Tuesday, March 14th

We want to know what's awesome in your world! What are you feeling grateful for?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. The cubs sec man hash tags blasting and it is well we've a youth. Take the airwaves over to just share what you're grateful for them. Gratitude it is. He way necessary today. William Bragg master blaster and so right in league and be thankful form because when you do that you things happened why and do you feel the positive energy that comes Ambien. Gracious having gratitude. In tools. You only got so much space in your brain. Okay and if you put a positive thought in there you're probably going to be pushing the negative that they actually it's twofold. Will start things off this morning and hash tag last. With Claire set. When he got Claire. I am anti bush because I had heated seats and an artist starts Karr sought to warm up micros one. Yes Carol that handy if I'm Rambus vegan it's only get a gig colder over the course of the week brave and I will be using it all week on the iMac ask a girl her critics have. It's sad. Suzanne name Union City eight Euro has stabilized why. Take as the mining yes I am passionate less because I have finally you're barely below its third. My rewrote it officially Heidi chainsaw I am actually glad. These two ears really young to anybody trained is that good. Openly and it's great that I am a lot of history if you see them as a Blair girls. It employs around and I RE are there well now you notice you got to worry about EI don't worry about it is on his hands emptying our reliance announces as a little boys are and it. No way I because this past weekend we were outside playing an if you like I have an idiot I was like OK what many tunnels got a outside in the crowds. And he just decides to sort it out the our interest yeah veteran. Out party. So would you say OK you know what you're thinking and he would run inciting and go race it and I add value though it. I'll let why bother to be in a guy in this you take advantage of that person yeah I think that's Lester Lester good with the assists. Hot Alice saying meg colonists from Henry county this morning hey Alison autumn of the show. I had on I auto. Calling to see you as my sisters play warning. Thumb it would be in the speech I am related just dare to call a couple weeks. I was gonna say this seems familiar. Yeah I think there's an awesome well very cold tells Eric congratulations. I will. Throughout. I'd Jamie wary column from this morning and I'm code and so I Jamie why are you hash tag last. I'm glad because I really can't go I got a donation termite EM IL have a great deal. One half men. On Christmas morning I decided he would jump off a little all of the real excited about setting jet noise. And help Obama. Yep so then late Christmas. I've been trying to get a bank and then finally last week I did and sort through it perfect and I am. We're walking with a barely limped. The age you have to spend our Christmas Day in the hospital. Now I spend it on the count and I went to hospital the next six. I got it off. We'll take you for Colin Jamie were vague it where I'm happy freer to Newt tissues. You can't have like hash tag parenting for real and hash table us all in one. I reading some of these off our FaceBook page I Jennifer Brown. He's hashed say blessed that her husband was able to hang out into the rafters in the latter of from under him half the us. Luckily my youngest daughter heard him screaming and ran to help and a day in the last. Hash tag not today gravity yeah. That would have been like in America's Funniest Home Videos for sheriff they can or can't yeah. Hanging from the rafters that sue Clark Griswold that's. Cynthia heading home after a week of visiting nineteen stanza my daughter in law living you to. Haven't seen him in a year and a half week was perfect weather's perfect love shared with perfect. Hash tag a blast I married Matty in palm meta tell us how are you hash tag blast. I don't I don't have. That just about that and it. Well delayed calling out. A girl I wanna say is coming in French but I don't. Why the those studies goings in San how many are gonna Venice. If you couldn't understand that Jeff wanted to know what are you going to be studying while you're over in France and you pretend. It's kind of a general aren't that they were never a aren't so upsetting all right. That we're. About. And bars and friends who ran away isn't I have friends as saying yeah. I thought yeah you have some fun in the French Fries French toast and other sexy stuff they cannot wrap. A lot of great time France Mattie congratulations. Matty I think why did you call a set that's. And Allison a Marriott how are you hash tag list. I can't act as secret I have twin girls. Graduating in May from college and they both already had a job thank you there at the opening down so excited I'm like I should. That's awesome when he knocked a mayoral. Half half half an hour and a realizing I was gonna say a different word spread that meant payroll check. Congratulations what do they both punitive. And I have one daughter and you gonna see eight and X. Cart is no way terror narrow that popular American adults and everything down those gaps and I have another daughter that is gonna. That is awesome that's so great grandparent and understand which would have this studio like the most of his SF and. I'm never meet their mommy and eighty that they sort of favorite. I let my bags out of in spite I. Sat. So. We're rabbit have anybody in the room have anything anyway and maybe I still love I got in early birthday. Present for my sister Christina she emailed me a T shirt that says. World's largest copper content percent had to take it's my birthday is today before so they Canada's meshed together historically. I'm I'm I'm I'm really able hash tag blessed because I have spent a whole weekend with some of the most amazing mine and then I have my life so. Sells a lot of fun. And I feel I hash they must because today a little baby you raised. Is getting her chemo port outs and I. The ultimate closing of that cancer chapter of her life so it is a good day it's sat. Star in 941.