Java Cats Cafe: Atlanta's First Cat Cafe!

Monday, March 27th

Congratulations to Atlanta's newest business owner, Hadyn Hilton, for giving this city a whole new way to adopt.


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Star in 941. If there's something happening involving cats who. An Atlanta our producer Geneen is. RNA. And and I found the greatest thing with it is never had you been so pumped about that that cafe opening the countdown has been like. Six months strong and last night was a big night yeah we had accidentally. And a and a bit above cast you mean just includes herself this yet. They have this soft opening the last day Atlantis for his cap cafe Java cats cafe Hayden was kind enough to invite me let me Doolittle faced a live being there. Let me in meet all the cast this thirteen rain hail and that all up for adoption sums it up perfect marriage trio it was. I love about human beings is that we've all got to journey but. Nobody's got the exact same wind. There's a room as well for everybody to the fill their dreams and even stream was open. A cat cafe and what a welcome to the Jeffords and Sherry and don't figure it's 45 years old here and college for film Georgia State right. Yet started saying and you'd decides the your dream is now a restaurant for camps. She you know all we need about I don't sound kind of crazy uncle. Say yes that's the story. I love it Hayden so well where were you win the idea hits you you know what would be awesome. Is that current shop with casts. While I was a film critic of filming entered orders saying I don't film class amateur Brittany and online media anyone Q right can we apply. So of course I want to figure out and I did you the phenomenon of YouTube Japanese anime cats in the media group. Enter the paper. IA can't across kept it Erekat cafes I'd never heard of them that works. So it within a paper conflict still intrigued by the idea that there was still like that I'd need to know about it. And I went into you know like you coming you're adding that another really popular in. Taiwan and China the plane had ain't here. So early into that and there's. I have relate music I came into the enemy Brian and I wonder what it would take you doing here and it wasn't needed a president Greg. You know quit school and Aaron and my parents are pretty supporter of Mike Green they've all right and I love cats are barely. Don't French my husband's show yeah. That was Julia married. I am I. Didn't see that comment yeah it's. Our. Heads. Pretty LE a prominent. I'm just curious like what would be your husband and your parents both of them when you say hey I'm dropping out of school all. Opening act cafe what was their response. All and I first got my husband about it I was really proud of December. And I think hey what did I didn't write the heck did we got married and then back. Scored the other end so we are graduated mainly get theirs are the really can't sabotage and like. Stop that track and kind of go our separate tasks and the like worked together on the wheel together and sort of the first moon I'd be doing on my own. We really can't you know I think. Until they're good hint at a crowded you'd like three months now that yeah heavy toll could. Does me being so and I need not knowing that Kate literally a year to open any business but I had to show like how much I've learned from this process. So today at 10 AM you open the doors for the first time. Grasso Sydney and it is all my incredible you know I was talking with Geneen about you on Friday night. We went to an event together and she is saying how excited she was to go and check it out and to support EO. And the one thing she said they're really struck me issues like she's never owned a business before she's 25 years old and she's just too. We're just so Madonna video of solid. I really appreciate it kind of I mean they're very humbling experience it's kind of you know agreements and you know I've been dealing have been locked in the dark not knowing that process and be hearing everything out like. Scrambling making sure I'm doing the right thing and make generic status but the support of my co workers are my odds restaurant job and has. Then my mainly my parents mean. I just let Ellington and I without like confident and media then played a huge Spartan like believing in me and potentially has not just the mean people believed and then it just getting more confident in important. Are starting at 10 o'clock today they've got barbecue cats. I. I'm it tell us. Is that our. Exactly AME rehab how it doesn't I mean I mean. Maybe not and now I'm not that. She can't even say if she gave it to. Well congratulations. Did you grow up in Atlanta are you from here. I'm person and Porter isn't demand Agnelli and Caroline's time so I felt. Killing and you know Olympian so I'm. Some hate and I can't wait to come and have a cup of coffee to Ken may have and does its job or cats cafe dark from it opens up today. And congratulations thanks for coming our own. Eyes and I have made her shades grand opening day. And half kind of and at. Risk for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.