Ghosthunting with Rebecca and Austin: Part 4

Thursday, April 6th

They had a spring fling over break. She was hoping it would be more, but he's not answering...


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And young star Eddie or Laura and tracking. Delmon people who lived Goss did you want. It's so you don't so. Yesterday morning we have wrapped up but we thought we wrapped up ghost timing wave Rebecca looking for Austin. Yes so if you catch it the last a couple of days are bad call list against cent per Austin met on spring break had an awesome time together. She lives in Athens as you GA and they met in the Bahamas on spring break an Austin goes to state. So they have this great time together but they can't get in touch afterwards so we think. Well this is classic he just on something on spring break. And so will contract and then get an answer that call and we tracked him down. But what we find. Is that he's really hurt and he was waiting to hear what he said was that means that. So Lilly who sent back to her as we do goes something she's like. All ams it's a lot cheerleader just like eat. Three and yeah and then. He wouldn't answer our calls so we thought maybe there was technical problem and Rebecca was gonna spend yesterday. Just trying to catch up with them and see if you would answer. Games sort of the benefit of the doubt Ford despairing yet again. They are Rebecca welcome back to the shall hurry don't need her I am okay. You talked him did you. So term. I call them. And Texas and a couple trains and then he has not respond at all any members. You are I'm sorry. You are at Saks I. Re the reunion now app after app I have and you. So I think we have to say this is an unsuccessful. Co signing because. We tracked him down but we didn't find out the answers for her as he goes and asked him. I will go out on a limb or whatever auger and say how bad it. He. Has a girlfriend. Because he was able to save face you know publicly whatever on the radio he thought to Obey the enemy and then you'd just be able to blow you off. If he didn't have a girlfriend you would just respond with hey. I'm at and this or whatever are Hamm does I don't do long distance. Right you get out of it and at once if I'll play in different ways but the fact that he's completely not responding to you never answering a phone call and never putting anything in writing. Makes it in the air to. This defend if you got busted. He and I just like completing her. I cannot didn't like her I just deleted and he's not responding intact while you're at it like there and he doesn't he's been dealing lately he probably thinking. If you're leaving him voicemails though. Even if he doesn't delete them he would be like this is some crazy girls on spring break nothing even happened and I a year man number two she was that your transferring here. Or something you know and I mean a green. And he responds in minutes if he responds and anyway. And he's validating what you're sang prayed. Oh that's right sorry Rebecca at least you know now. Dodged the ball I think we're all. And I deleted number in just you know I have not detect similar miracles again because there are you right there and then. Not to try it I'm just gonna I'm gonna walk away like he walked away and it's gonna end. Learning guests. I'm. Sorry Harry didn't work out batter into your help though you know outcome that. Feel so bad for our dogs. She well paying a cigarette packages thing. I hope and she hopes up and crashed twice value by. Just adaptable. That's a good point so got to look at it look at the bright side of situations like that. I'm that's our goal setting works if you wanna be apart of it you have somebody disappeared out of your life and he wanted to tracked down and find out why and his puppy can reach us are kind of always. Mainly stern and for one at NN dot com. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.