This is why International Women's Day & the Women's Strike is Important Part 4

Wednesday, March 8th


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Czar not before one that we've been talking about international women's day and that's when we got a call from my age. Who said what is this all about just being quiet go to work today perhaps he didn't get it he didn't understand what a day without a woman strike was all about and he's got all us. Amanda and Marietta open and jet engines show. Girl I eat it. Kinda like Enola act they had. I'm 25 year old mom what I do and can't work and job. Com I add that I can honestly what has been directly they have a you know work on my homework or whatever because I do have my bachelors but I'm working toward that there. Right now Howard in the courier where I processed payroll I'm an account. And I'm male counterpart who did not have an educate it. 6000 ordinary year than I do you and then. A good time I got into his pocket and act on that plane on which you are watching dirt bike video or doing what ever. You mentioned a few weeks back he told me our he told Matt picked it out with a fat lady he. Okay let's go to Alyssa and coming hey Elissa welcome to the Jeff's engine champ. And it really fired up today. I want her the wanna either. He's got a bit when I'm just not I need in order to debris is. Not exactly sure they are more likely to be. What are the explorer at her you know your third your birds while women are more likely every day but more likely. They're earning their petty owner as well and it is Alice actually accurately and aren't mentioned in order at our Allan. And it didn't turn away at thirty or the weight and be light sleep and that even in her race but it it. That's a stroke. But take in the mail approach is received with the same response. I am a negotiation that makes a lot of sense. It really good point Alison thank yo. Yeah. It's John Fenn and Gainesville. Hey Jonathan. Hey guys I'm gonna. I just listen to you guys probably. A month ago he thinks he has a clear majority of shell out what one thing I want to say I really disagree with this guy because. I am I'm. On the side album also on more I got on my Brothers employment law. And a mom you know she she rated single machine she didn't have been we have otter that you're not all of and she did to a ball not at all they'll figure as she did you know the one thing that. And paranoia being able to do this on her own you know and also not actually Johnson's side. It's like for you down. Be able to say all you know women just shut up and not thinking about I'm in top hundred very respectful not only deal to your own mother's. But you don't today got to think that you know planned daughters Claudia and very Smart which would let you know never watch it on every little dot com home. You know in Medina god blessed me with a look a little grow my own cholesterol and LeBron Montel I think when you're not good not just because you're a woman. That's how much. Men like you are part of the movement and I am general on his and I appreciate your support on morning tea it's been really great to hear from the guys as well. Ari Amy in that colors what I was paying attention it's. Amy and I welcome to shadow. I love it and he had every day. Ernie I'm an attorney and I can't even meet I didn't. I'm potential client client had called and did occur and aunt that you would need and yet I would. The it view my email counter. Road that has got a staying back. Yeah actress luckily no joke and picking up our neck out and vote. I'm glad I'm not not get that could we need to and that may. Help make the world and I had. It kept on fairway and people Colin and the act. OK can actually eat you have a really good brand it I have I don't wanna count all the key OK I don't get away without. Eat at around now pretty quickly after taking any petition that he wasn't getting I didn't. Her credit effect or gotten is that she went into power into her predecessor with the male. I'm Hewitt to the power didn't eat. And a bit but I'm not getting that I did I hit it not a game like they don't like period. I should be getting that Canty didn't do you think that anything that I don't she started having conversation wit though Howard that eat why are you. And I'll bet I can do the anatomy and and they actually. Not that she excitement. Okay. And how. Can we correct it people who are either win or in the professional world or do know now. What it actually go I'm what other people are currently. I'm you know I can hear that we had at age 28 at that in the world winning when he tied for that lack. They know and partly I can't every dollar. Would hurt. The real issue. There is and that's what today's all about is is shining a light on it so. Think he's also much for calling thank you for your passion. Thank you for your dedication of course as always the conversation continues on FaceBook and it's getting fired up already isn't Antonin. It is getting very fired up and a lot of people are making some a lot of good points that we haven't really even touched on us so I ate just really superb people going in and if you're fired up about this thing educate yourself learn about it and you have more. And can we trust you or not to swear at people using the jet engine trophy it's a. I am I glad I think yeah Hassan about their points. On account of our blood pressure and you we'll line it up and do something fun. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.