This is why International Women's Day & the Women's Strike is Important Part 2

Wednesday, March 8th


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NHL all star. Are. Hi well I've things are gonna go a little bit differently rate now it's Virginia V and share in word handy. It's called home I let's take care of vast. Is my. If you wanna just the edge Sharon in Amsterdam and just 941 Atlanta dot com right now and entered a few words. And HOM he is your word and he could be headed. All under dizzy edge Sharon live in Amsterdam. Are as we just mentioned a couple minutes ago various. Certainly something important to talk about today it's international women's today and it is a day without a woman general's strike around the country so. I was actually talk about your daughter. Because you're gonna mention millions are about what's happening with Reese here yet but we're gonna have to move that down because we have a priority caller related. Yes related to international women's international women's day so but. Just say this Reese's well she just have one of her regular. Lead tests which has Jan. Nervous definitely on the edge of Massey today I will come back and discuss and a few minutes but we got out what we call. A priority. Collar. We just picked up the phone during that song and said hi to Mike from Ariana. I would have yet hey look today to wish doubtless this morning today are you serious if everybody a victim here. You really great. What that people would under five speak that are written here they're baked into the don't have a date pop Chilo lower court. That's what got my daughter any show up where caller that's what you do you're here at all. And that is what Mike thinks about international women's day. Hey Mike. I do it got I would just gonna continue that discussion that we we've started off off the air. And I'd feel scared because you put me and him. Please give me and tell us try to being the only man in this room. And you are eating up some women. Well it's just frustrating because I think that might you've turned a blind eye to all of the challenges that women face specifically the pay gap we're talking to you about an off year and just aren't recognizing that the gender pay gap is originally hitting. Arguably I do it there it is I think it's getting better. It's getting better. Actually pay it at this rate isn't gonna close until 2150 sale. So go. He came under at a day. You can there today. AK AK is she changed overnight. But it went exactly why today is about is about recognizing the importance of women not only in the workplace but in society and our economy. That's what day it engineer highlight. Not taking care of irresponsibility. And Joey just vetoed you know what you agree to do when you. You know check deposition. It's about economic fact today in my head in and out. Make and a different so this I taking. Clutch ability. And sharing your responsibility in taking a day often taken. Staying in it gonna make you better know. All right make collective message might I think you'll miss the point of the whole eating out if you show oh listen I compliment Mike and Mike. If you're going to be on this radio station and have this discussion you're gonna listen in matches run your mouth. So I can just listen for a moment and and actually listen rather than just keeps spouting off what you're saying. What I'm trying to explain is that the the march on Washington and the women's march is all around the country on the day after the inauguration were about showing up. And she's making our voices heard. And making sure that women aren't ignored today is a very different way to make that same statement it's buying not showing up so. They're very different thing. But it's to highlight the importance of women in our country in our society in everything that we do. This argument problem with that in the way that that's being. That's how do you have also a problem I. Oh and a daughter and a wide of over forty years most. I have no problem which looked what are you security which I have a problem with women each in my unit breaks below. Didn't look at its winter period here here. That's a jet back to individual problem after individual problems work hard. You do you work hard. All right Mike let me ask you question. If you think of every great societal change in the world like the founding of the United States of America. The civil rights and the ending of slavery. And the continuation of the civil rights movement movement. If you think of women getting the right to vote if you think it even more recently. Electing Barack Obama had nine years ago electing Donald Trump last year. Did any of those things happen in one day with when movement or were they a culmination of a lot of activities. To generate awareness to make it I don't craft. Actually happen over a period of. So you don't think it today. Could be. A notch on that timeline to create that equality. It's just your own it is not that good way to go about it not shown you do it you're you know he they hired you attitude they just a bad low. And edit it just isn't it bad he's got like a lion go to your job. No he wow they hire us to be a part of a company. Where our jobs and our work our valued and we're giving to the whole company were giving to the people that hired us and to go into a job and feel as familiar name is taken off of it feel as though you're getting paid less than someone who's doing just as