. I'm so glad you have a daughter congratulations. It. Thanks NC. Thanks for share imagine. Experts say the line everywhere they weren't. There's a good thing you did so thanks for trying to and it's tough. You know it's it's tough jury live but I also just won a net you know that you're not alone but the biggest thing I felt so so alone. And you're not alone. Star in 941.