Monday, April 3rd

Start off your week with gratitude! We love hearing everything great that's going on in your life. 


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Hash tag a blast it's our way to start this show and the week where they positive mental. Attitude. When you have that attitude of gratitude it really changes everything in your life you bring more positively your way. And it just makes you feel full arc. Now that sounds strange but if fills up your heart when he just acknowledge what you're grateful for this gives you a chance to breath a little bit Regis and with hash tag Boston and it's not yet. Number I hated it as it does a good southern rules. They same bless your heart and then you can say whatever you want and grab us some good bless her heart as is our agent says it's the upended. Thought. And it anyways the other thing that hash tag less says is by putting those good thoughts in your head. We've all got so much room up there right and when you do that it forces a negative thought out. Which allow lose more room for the good dots to grow so we invite you to participate and hash tag lesson you can do in your car on the way to school we decades. You can do it on the way to work by yourself. Or you can do without us on the radio and we will take your phone calls and find out why you. Our hash tag blessed and we can start things off this morning. Talking to Kimberly. I. Don't. Think you really put him did you convince him. I nine months won't let that night and I have to happen. And it is today is that a big deal Jenn hobby. Or not you wait and let the night. Here you know we'll let you learn new one today let me in on. And what's your name. It buoyant so I'd Kimberly in Fayetteville let me ask you a question and Jane YouTube the first time that happens. You wake up and like the sun's gonna come due occurs or where you're like. Wait what watt wow how did you go out there and got a ball up that. Something is wrong. You wake up like like. Something on what's happening right why is it more out. To graduates. Congratulations generally. You have a nice set. My idea in Atlanta are welcome to the Jeffords and show. Yeah and how different plantation and I have keeping and I don't like it send me and I have money I killed late. And I can't hire and news. I doesn't like going like I did catch and he's as sales feel ready and I just I'm going to be diluted up and my Fleming basically isn't. That is so cool how are how brave I am I am normal. The eleven years old and you know the US in your whole life writing him being this. Yes I actually am I am in the middle of writing about trade now until I have. You know I thoughtful those calls and like China apparently it's just. That's incredible what's your story about is it fiction or nonfiction. I don't know inflation and I never actually been able to read any change and we can not think being played in like. Please call eight. I'd like no way that I'm. Say wow they they can only. My goal. After I add it to your jam the fact is. While you graduate creative mind accidentally delete it when he finished it we let us now. You know I'll be there Illini on it is an issue that. Thanks man. Said. Some. Guys very welcomed a hash tag glass and the championship. My whole high wire you act eggplant. Mobile or what would you say you lose. Yeah AGCO jog. And actually and it didn't feel my. Then if you've got to make you make me once promise. When he goes to school you're not consulted his laundry. I. Hope you all and feeds him I didn't. Com. So. Natalie and barns go log jam OK. Why why are you hash tag last Natalie. I got my husband and I am just spent the last eight months silly not cows and today we are nine and we are going to sign off on the elapsed. It did in this week. We are biased opinions why is. It's just been a nightmare before you and Aaron broke bats it now hearing. Yeah we're gonna. We grabbed the graduation van hash tag last adult. Ain't here at Atlanta don't seem. To sack. And Ari on main tennis why you have to beg last. I'm good morning I am and I'm glad that I have the best husband in the world and a little girls will be turning one next month. It's always. Same view and let your little one's name readiness team and does. Beautiful. Awesome hash tag last. Thank you guys to set. Coming up next which she and that is how hash tag last words if you look. Wanna be your own little hash tag last again. Good and privately worry you go to our FaceBook page and share what you are feeling awesome about I coming up next we've got the winner of the binge where he wrapped gifts they've practiced hard they bought into the Atlantic. And we have mated to the champions you vote at all weekend long to find out who's the ultimate. Teams watchable show coming up next on the jet engines has done an evil laugh.