Where is this Relationship Going? with Audrey and Greg: part 1

Thursday, April 6th

Is Greg ready to make a real commitment? Audrey called us hoping we could help out.


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the now. There is this relationship going. They Audrey welcome to the jet's engine jab. All tiny little scared and welcome it he wears this relationship going. Audrey tell us about your did you. Well how to learn dating a guy that we've been dating are not years. And. He. I integrate diet has been on or not. Or on time. So you're only. Usually when you guys are on how long is it for. Permit a year legally we should leave easily make it like to the holidays. And then. And cat had it's like don't really awful rollercoaster any candidate. Has rolled and then it. You know he you know call one income get back together earn. So it is an honor not it is not. Very stable. And you say this is being going on for how long. All year for years wow okay. And I think when you guys are ops and off part about how long does that is several months or just weeks. And it's like six times so mean to light the trial. Without like any contact I mean it's not likely late it's ugly and like we you know we cannot be a friend or anything like that it just. It's weird I don't add on not explain it I know it and my friend the challenge in only and it's just it's an odd relationship aren't. It and cannot over it means occupy it and and it kind of over it. So what do you want you to. And if you could write the scripts. Well I would. Mean I know you've been married deport a huge recently divorced mentally actually like started eating at that time and so I mean. Marriage would be cool is very comfortable in each other and we're like. To measure because we are we know each other and you know he's been dating a decline in had been elegant than it insert this long period tying. And you know. That you'd think that would be the next dat. I. It's. I mean in theory if you have been together for four straight years. But obviously there's red flags come average you can only make it a year before you have to be apart for six months. Am as soon as ai is that a fair assumption that he instigate eats. Each one of the separations. Yes that would be Thursday. And you always taken that. Cool yeah I mean you know it's hard dating aren't you trying to Monday. Are you know it's you in those type of restaurant wanna go to new he can beat you wouldn't see you out of it. I mean he's in he's a nice guy you know he knows my friend. Is me are you guys currently. In a relationship where you guys currently on a break. No we're on break right now and he is. You want to get back together and I'm just play. What you know is this going to go to rarer do we get back together you know I mean am I. And I know I'm on like our whole lives being pattern that I need to jam box. Sometimes. Say you would be willing to give back together but only if he says this relationship is going to. Serious the level. Yeah a lit later exploration to send a weren't trained in Beardstown. It. Yeah but we we talked about that though and who perished had expressed. I guess that you guys don't talk about Mary's you've never talked about it. And you said he's been through a divorce so I'm guessing he might be a bench right there. Did you get lucky he didn't he saying yes or no lawyer doesn't ever say you know I don't I married again arts. You know we I don't wanna bring it out and you know just because I don't want it. Claremont where I don't know what he's been there you know. Well he's you've been with him in some form. For over four years. So you do know what he's been through. Yeah I mean that we do we don't talk about. Was never heard that relationship what why are we know what went wrong or anything like you know. It's a couple of other questions free Audrey and we all Callan and we'll ask him this question for you. But here's one do you think he dates other people when you Mazur on the break. In I mean. I ebitda and has seen that lady did you know he's he's really into lake is. There and innate hunting you know the see where he would have a time. I don't know. I I would hope. Thank you. OK and so when we call him and say where's this relationship going you wanna sit push towards are you going to marry her someday. I'm an answer that for you and I'm gonna say yes. Because yeah I think anything I I think you're in a position where any glimmer of hope. Any glimmer of anything is gonna make you go all OK and ran back to his arms. I think you're only acceptable answer is him saying that you are the love of his life. And he's got some other bags he's been sorting out but I think that's the I think that's the answer you need to. Yes OK. I we're gonna come back in three minutes and call him OK. Okay. Hang on with us Audrey I don't know why jam but I am so annoyed by. Why because I think if he's in push around yet this is being a doormat you. Heads yeah nobody deserves that I should Def. You found that anybody deserves that but you don't know what you get yourself. Back into over and over and over again which is why I don't wanted to take any answer less than. She's a lot of his life and. I welcome back in three minutes we'll call him where's this relationship going on the jet engine chip. And jumpstart. It before one.