Monday, March 27th

What are you feeling grateful for? 


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And young star ready for a one. Start Monday's off wave hash tag lest we opened the front lines of world for its. 2630941. It's so simple just tell us what's good review. That attitude of gratitude will change your entire weekly promised it out loud right down call us and share with us why your hash tag blasts by Judge Judy for example could say that she's hash tag last. Because she had to spend two hours last night with a dozen fans at the Jenna can't cafe I didn't know the good as good as anything. That's perfect. Enough cancer com are all of her adoption teammates. Through Pozen plan and there called super social as well because of where is the only running cats that word OK with people all over them. But it all up for adoption straight through the adoption. Three straight to the cafe is lousy about straighten it all adds uncle. Murderous mom my hash tag blessed and I'm gonna post a picture of this later today so you know but my hash tag last are these frozen. French Fries they can only found. Don't do this to me dad did I have literally had we have every single meal that's evil why are you doing this to us for that they try raise our. Oven Bakes so they're pretty they're fairly healthy. And they're so they tease like fast food prize. Don't do this means you have Simon have a freezer full of these things at the end of the day you actually changed what I was gonna have for dinner last they've faced in the hash tag last of the French Fries hash tag act. Oh lord sees 63094. Aligned cause and share with us why do you act ash tag Lex we got Kelly geez unless and I got to travel and. A an executive producers in doing it for nine years she's in TV and now she's in radio and I just feel like. I'm coming back with his boss lady mentality and I'm so excited I'm just really thankful that he has let me go because there's so much time. Can't wait to see it was worth it and I know what. It took. Hash tag last very you know I JP when he got my fiancee Heidi found her wedding dress. Does it big day here and I know nothing about it because she let me play a laser tag while she was doing now. I am has tagged glance I didn't read too I did not see why it. Kelly's wedding hello known don't know and I units in I didn't even do the first look bank. Yeah I love the surprise I think there's some something so special about that moment when you see it the first time she wants dummy I don't what does it might huge huge huge good. That's her as a cell. Phone. Kelly welcome to the show. Kelly. Hey. They ask why you must. Yeah I had the radio station owners Jerry and what is it grows the forget radio stations. And a fifth and and now an. Audio at all right. Thank you Kelly that's awesome. But yeah so. Don't. He's it and love all young guys and burial are awesome okay I was in the country three years I got it. Ashley in a room Larry you have stabilized. My oldest daughter Peyton is turning nine on Thursday adamant they Dayton. Think that's. I hash tag was I'm hash tag blessed with the most awesome dad ever and my dad celebrates his 75 birthday tomorrow. He has had some troubles with his ticker. His heart is given him some trouble over the years and the last couple weeks he got through. Another. Stumble are another bit of the roller coaster with his heart so I'm so hash I bus to have him and hash tag blessed to celebrate his 75 with us tomorrow as I said. Charlotte Larry you hash tag last. Without I don't know if not all right. Ali. How old are you. Old. You are the Q this what do you MC today going to school. The end ideas spring break next week's spring break is next week he counting down. She's like I look while what do you tell you about a specific. I think that wasn't what mom told me to say they get into thank you for calling. Have a great day and I. It jet is it jacks. Yeah just to access the coolest name ever welcomed the what is the Jacquelyn of little else. Access yeah they genders with your deep voice that your just your hot. I don't know I think pretty quiet here there. I'll wire you had signed last chance I am not able to be chosen as the tiger he's guilty. Are you I do it is a street view for a living or is is a new round no. My friend actually does it's earn a living and she let Lee come help grow very wedding is key as always look a couple. And number Arnold plundered it which I think it's terrible and I would like onboard a look like I need to giant. And staying goodness or that it is I actually got to Schiller hurt me it has so it's really tried. So all of there's so their people who actually wouldn't photographed the wedding because it was two women are getting married. Yeah and family members have been shadow and it's probably got to give them the awesome power sockets that are so thank Wheeler they're there. Really have a question. Awesome so their hash tag blessed to have you and your hash tag let's have them. The whole world of after I bless thanks Jack. Said the. I have days in a cell rapid job wiry you had a blast it into a month. Forgot I lost my event planning job but it has allowed to pursue my hat and a sports event planning I'm contract. And I guess you live my dream everything and I'll go to the final form. I all the jabs crazy. I would say blessing in disguise. Yeah actually it was pathetic great amount I have to say it still has no other awesome congratulations. Thank you don't. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.