Ghosthunting with Rebecca and Austin: Part 2

Thursday, April 6th

They had a spring fling over break. She was hoping it would be more, but he's not answering...


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Tracking Delmon people who have Goss did you want. It's so you don't so. Yesterday morning at this time we met Rebecca. We are ghost hunting for Rebecca today. Defined Austin who she met on spring rain Primakov told us she gets you yanked. And went to the Bahamas at some friends for spring break every time. Met this guy and Italy definitely had a great time and then. He's now coasted so and in trying to track down Austin and find out what happened. Rebecca out to do wanna ask your question what do you order for what. The outcome of this is going to be a bit of a guy. Encouraging a viewer tracking him down or do they think you just need Atlantic. I think there like a little bit of both I think that age ultimately are like you gotta let it go the alcohol while I mean my arm. Thank god that we were really. Getting along and hang out a lot typing then their like hole all but most of them are sort of like. And we met at. And then we know he's the dude like he's he's all in all manner doctors can and again at another kind of like realistic but. If he immigrant my my best girlfriend she would like you know you guys really like each other night are you getting out and it can edit. I real banking and so and a little bit. I won't work I have pick up the phone and call him I'm gonna please you wanna hold. You'll be able to hear our whole covers Asia with ham by its. You oh obviously can't respond Ernie thank you began hold welcome back to you afterwards though and he your thoughts and I don't think I've deadlock and he has agreed to c'mon lists there. You know. I hold and a okay. You segments ruled. Yeah. It. I don't. Speak Hostin. Oz sentences and and Jeff from did you check out and start and for one hour you. Dad yeah yeah I had good thanks for coming on with us today. We. Check it and seeing taxi that spring break I was. I'll it would get to a brilliant at it. Much needed break from the heavy duty said he NN. Intensity. Of. Yeah. Yeah. At the end. The it is about a half don't know yet again all hey I don't know. So. I know I hear back to real life have Florida State now. I'm we are gonna ask you to step back in time for a second and go back to spring break. I exhibit of questions about oats. She told us about me and you and indeed has a great time and just under and let's talk. Yeah we didn't have your time. That. Never heard from her debt clear remember. Well she was feeling like she's never heard from yeah she really not taken such a ticket she thought that it was just a spring break Elaine yeah. And that there may be potential for our relationship that continued after you guys got back from vacation. I mean I I didn't hang it out on the leader now like it out. I totally. Expected to hear from aren't and then after that though. So. You haven't got any tax or phone calls from her. Don't know playing and are there any armor gave you tried to reach out to her or you can leave the ball in her record. I mean and lean on her or she had a number. And eat and brought that back. And then she hasn't called I think she spends too. Yeah that she was feeling like yeah it goes to her and she couldn't figure out why. I know. You know I had not a time I would never been there. So he's so if she calls or text you back you'll hear a 100% and. Totally yeah I. Am just an hour and I. Want them and crazy okay I'll Williams so. Adamant about what we really. You brought out. Permit a guy that's how we go down the cost aboard make sure that you guys get back into hats. Well it didn't turn it I can't edit it. His parents are. It's it's an amber she gave an obvious if the right number we just talked to a we heard welcome back in three minutes well I'll pick her up well. She's got to be elated obviously all pomp and then if she's up for a war call him back we had dinner. A guy. And they gamble meteor. I bet. Narrative. But we will be rapid growth and where and in two anti asthma inner chuck lottery and had every intention disparity violent. She I'll still are.