Jeff & Callie's Wedding Picture Debate

Tuesday, April 11th

Jeff's wife, Callie, called Jeff out today about an argument they had and asked the show to resolve it. Obviously, we did exactly that. 


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shelf full well I let me explain why a Cali is so. Frustrated. At me and I think. That my logic makes perfect sense and I got I think this shocking. I'm I'm floored by that right Ron good hands towers just. Sorry even get a sentence into attends an idea Delhi. I'm hearing what are you crack city arguments I we just moved. And were in the process of unpacking and decorating figuring outlook on what walls. Different things are gonna go you know as we've. I got unpacked like pictures and stuff. And there's a ball that cute how in the first year of marriage of solo we decision that was better. Sell our decision on how we are gonna decorate all that's so cute that's so it's been seven years that's the thing is like I have some of these pieces of art and stuff that I like. They have this it's a piano and it's got a rose. And the I'm paying dollar tip and tell me her nanny that comes in three parts so they can ask you though. I assume she's so there's this one Walt timid and on the wall there would be room for like two. Pictures that led eight by ten pictures like that the frames to be bigger you know you put and she said I'm gonna get to really get pictures of her wedding. And put them up there. And my gut reaction that was ot know. Where's all in the living room okay and she's like what you mean now and ice in IA. For our. It's I think I heard this or I mediator rule in my own mind. But you don't put it. Pictures of yourself up in common areas of your home. Like if we pull in one wedding picture up late on a table top or something like better. Whatever but I think hanging a picture of yourself. On the wall in a common area of your home is. So you feel like it would be okay showing your bedroom up. Or bathroom or somewhere that your guests are going to the bathroom would be weird because you. All player like the stairway going up for sure but in the living room. Area where I should be an arts area that necessary art but I think like in in that town homes that would it was mine and then Cali and I live there together. We had two big shelves and they recovered which is. Pictures frames we'd like snapshots and this topic but like. Groups of friends and like DM me in my frames in Cali and her friends and all of us together is a whole bunch of like. Snapped was it a FaceBook album but in real life. But there were no that I would never hang up a picture of just Cali and I. If you like that's very White House we'll pain in my making this rule up as anybody else ever heard the rule that you don't put pictures of yourself up and common or is there. I don't. Know that it's necessarily a rule. And I hate this for Cali but I don't agree with him out at nine iron and the a they are really wanted to disagree with you again. With their wedding picture yes. But that's click. Okay so the first time ever saw someone have wedding pictures I don't know why this is such a clear memory. I was at my sister's friend's house sells only like fourteen and they had just gotten married and they have their whole mental. Dedicated to a they had like two or three framed pictures and in the center was heard dried UK it was so cool. And I thought it was that I had no way prettiest thing ever. But like all the pictures of the wedding vows like they paid so much money for the photographer why not show it off more than just the one tiny share it C a man's soul. In the frames I agree with and we even had in our old house we don't have anything on on the walls and our new house that our old house we had a wedding picture like right when he walked in the door. That be considered a common area but not on the living room wall right on the even get more specific. Because to meal living room wallet behind accounts is that we're taught him. It's it would be to them right of where the couches. But I mean everybody's in that room like that that plays he living now the living room in the kitchen or at all one giant room. And thousands like kitchen and goes into the living room. So. Yeah. Which you'd I would just like back up on the fact that it's a rule regular phone number out so Moore yeah and Andrea yeah. Lanny but I doubt. Hero for tell me and did you could agree that can have a year for Lindsay. For every sit right for a 426309. A 41 and if that's the rule. I curry I don't. But I as I can I feel like I walk in the semis house and I see pictures of them. And the Holloway and going up this Ayers and it has barely torture all right casually like another on the little side table are aware ever find them and I seal my above their counts. I almost think and I only in this towards you or cal because I think you're decorating skills are on point but I think hustled Marcus thank you your outlook I've for a fourth day since. And I'm Frontline Jan and Kelly aren't enough Geneen I hear you I'm ignoring you. What I did his opinion yet is he as he is a dude is he allowed haven't any Ariane callies at my side I'm on genocide Arab purpose he gets an opinion so. In one sentence and done they're gusting up so 4042630941. Man only do I wanna win this argument I wanna demolished. Ali I'll. So thanks for certain the ball rolling gen more of your phone calls coming up. Star in 941.