Where is this Relationship Going? with Audrey and Greg: Part 3

Thursday, April 6th

Is Greg ready to make a real commitment? Audrey called us hoping we could help out.


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Her son when you get to work and get and so consider relatively well. Well he's starring these horrible life. Abject Galilee got a copy had to wake up from Matt. Wow that guys Pannemon and a place. Man and he likes the sound of it yeah. Is that is that chatty Fella. Hit and we joke by its. Audrey welcome active Asia. Then I say you got to hear Gregg go on and and I'm back and time. About your relationship have about his past there is a lot of stuff in there. Yeah what's it adds you the most. Arab well back. He basically doesn't wanna get married. Again the only neat. This thing this act out the most to me is that he compared you to his ex wife yes which was like red flag number one and I was like oh no throw the flag wrapped. A flag on the. You know. Are you okay. It didn't. Yet am I guess. I get open door and don't be rude or anything but it but it delegated. Right now. Yeah okay. Yeah we don't foresee do anything. But you're not with him right now you don't have to get back together with bright. Stay strong like you you called us to get answers and I think everybody listening is in agreement that the answer you guy. Why is. He's not the wintry. I maybe we can get some advice from our listeners for each city you can. Tune as they'd just heard all that too and sometimes outside. Perspective can be more subjective. And can make sense to you and hearing. You know we can do reason is retread to post this. On our. FaceBook page that's a great idea and let people write encouraging messages to you that you can read when your ready that makes sense yeah. He's a Smart man and and so weakened post that'd FaceBook dot com. Slashed Jeff and Jen shadow. On June genes as we have that up in five minutes. And it would just say pose some encouraging words to Audrey. He error and and when you're ready read it because I guarantee you there's a lot of women who either and where you are. Or who know people who have been where you are and and there're. Experience can maybe help you navigate through this okay. I don't mean this whole thing into exhausting. Now yeah you know I get network ten have Audrey. You can do that. You do yeah. It think it became bank OK I. I if you wanna equally firm message. Yeah it's that is actually operate now so disturbed faced attack com slash Stefan. Any support of words words of encouragement. To help her navigate. You know college. The rollercoaster that is her relationship yeah yes exactly be on again off again and if you know somebody who has been through this news come out the other side events. And ask them. To listen to it and leave her some comments. Is that would help to re definitely. It's that whereas this relationship going. On the Japanese and joked before one. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.