That's What She Said: Part 2

Wednesday, April 12th

Play along with our new radio game! I mean, who doesn't want to hear Jeff's sexy feminine voice?


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Star in 941. I'd Jody who is nineteen cheese. Currently in the lead she's got to rank in sixty seconds but this round of Massachusetts. The players the participants put on headphones that are. Blocking all outside sound while I whisper purview phrases I mean I Jenn hobby at them. They are freezes that a woman might say in the sensual voice. We're just making just do it that's she's good. So I was actually board game called that's what she said and I Jen thinks it's hilarious to hear me whisper things like. My Poodle as painting. Gary hold I'm at the time yes. I got I Jenn hobby and played for you and tell him I'm Marius says that. Are shifting its rewrite. Your winner Maria yeah it's an. Is age. They were just coming up with on the headphones and we give me eight waves almost starting. How does he said. Yeah I'll give you a wave. Comments it's gangsta rap music come on target. I have to have this should we just now wave patterns have MS of their dissent. Can't. Changing out here's a countdown to sixty seconds and we'll began three its new one and go. My cheeks hurt. My cheeks hurt but. She's okay that's the. I'd late night T bag please. I do hi I need money I tea bag please I like empty bag you must choose. Now Dino what I thought. I'll take my name black in strong. I take mine in pac and Iran. I'll hate mine and I'll take my main black eagle act against. Time yeah. We got ourselves a winner. Congratulations enjoy Ariana grinding tonight. Do you brought wild day. I hope I don't mean just think it. I. We want to save all of the ones that just says listen I am now I guess I whizzed round but you can get better believe. Men if you think I let it tea bag please visit. Yeah I'm nice and loud and confident. That's a she said. I guess our brand new game that's Ritchie said courtesy of Jenn hobby send your complaint Stratton thinner thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One star not before one.