Cat Song Request for Masterchief and the Arbiter

Wednesday, April 5th

Jamie called hoping we could make a unique song for her very unique cats. One can open doors and the other's a vampire. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. Well the jet's engine and show all of the world famous cat songs the most ridiculous songs you've ever heard in your whole life because they are about and forecasts I Janie young is about to join us she is two cats. Master chief. And the arbiter. Sometimes RB for short. Before her. We go into this Geneen can can I ask why. I feel like master chief and arbor terror would be words that you know. Who AI ST that it feels like. That's firm halo or a halo the video game in the media got it I am Leo okay well now it is not to Cheney welcome to the show Janning. I I here's who we know about you you are are catwoman. And you love you love video games. Yeah I equally yeah I'll play video games with your cats nearby. Net an arbiter the little one world that in my lap why I'm playing matching key does not careful what I mean are you in every. Is that a baby. Isn't it that's my toddler in the background shall be Q and July. Actually so you hooked up with a boy. Those aren't. Making crazy currently be joking right Jamie a crazy cat lady video game eighty joke. Panic is. I know and it actually ironic because he didn't really get much and we have you again. You are you being the boy you've found. Yeah the boy without. I always stumbled across you know one day and the like an Ali Al until bill. I'm pretty make that I need more words the boy's name. He's mean and he Ryan. That Jamie and Ryan you have two cats and what is your daughter's name. Our daughter Reilly attack and so she she gets along with cats. Yes and I Ritter with actually her birthday president last year content. That kind of the price mom and apple and a little bit he was just like I told the lady we're getting a cat he need to go about. And I went actor Rick and take a cat. Match she. Does not really like all of the hyper activity that cardinal on patent toddler but he doesn't mind are Craig Ehrlich actually sleeping she's okay. Yeah. It's more his speed. I which cat would be the Alfred cat is it arbiter or master chief. Now. I'm sure she's definitely on arbiter probably about a third edit eyes they're both old ground but are pretty small. Aunt and Matthew cheek like first. Okay and it just carries Janie how did you hear about cap songs. I'm actually the GA scenario. But I happen to call and Wednesday on accident there maybe a patient I let me. OK okay you yeah. There won't work recalling about. I don't remember are the top of my head to attack. Think it was something like relationship related or something like that I care manager. That's when we convinced seats that make the switch because we would write you a cat. I remember talking CEO got high when I was three need to know about master chief and our return before we send this to our big parties there's. One match and she went kind of the reason why we have cat at all. My husband and actually allergic he's not technically a cat cat. I actually had cue cats we are getting together and eventually he recalled that it does I forget though that. And one day lead the night before Halloween we're rocking our Dodd and a hot happened to get up Q I'd like master chief came down out of the tree like rocket expect and follow that aren't. That night was like I guess he had the calm and I we can't just leave them out there. Our economy and how and really explain it Eric he still there. And I mean I. He didn't have any reaction to him I guess that must be the tape that cat he is there something that you inflate against the united thought they can get it late back. We needed in like get these banks. And it entry here. Yeah master chief is indoor. He eight actually indoor outdoor out of you that police air holes when we found ten they're trying to meet can completely indoor cat does not work out very loud he was perhaps. Happy being inside all the time. We started letting had an adventure out and now he comes home at night to sleep and you go about playing the data playing bring any rumor and. Permanent and he's in which one of the cancer and has had opened and closed doors. How do master chief's I think you learn to that moment and try to eat human endurance and because of that he can now elect himself outside. Which to kitten has now started you followed him. Com and still win master chief let himself out the other cat will are better he will just follow behind actor achieved and then I'll come home from mart and both cats out side and only one of them on the outside. And it pretty funny because arbiter will follow matched she'd been a neighbor and he looked like his little shadow. Because it hit I need all black. He like killed you'll be like worried that the master cheap at all times. Her so I'm guessing they're well known by your neighbors. I am actually master chief and being neighborhood commodity a lot of people actually let him in their house is. On. I had gotten many of the people who come knock on my dorm you're candidate to cool lake I imagine coming diet and he hung out at me today and then when even they believed he just bought at the door air and their people then letting him in and out there out with alcohol much like our neighbors opened their door and told to come trotting out. Go back at it pretty hysterical they found it kind of people are feeding him too which probably explains why you getting that back. And wide what are we need to know about our return anything we you know about our return. He has any. Only legitimate eighth and pat have you count saying they had actually picked out over hit bottom lip. He kind of look like a little vampire. On which I actually I don't multiple black cat never had a blackout saying until now very interesting. And really keep clicking pictures that I am now. Again it. We bring that he does show up and photographed so he's not a vampire. Show opened photographed he just doesn't lanky photographing. His tee I track it and he won't let me. Personalities. I well yeah both of them are. Woe saying does this conversation we just had video and and the notes the U emailed the Geneen over to our song writers in our producers and they will get cracking on a song for you. And then as soon as it's down we'll have you back on the air will play a foreign and if you approve we will send it to you master chief an arbiter. The grade I perfect hang on the line for us okay. I don't they don't know what part of town you are in is it Janie. Yes I am and correct me in the anything and I actually bell didn't let not this week. Yeah well good luck on the move. Yeah to be told master chief and our return that they're going to be would stack caps. I'm not yet but they get a huge backyard I'm sure they'll be fine that you with the club. I Janie will be Rabach intensity and done great. Cats songs. A staple of what we do here and the chairman James you know. So are ready for align our jobs are weird sort of make it this way it's in the chest congestion. OnStar not before one.