Ghosthunting with Rebecca and Austin: Part 3

Thursday, April 6th

They had a spring fling over break. She was hoping it would be more, but he's not answering...


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Arizona where NATO and can. Now back to the one story now before wants. My wife Kelly is today is Janice like ambassador of love she. It's love I do love love. You like Bosnia the role of cheerleader and she's so excited you are Jan is so excited because. Coast I think today was between two people who met I'm college spring break. Hey in Florida seminoles crosses paths with a Georgia Bulldog. And they're stars were prospered the last they have to go back to their separate ways. They're separate states go back to Georgia go back to Florida and they are about to be reunited. Not so expect Rebecca felt like Austin and those that are but he's like wait I have been waiting to hear summer so. I thought it was gonna go back. Rebecca did you hear all. I did yeah I heard everything at that and so happy. Who won is. Now. All I. Need like EU I you know only about I. Mainly all excited that he Hilton deal. Which you sent the messages to him because this is important whereas in a blue bubble are agreeing Bobble. It would limit my bubble it was a one on the right eye and I nobody in my and the do you have and I found. Because that's OK so did woods is we use and it. Did it come up blue or green because of agreeing it means it's an android who knows what happened we can. It would clearly it was Delonte went you went through Kodak and I didn't get. A light into energy like error you know like he didn't send it to their no air they're banged. What would you like to college little would you like to call him back rate now we can have a little reunion radio and the radio yet but yeah I can't wait. Yes. This is like now president privacy and mom wants de La scala. I can't hear this. Nation only. And challenging. I. I never knew the green and blue thing. Seriously fiercely and I know you don't judge people who have green bubbles. Iowa. And here are from pursing year Texan with a green bubble persons like. New loans. Mind. I didn't rock and articulate opponent announce to please leave your name numbered brief message and I'll get back into it I can't thank. I. Hockey. I did the rock and actually from the owner and Albert please leave me your name numbered brief message and I'll connect you and I can't thank. Weird Rebecca is that this same voice that you got before. Yet at him. That's weird. I don't know what he wouldn't yeah. Easy he's still on hold on the other line he's out he's a 100%. I you had any sort of on its own but even need where needed. Iowa and look at I would weren't heard a lot. Well I just don't I think that he said what he'd say to be cool on the radio and I of these for whatever reason. He's not still the player we originally body why are these a player I think it's just a vacation champ. Because I guess I mean he says he lied. And then he lied to you guys. I don't understand I can understand lake. Kirk. Overtime char yes you know I. Am. Or. Let the other theory. I can see your wheels turning them there while I'm wondering if she should call. Directly but it won't be any differently. He knows. You know is your kind for the same number role you called from me not a gap I'm trying to trying to reason why he wouldn't answer and I know you easing class. Earn it. Maybe our own thing and me we talked him out. Here. On the mineral we told him we call here yeah. Don't. I mean maybe later. We tell them when I'm. We. And we would connect them. Yes he you know we're. He. Told me that he wanted me to comment so he's not. I don't her I mean you. You know. Maybe he's I can and like maybe just didn't want to have anything you heard. I didn't go off and actually come upon announcement we'd. Actually you know what I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt that what if he got off the phone with us and then just down the shower. And a maybe I'm back a little bit later okay. Will you can Wear you keep us posted. I mean we you'd try to call him is that I want to craze that we can be crazy that we can column three times in a and that's not a crazy but why don't you get up the phone without us shoot him a text message. And let us know what he sad news. In response that xmas that's on call. Okay yet a tiny county area now. All right and then we'll check in review at this time tomorrow and find out. If you if you respond. I'd call right thanks Rebecca. Saint is the big guys get reunited. I don't now he could just beginning in the shower. Benefit of the doubt is yes it's very possible are right and that's how it goes setting goes we'll check in with her side this time tomorrow morning. On the jet engines show. Sorry about your love cheerleader and stay optimist might just be technical glitch. Right. Goes out and attempted austerity for Roland. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.