much for it. And feel as though you could leave at any time and no one's gonna about a night or stand up for you if you're being treated unfairly. That's not go in and deal with and do your job and you know just turn a blind diets people treat you badly yours do woman next you gets fired. Because she got pregnant or something and the company said that's OK you don't just move on and deal with it because that tells other companies that it's all right to do that. And that tells women that they should just. Deal with it which they shouldn't no one should deal with being treated inferior for reasons that they can't prove were have. No logical explanation for. Laura and Fayetteville welcomed in Asia. Omar an outcry. I support Mike how are any male dominated industry I'll work in a look at that they'll. I really believe that if you employment warned they and they want the do you think you've got to get education you'd change your train you build your future. Women are so good science. You know I want it I want that but a lot of time and a lot of it and they want equal paper they're now lord if you equal education equal arch. More than twice and helps but it doesn't change the pay gap. End in sight and it got worse for mother's egg it's worse for our as you eat and the pay our eyes is far worse for women of how. Hurry based yours that they what men do men are more or. Providers they're built to alert changed our date I work in a legit big bill I work in twelve hour days. I made single mom I'd do it I've but black hat and I'd get rich but I don't hear a complaint about equal emigrate and all of those efforts he he's. What is what is demanded and got paid more now. He'd probably yeah. All you know that you're right because the only accompanist. But what if you own it what if you call hounding you did the same amount of working he got paid more that's what we're arguing for it now. Well you know that it does all what it adult. Manner so went up on aisle want equal right but they're not going to get out there at them but they ate it. I lately disagree I know many willing to work much harder than male counterparts and they get. Disrespected fared especially well in in the science field and a lot of friends of mine. That green engineering field and don't get treated respectfully. Melinda and Woodstock welcomed the shaft. Ariel. I. Comment I don't I don't. Oh inequality and I know. Luckily I had not doing. So. Bad I don't know if you want to call eight. Aren't special diet sure I heard about couple alien about. I. Think I can only you know iconic blonde and everything out there. Supporting an informant that it let you know. Just couldn't keep doing not only went and. Are you saying that we should be doing is every day not just on one day. I don't know if you don't try to. Striking. Ebitda are actually doing it but that's. Actually it could cause I don't at an especially important to understand that there aren't everything or whether. It appears there and try to I don't don't worry about it the correct way to try for a. Is that common debate that's happening today is a day without a woman strike an elitist strike is it only four. The women who could afford to be off of work for the day or who could risk their job for standing out today so I think that that's why there are other ways to participate. Participate today. And they're saying if women still go to work work hard to do using today. And don't spend the money is that possible at all to just not spend a dime today will be economy still see the impact of that this is. Amazing best you also agree with Mike. I did I can get debate that I need we have Robert Kennedy and you. We yeah. What if you're getting your job your ideology I education. Would be terrible mom could probably hear it. We're at I don't know he didn't initiate or are we can do it I know. It. I know under the pay gap out there believe it come down to it is all Allen like that tape take you know I many levees. All the minor working. Legal and army and we're. And we are that we're saying that we are here we are at work but we still support those that are striking. We don't have a problem with international women's day and celebrating women's importance. On the weren't participate in the ways that we can and I think it's important that a lot of people are saying it's up to the individual and I really think that's just a kind of naive way to think because there's so much evidence saying that you are wrong. Yeah I can't hit it leaves Butler is there's so much evidence saying that equal work does not equal. Equal pay via an don't say that that's not true is going in the face of years and years of research and scientific. This. Researched you know what they can't bear your head out you can't bear your head in the sand yeah Mac and I and it's not happening. Believe the phone lines open for a 42630941. And desperately looked for some women who don't agree with Mike because we have got an abundance. That deal. Of course because that's the alternate. Ending and it's the fact that a lot of us were raised to think that we're equal or great if you just work hard now is the same way and we just wanna believe that we work hard like pat and I look at it. We're gonna I'd keep a strong winds haven't for a 42630941. We'll pick up more phone calls and I get some more opinions are right after these commercials that are gonna pay a 100% of my selling 80% of gen engines. And that's not the past.