Debbie the Office Manager is Not Happy with Us

Wednesday, March 29th

Debbie called us out for thinking the complex process of ordering paper was funny...


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You can see I'll still are. If you. At this time yesterday you heard us going into deep rollercoaster that was trying again. Legal and. Gary's packets very distorted one Ream of 500 she's of legal paper we print out our show schedule on it so we literally used and sheets it a day. So we can do we get by two greens three reams of legal paper it'll take us into next year probably. You likely have gone through this process I had a friend at work who said that her oss has spanned staples. That they could no longer use staples because the boss deemed it. Just waste full. OK so they had to use paper clips preference thing here for a creates more is more metal than staple I know and she had to they had to literally read their office of staples it was the weirdest thing so. It's weird office rules ours is around legal paper and we were joking around about it making fun of it and after we joked about it. We got a pretty upset call. From Alyssa named Debbie. Earlier you guys were going on and on about that is to basically like making fun of ordering. Paper legal paper. Well we're talking on office supplies and how it was like. King into Fort Knox gasoline. My question three year old is have you ever been in charge of ordering all the opposite sides. Are often have you ever. I'd do is get a repairmen are broken copy machine have you ever had to sit next to a copy machine. All day. Everyday. They had an out of order sign on it and let everyone in the office comes by and I'm playing every time they try to make a copy in the PowerPoint. And they basically blame you look at you're sitting there. Even though you're the one who gets done and get everything ordered and keep them happy machine working now have you have you ever had people at your top it. Made it cop see and let it over equality don't even have a train under editing you have to clean up the match. No matter how many times you post the signs saying we put a train and a copy machine. You know that hat I'm assuming you have. Okay well you're not our office manager and thank god and that's a. I am in solidarity with any office manager you have to deal with stuff like that you're still it's not an easy job it's something that. We get all of the garbage we get all the tracks literally and figuratively we get blamed for everything. Everything dumpster at first and I mean every complaint. Every order we articulate so much bureaucracy even order a stupid green pick. But that shared job. It is my job that you can be respectful you now did not act. Asking too much did you say HDL. Or. But the real problem or. You do this day in and day out would you mind doing a lot more time I think our our media and are you mitnick who broke copying machine all day. Why don't you just call some under repair the county. Do you carry it right now okay you're spinning crazy. I don't think we have to keep finding me crate to do that. Oh my god actually. All Democrat you know sounds like to meet is that you work with a bunch of jerks. Yeah think he'll be you know what you don't sound like about to jerk the way you're going on and on and on keeping your office manager like having your column that. Well I offered to get the paper on my alimony just kind of went sideways because I think. Can't get the paper on your own everybody knows that it has eat rat and want to eat. Oh my god I trained here right now how to be an office or so okay. I know Riley and I had paid honor. I won't kid I thought that can't you understand that you go to staples and you my hands. We know what known known you not. No you do not let how you lead the company money okay I'm not in my job to lose the company money in my job to help them cut. Hot and keeping it in order why can't ever be able to understand this. Let me let me ask your question how is it costing the company money if I. I have my own pocket. By a. I stop you right there at his sock you right there ain't yes beat pat. We have seen in line for that. We have contracts with companies that we have to honor okay and could they come through and Alex hey look I need in order your three greens illegal paper that got. You don't have to still paid for it okay. Look on out of your pocket you. Are. And do you do that you get a likelier you rally your little battle award from everyone in the office and meanwhile. I have the paper that legal paper so what are you a month. I guess I didn't understand everything the UN throw. No you don't understand. It has that ace job. And I take it seriously I've been here for twelve years no one can do right yeah okay. Do you guys have an environmental. Program it do you have to recycle. We gonna go down that we're gonna go to on the ground. I was wondering if sustainability. Is important to your company as it is ours. Hey what do you think. Do you see it now like you know little lies about my job so lucky. I'm going yeah and yet the answer yet. It all along and complicated process. There involved multiple contracts that only I know about basically it by calling. Oh my that's letting me talk about sick days you know I keep track of everyone that day I have to deal with all that SK. OK but I'd call in sick that hit all the partnership they. The ship the ship with a I'm just make sure Kirk where is trying to guard Johnny Jack malaria. I Debbie riddle had to go tank. OK I think utility if you deep breaths and calm. Double check the postage because I think Heather slip some personal stuff in there the year about a meter low point guard Daryn he learned. It's a ratio gonna show. Oh my god why now as. How I don't. I'm I'm not a manager. Where I keep entering the movie and I. I want my job I'm an inherent everybody. Got an agreement. Did you. I. Don't. Think lions. A. Star in 941.