That's What She Said

Wednesday, April 12th

Play along with our new radio game! I mean, who doesn't want to hear Jeff's sexy feminine voice?


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Her son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. Jane is very excited about her again. Very excited about. I'm coming up with a game called that's what she says yeah. This is actually a board games that James founded astore. We're combining it we gave it Jimmy Fallon whispered challenge. And making any competition today. For Arianna grind it. It's so you can play along with us and we are going to. Ana wind on behalf of some. Listeners. I Caylee and hackworth who would you like to be playing on your behalf. He enjoys is birthday girl Jane nine. Kelly cheese or Jenn hobby yeah. And I won't have urged a barrel. Hey they are all like aliens and Jane nine or teamed up. I while Jane and wanna you go first then. Says Kelly she's lasted that they go to FaceBook alive duties if Iran stern and for wind. Atlantis FaceBook page. And yeah. I think one thing that could lead to restart her dad words this is always either. My mom love you you're my age he lied about it again. Yeah. Huge library in my aunt Sharon has. She said yeah I'm really. I'm really having a problem with how many people a single Laker yeah. All. You just remember remind your mom that she would be nothing without me that's what I call. Tony as I like to whisper to her while she sleep and remembers a matter say draw she's awake but I can't explain how this game work. This that's going to work Jeff is going to whisk her some quotes that would typically be said by a woman and his very womanly way and then and all we are in ninety. Quotes to be said by a woman these urges. Uncomfortable. Curvy quotes and quotes that would be sent by Salomon and as. Preformed I just dollar and Jane I'm gonna have some headphones on her head was really loud music and she's going to figure out what Jeff is saying OB sixty seconds on the clock. And we. You have to get through his many phrases as possible. A listening. Okay we need right okay. Because. It'll be however many you get right in sixty seconds and they tell you will get to go and I'll get to go and whoever gets the most right. In year one minutes. Winds Arianna ground it's against or a your partner. I K. I ate the least journey and an AJ ING nine the birthday girl I JP it's used tearing down. I'd start the music going your. Hank the cheesy game some jump on my. And I and I start the clock eyed GP sixty seconds on the clock and OK I got ready. These keys got clocks. This is the clock this TV's not cause. This is this Haiti's. Dot com. This is not a clock these tedious. Cut costs. Oh my gosh task so. Crying and organ donor. I am the only ain't. He man and ordered gained toner. And then only style. Iron and ordered gain Spooner. I. I got a pass. Jack. Yeah yeah. You may be home ice hockey. He made big like not Celebrex. Ask. You spent out bad boys. Does it is that time time warrant. Eight Caylee. No wine. I know I'm never gonna I don't really. I don't points on the board and I Jodi and Peachtree City. You Kelly cheese or gen Tommy. Worry me tell you see. I seen the throw the head from side and now to throw that comes on start the music out and off we. I'll. Let the grounds mean. Spirited and I have. Tell your rate. I am and that's it she said it around you that's she's. JP for its sixty seconds and talked please. And don't do it. Doesn't that currently. I just kinda latter. That's pass half a passes. I like my son's. Soccer and form. Our time I think I got a high yield late night behind my life my bun and soft and warm and soft and armed. This set I. Byrd gave me there are I had seen. Creamy. Creamy if Florida Keys mean I've turned. Bar style aborted kids meet hello forgive me father for has any other drives Santana and again he said. Powell aren't twins. If I. Farce. How could I thank. Okay. You obtain power Lou what our good swing. Power that's greens. Our ranks. Jodi you are currently in the leaves. Two series gets you on your behalf so I'll pull out of Dave Jennings. Denied I Caylee yeah we're gonna let you go tell your mom thanks for I've been subject Alexander. Haig yeah. I you AJ really think still yeah. I will come right back we had to do the Disney where here and we'll come back great after that they dizzy word and Dan and Tanya in Marietta. It's got Jenn hobby I don't I'm young. Let's do it soon as the number to be I will come right back and we will take care of the last round of the that's what she's had Cain with a sister Hillary Clinton's. And she I'll still are.